January 31, 2006

More Bad Example Clannies

Richmond wants to join the Bad Example Clan. I am hereby vouching for her character. Who else but Richmond can make "Sick" sound "Sexy"?

She needs two more to trackback to her post and vouch for her. So, get on it!

And I also vouch for Laughing Wolf. I haven't met him yet, but hear tell he's good people. Can I take back my vouch after I've met him in a few weeks? Just wondering!

Anyone willing to host members of this clan and beyond in his neck o' the woods is good people. Plus he likes wolves, and I like wolves. That's enough for me!

I also vouch for Caltechgirl cause she already feels like part of the family and I feel bad for her, you know, since her blog dad-aka Harvey ignores her and such.

And lastly, I vouch for Ogre. Sure he eats llamas, but the guy's got a great sense of style!

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January 30, 2006

Clan Bad Example!

So the family has extended to a clan. Hoops must be jumped and other fine stuff in order to join the rank and file.

In order to asist the hoop jumping of one Susie of Practical Penumbra, I shall vouch for her membership here. (I believe she now has three vouches . . .)

Now, I too would like to be a member of the clan. Harvey will you take me too?

I want to join the Bad Example Clan because I love whipped creamed firemen, cute FEDEX drivers, Marines, jello and pudding and because you can get any or all of these at any Bad Example comment party ;-)

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An Easter Death!

Many of you know that English is not my mother's first language. That has made for some interesting conversations, conventions and attitudes.

So it should come as no surprise that my mother was not entirely familiar with cartoons when she first arrived upon our shores.

I think I was about 6 years old and it was nearing on Easter. The whole Easter egg, baked ham, resurrection stuff was extremely foreign to my mom, even with 6 years in America under her belt.

Mom learned a lot of her spoken English from tv and cartoons and children's shows were often watched. This is a brief story of such a cartoon:

Six is when the nightmares began. I began having a nightmare that lasted until I was about 12.

What could be sooooo bad? Well, my mom, getting into the Easter spirit thought we could all sit and watch a movie about bunny rabbits cause they are cute, cuddly and oh so Eastery. (Is that a word?)

The movie we watched, when I was a tender 6? Watership Down!

The blood, the horror, the violence, as a wee child these bunnies were no longer cute! I had an aversion to anything resembling a bunny for years. I had nightmares of bunny parts and vicious killing rabbits for years. What was my mom thinking? She was equally appalled but knowing little English, just thought it was some sort of weird way of celebrating Easter.

I tried to explain to my husband how upset the movie made me. I was 6!!!! He laughed at me. He couldn't understand the terror.

So, I will be reliving the torture soon. I have put Watership Down in my Netflix queue and will watch it again (without the boy around). Then I am going to watch Night of the Lepus to cleanse me of the violence ;-).

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January 24, 2006

In need of prayers

Hey, those of you who still read my pitiful site, I have a request.

You may have read about my baby sister here before. She's the not-so intelligent, loser magnet that is trying to extricate herself from her loser husband.

Well, said sister is 27 years old and has an almost four year old boy.

Little sister has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. I did a little research and the survival rate is quite high. So with proper treatment she should be fine. She will probably need a hysterectomy though, which means, no more kids.

So, I'd appreciate kind thoughts, prayers, incantations, or chants sent her way if you are so inclined. Thank you.

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Happy Birthday TNT!

TNT, Here is a little gifty for ya! Hope you have a marvelous birthday!


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January 23, 2006


My mind is twisted and contorted. I cannot relax. I fear that something has taken over my soul.

What is it? Steelers Fever BABY!!

My guys have made the superbowl. My boss was on the telly yesterday holding that AFC trophy and, well, the air is electric here in Stillertown!

I have my terrible towel, I have my lucky t-shirt and I am trying desperately to kiss ass enough to be asked to join the boys at the game!

Lookout Detroit! Here we come!!!

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January 20, 2006

Here is my daily dose of WTF?

Ok, it is no secret that I am a pretty prolific commenter. I try and get around so to speak. Imagine my surprise when this week, most of the comments I have left have matched Contagion's!

I have now learned we share an affinity for pickles at breakfast, we think the same dirty thoughts about "toys", and we both like the original Willy Wonka!

I'm scared. I am really afraid that the next thing I will be doing is making my minion's cry! Well, I once made a football player cry for his mommy - I wonder if that seals it . . . Arghhh!

But, I recently learned that we do have one difference, and man is it a big difference! So big!

Contagion is going to cheer for a Bronco's win on Sunday (family obligations, so he says) and I am a Steeler's fan through and through! Maybe a bet is in order . . .

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January 19, 2006

Do unto others. . .

