March 22, 2007

The Aye's Have It!

At the rather insistent suggestion of a few wonderful friends - here we go, my first foray into asking for donations for the Oddy for Judge Fund . . .

If you want I'll send you a bumper sticker too: "Oddy For Judge, The Bloggers' Choice" . . . now I just have to create that bumper sticker . . .

You even get your pick! Here is one. The other is on a white background with a flag in the corner . . .


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May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

On this memorial day I want to thank the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I want to remember those military men and women from every war this country has seen on this memorial day.

We so easily forget in our daily lives that we would not e free to live the way we do if not for those sacrifices.

When you bow your head in contemplative silence, you should be thanking the souls of those dearly departed.

But, though not in memorial, remember the men and women fighting to secure more freedoms for others, to protect the freedoms we enjoy and who patrol our shores to ensure our children can play in safety here.

On this memorial day, I am thankful someone fought for me.

And I'll remember my grandpap who couldn't get into the Navy because of a splinter of glass in his eye from a car accident one week before his Navy physical. On to the Merchant Marines he went. For those that don't know, in WWII the mariners faced perils the U.S. military did not. They were the supply train, the work horse, the pack mule. They were prisoner transport and emergency fuel depot. They were at the front lines, armed just as the military men were. They were brave fighting men and women, though only just recognized by the U.S. government.

So, I'll remember the mariners, many who lost their lives during WWII. And my grandpap. I'll remember him, as he was so very proud of his time in the Merchant Marine. And honored beyond words when the government finally recognized them as part of the military service.

An honored memorial day to you all, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine! To any that has lost someone in conflict - an honored and thankful memorial day to you all.

Here is a pic of my grandpap on the left and his best friend of nearly 70 years in their uniforms during WWII.


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August 05, 2005

A Word for LaShawn

I'm a bit late to this virtual party, what can I say - I have a job that pays me the big bucks and I can't spend all day on my blog - like LaShawn.

But, I am a bit aggravated, no wait - incensed that LaShawn Barber would actually say, wait for it . . . "I don’t think women generally have the sensibilities to run the country".

Ok, well, I am not going to repeat the very small, and in no way complete list that the talented Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild has already compiled. Nor am I going to repeat the sentiments of the beautiful Jody at Steal the Bandwagon or the lovely Kathy at Cake Eaters Chronicles because they, and others, even Phin, have said it much better than I. What I will say is this:

I am a woman. I am an accomplished woman. I raise a child, support my family and my extended family and I have the sensibilities to do all of those things and more. In fact, you could say I am the President of my home. The sensibilities needed to run the country are much like those needed to run a home, albeit a bigger home - here are my examples

When someone threatens my home, I have the intelligence and strength of character, not to mention a ready arsenal, to defend my home.

When someone offers me a business opportunity, I have the intelligence and mannerisms to negotiate with that person and follow through with an agreement.

When an argument erupts in my home, I have the savvy to broker a fair and equitable resolution to the problem keeping both sides happy.

When people from different backgrounds and cultures come to my home, they are welcomed with open arms and a sympathetic ear

In my home, I am the zsar of right and wrong. I am the moral compass.

In my home, we have a set of rules, a Constitution if you will, which must be followed as the law of the land.

In my home, I have the power to smite the insignificants, but I use that power sparingly and wisely.

In my home, uninvited visiters--illegal immigrants if you will, are quickly removed and the door to their reentry sealed.

I am the figurehead-the picture that visiters get when they visit my home.

I take the blame for my home even when I am not to blame and I get none of the recognition when something wonderful happens in my home.

I am the sympathetic ear, the voice of reason, and the commander in chief in my home.

Now, LaShawn, what am I missing? What sensibilities help me to run my home and family, indeed my law practice, and my clients very pocketbooks, but not the country? Oh, that's right, a penis.

Well, honey, I will run right out and buy a strap-on if it'll make you feel better. In fact, I'll even let it all hang out like Clinton if it'll make you happier.

For the record: I got high marks at my Ivy League college unlike the following men:

Bill Clinton -- got C's
George W. Bush -- got C's
John Kerry -- got C's and D's

Me, a lowly woman, got A's and B's and at an Ivy League just like those big powerful men. Hmmm. I even went to lawschool and got Dean's list, unlike the previous men and unlike Al Gore who failed out of the seminary of all things.

Now that I have given you proof of both my sensibilities for the job, and my intelligence for the job, let me add one more thing. As a lawyer, a litigator, a mother, a wife, a woman and a minority, I have learned to be no-nonsense in my approach to life. I would not hesitate to use force when necessary. I would not hesitate to leave the negotiating table when my country isn't getting the favorable end of the deal. Oh, and no, I would not hesitate to use my charm, of which I have in spades, to charm world leaders into crossing the aisle to my side.

LaShawn, you may not have the sensibilities to be President. Actually, you do not, as President of the U.S. has to be more humble than you apparently are! However, I certainly do, as do my fellow female bloggers, friends, countrywomen and future daughters.

I have a pricey pair of heels, a gun and a brain, the fact that I have boobs shouldn't lull you into a sense of security about me as I am not afraid to use any of my assets for gain!

Oh, and lest you think you are getting blog traffic from me LaShawn, think again. I have used the brilliant basil's instructions for link directing. basil, not you, will get my traffic, since that is clearly all you think about.

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July 22, 2005


Soldiers stationed at GITMO complained to their visiting Senators - Akaka and Kennedy about the derogatory statements about our soldiers coming out of Washington.

Of course neither Senator has made mention of the complaints, and I will tell you why:

These Washington partisan moonbats do not care about our soldiers or their opinions. What they care about is a story, a good salacious story, which they can use in order to demoralize the population and our fighting forces and place a black mark on the record of our President.

While those moonbats are running around in tight circles, wearing duncecaps and shouting "He lied, he lied!" Our fighting men and women are getting the job done. They watch our six day and night.

Those men and women are saving our butts with the information they squeeze out of terrorists at GITMO. They are making progress in Iraq, though the MSM will never let you know it.

Food for thought, I have a very good friend who was out, completely out of the military after his last tour in Iraq. He worked his menial day job and thought about the freedoms he had taken for granted before. For months he was his normal self. Then, he reenlisted. Much to the horror of his family. He is in Iraq again. When asked why he reenlisted he said: I am free to do what I want here, work my job, go to a movie, drink a coke, all the while my brothers in the military are making that happen for the Iraqiis, it is my duty to go and help them make it happen.

A majority of our fighting men and women believe in what we are doing out there. They don't need moonbats in Washington telling them what they are doing is either unnecessary or wrong. Know this! It doesn't undermine our military when Dickhead Durbin is out parading around spouting nonsense, it undermines his credibility, but strengthens our military's resolve.

Hey Washington! Soldiers have a voice, and a vote, and you can be assured that they will use it when your term is up, whether or not you acknowledge their complaints.

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June 28, 2005

I've Been Thinking, and That Is Bad!

Yep, I have been thinking . . . politics. Now, I got most of my readers from being personal (all 5 of you *wink*) But I got my troll from being political and he's gone and got himself a really great blog so he isn't my troll anymore.
So I am going to get all current events yet again this week, probably to the chagrin of my 5 readers.

I went home and thought about the Supreme Court again yesterday. See, I am utterly perplexed by their "interpretation" of our Constitution.

Let me just start by saying the Constitution is our founding document. It is our law and in it, the Supreme Court is charged with certain duties. They are not all powerful! They should note this for the day when G-d or one of our founding fathers decides enough is enough and strikes them down, but I digress.

I am angry, really genuinely angry. I make my profession in the law. No joke, when I was very young I told anyone that would listen that I wanted to sit on the Supreme Court someday, a pretty lofty goal for a 6 year old. Now, I want to dissolve the Supreme Court, as it is as asinine as the other politicians in Washington. (but if the Prez, wants me for the post, I am so there!)

Let's get back to yesterday, for those of you who are unaware, the First Amendment very clearly says:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ."

This is key, no where, and I mean no where, I looked several times, does this clause say: the government must remain neutral with respect to religion. SCOTUS just yesterday said this was the overriding principal. Really? Where is it in the Constitution, I looked but couldn't find it!

Let's break it down for the ninnies on the bench. The first phrase: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. The Founding Father's fleeing the government called the "Church of England" understood that a state controlled, sponsored, sanctioned, created . . . religion is not a good thing. It does not say the government can't respect religion, or allow its presence in public. Nor does it say if a religious article is on public grounds that equals the establishment of religion. It just doesn't say it.

The next phrase: or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Now, class, it doesn't say "except in courthouses, public schools, county municipal buildings, etc . . . but for works of art or historical nature. It isn't there, I checked again. It says, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. That means the people of this great nation should be free to exercise their religion anywhere and in any means they feel inclined to without the interference of the government. (unless the exercise thereof breaks a different law like murder - for those of you following the death of the nun in Europe who was 'gettin the demon out')

Oh, yes, the Constitution also doesn't say, but we'll make an exception if you are a whiny be-yotch who feels offended by my exercise thereof.

The words are plain, there is no ambiguity here. No need for interpretation. Our Founding Father's were mindful of the oppression that One religion so intertwined with the government engendered.

We don't have that here. Sure we have phrases alluding to God, sure we have the occassional Ten Commandments plaque. But we don't have state sponsored religion. Saying "One Nation Under God" in the Pledge doesn't change that fact.

Perhaps when the Supremes said neutral they were referring to that second phrase in the First Amendment. If they were, they still got it wrong. Because they have acted to restrict someone's free exercise of religion.

I am all for the Ten Commandments, the Star of David, Menorah's, Buddah's, medicine wheels, little Hare Krishna's, the Goddess of Fertility, or even a picture of Satan himself being placed smack dab in the middle of the county lawn. That is free exercise of religion, anyone's religion and since it is a public place, owned by the public, the public should get to put anything they want out there and participate fully in that right. It may not be my religion, but it is someone's. And for those with no religion, big smiley faces all around.

This Country was founded on religious tolerance. While we have not always been tolerant, in today's world, it is clear that Christianity is no longer tolerated at all.

Get this straight, all you whiney bastards talking about "separation of church an state," and "I shouldn't have to say the pledge, it hurts my feelings. . ."
Symbols of religion, even statements of religious nature do not "create" or endorse that religion for the masses. They are just symbols and statements, nothing more to you, a whole lot more to some.

In less than one week, the Supreme Court has managed to eliminate property rights and religious rights for Americans. What is next? I will tell you, an avalanche of religious litigation to determine whose cross is historic and who has a pretty picture of an angel and whose plaque of the Ten Commandments is too religious. Disgusting. That we are even having these fights is disgusting.

We have babies dieing because they have no food. We have terrorists bent on killing us because we happen to be Americans or associated with Americans. We have better things to worry about, we really do. But no, we focus our attention on a plaque of the Ten Commandments. For all some people know it was just the title to some movie Charleton Heston made back when he was really nice looking . . . I digress again.

The Commandments are not a threat. They don't shoot flames, bombs, shed articles of clothing, hell they don't even sing! What's more, they can be avoided by a simple "look the other way." You know like libs. do when Dickhead Durbin slanders our military and then sorta apologizes.

I'm sick of all of this. And I am hungry! So that means I'm done ranting for now, but I warn you, any of you, I may be back with more politics soon! It is getting me set for the next election cycle after all!

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June 23, 2005

From My Cold Dead Hands . . .

In what is set to become a sweeping and disturbing precedent, a split 5-4 Supreme Court has ruled that a municipality can steal your property and give it to private developers for the "good of the community"

It used to be that the Constitution meant something to the law. The Fifth Amendment allowed the taking of property by eminent domain for the "public good", that is to allow for the building of schools, hospitals, roads and other "public" facilities. Never was a community allowed to steal your property and give it to a private interest so that private interest could make money. Did it happen anyway? Sure. Now, however, the Supreme Court has rubber-stamped any such takings.

LISTEN UP PEOPLE! This means that your town or boro or city can take your land and home and put up a shopping mall and you can't do jack about it!

Yep, they will say the area needs to be "revitalized" to cure blight and they will steal what is yours from right under your nose. This is the liberals at their finest. And Gun Toting Lib, I don't mean you! I mean those so-called "progressives" who are really socialists in sheeps' clothing. The liberals who are all for the redistribution of private property "for the good of the people." To them I say over my dead body!

Now, I live in a very rural community that could benefit from a hotel, shopping mall, hell even a restaurant. I have 13 acres and small house. My land is prime location for such a private development, but I dare anyone to come upon my land and try to take it. When I say dead body, I mean dead body. I will take several people with me on my way out of this life. The perils of trying to steal one's castle, I guess. I will not roll over on that. I will get my family to saftey, say my goodbyes and then pick people off, one at a time, until I myself have perished. I will not go willingly, quietly or without fight.

The Constitution GUARANTEES certain rights. In some instances those rights have been expanded by the courts to include property rights, now the right to your property has been eviserated.

When your home is razed to build a strip mall you can no longer complain. Socialists with their agenda have taken your right to complain away. Oh and private developers and big business don't get off here either. They take advantage of your loss of property and benefit themselves.

I don't buy into the crap that "this will revitalize the community and bring in jobs." Here's one for ya! Hotels hire, for the most part, immigrants for the housekeeping and blue collar work. The desk clerks, at least at the fancy hotels, come from other countries and proudly display that fact on their name tags. So much for "jobs for the community." Oh sure, there will probably be a Walmart to work in, maybe even a new TGIFridays, but at what cost? The cost of someone's property and freedom to live without interference thereon.

I will never, ever visit New London, CT. I will never, ever stay in the fancy waterfront hotel, visit the museum or shop in the strip mall. I will never, ever tire in telling others to shun New London, CT. People's homes, lives, memories, are being stolen to benefit the government of New London, CT, and soon your town.

Watch your back my friends. That prime piece of real estate you sit on, the home where you raised your kids, may just be sold to the highest bidder, by your own government. Think you get some of that "fair compensation?" Think again. The government will pay you bupkiss, and then sell it to some developer for prime dollar.

Nope, you can't blame this one on our current sitting President. This is all on so-called-Judges who think the Constitution and its guaranteed protections are worthless.

Again I say, "over my dead body!" You may take my land, but not before I take some of you out!

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