Well, I have been Memed by Contagion. It is payback for the unsportsmanlike conduct of memeing him thrice in three weeks.

Here goes:

Four Jobs I’ve had:

Ice Cream Slinger (At the local Dairy Queen from the age of 14)
Video Store Clerk

Four Movies I could watch over and over and have:

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Lonesome Dove

Places I’ve lived:

Pennsylvania - all my life.

I have lived in four distinct and separate sections of Philadelphia, does that count?

Four TV Shows I love to watch:

Dukes of Hazzard
American Idol

Four Places I’ve been on Vacation.

Assateague Island, MD
Jackson, Wyoming
Banff, Canada

Four Websites I visit daily. (It says Websites so I am not listing blogs)
The DrudgeReport
My Foster Kid's Myspace.com page

Four favorite Foods!

Hot Wings
Home-made Eggrolls
Rice & Seaweed

Four Places I’d rather be.

Floating on a fully equipped boat in the South Pacific

Four people to whom to inflict this upon.

None. I am stopping this one here so I don't incur the wrath of any other bloggers.

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January 17, 2006

Perchance to Dream

I dreamt of snakes last night. More specifically, I dreamt of two entwined copperheads that seemed to morph into pythons before my eyes. They were huge.

In my dream, they were chasing my puppy, one got ahold of the pup and I smacked it until it let go, if it were still a copperhead my pup would have been a goner. Still, it is quite impossible for one to smack a python to make it let go seeing as how it has teeth curved inwards . . . byegones.

Anyway, in my dream, I run into the house and grab my snub-nosed .22. She should do the trick to off a big ole' snake. Aiming my trusty sidearm, I fire, except instead of a loud bang, I hear a spraying sound, my .22 is spraying citronella spray at the snake who is - get this - squinting to keep it from going in his eyes.

I aim and fire again, same thing. I look down at my snubby and it has morphed into a .22 revolver that I have. I open her up and none of the rounds will fall out. They have morphed into candy coated bullets. I proceed to chew the glazed sugar off the back of the rounds and replace them into the revolver. When I turn to shoot the snakes, they are laughing at me! Laughing at me!

I woke up shortly after this, should I be worried?

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January 16, 2006

Steeltown Does It Again!


It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love me some Steelers!

So it is with great appreciation that I tell my guys thanks for a great and memorable game.

To the refs - all the refs of all the games this weekend but the Steelers' refs in particular - you suck, you should all be promptly fired.

I can ref better with my eyes closed!

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January 13, 2006

Whoo Hoo

It's Friday the 13th, just when my luck couldn't possibly get any worse. . .

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January 12, 2006

That Reminds Me Of A Story . . .

After reading a comment somewhere in the blogosphere, I was reminded of a story from my youth. I'd say I was in the 9th or 10th grade and in my English literature class. We were reading Moby Dick. We had been discussing the book for several weeks as we were reading it in chapters. My best friend, at the time, was reading the book, I saw her read it, she asked me questions.

I must preface the remainder of this story with this short observation. My best friend was a cute, perky blonde.

Now, when we had finished reading Moby Dick the teacher asked various questions about symbols i.e. What did Queequeg's tattoos symbolize, how about the coffin, the Captain's lost limb, Ishmael's survival, etc. . . We discussed these kinds of questions in turn and finally the teacher asked:

"What is your impression of the fact that Moby Dick was a white whale, and describe what you think he symbolized." Now, that is a tall order to fill on any day, as the book is Moby Dick and the character symbolizes something different depending upon whose perspective you are speaking from.

My best friend, having participated in all of the discussions after having read the book exclaimed - with a genuine look of surprise upon her face - wait.for.it. (Check it out below the fold)


P.S. Go read the best Blonde Joke In The World?

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January 11, 2006

Ever feel like Tantalus?

In Greek mythology, Tantalus, a son of Zeus was condemned to stand thirsty and hungry, chin deep in water with exquisite fruit-laden branches hanging above his head. When he bent over to drink, the water receded, when he reached up for fruit, the branches would be blown upward out of his reach.

Today, I feel like Tantalus, with what I need always just out of my reach . . .

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January 06, 2006

Fireman Problem

Ok, some of you know I have my own personal fireman living under my roof. (Bowchickabowbow).

And, some of you know that on occassion, I don the gear and get my hands dirty as well.

Being a volunteer firefighter is very fulfilling. Anyway, it has become quite a family affair. Almost all of the active members of our company are young parents. We all bring our children with us to the hall, we cook dinners and make merry and include our kids. This has seemingly never been a problem seeing as how several members are third generation firefighters, so it stands to reason that their parents took them to the hall as well.

Imagine my surprise then, when our President and Chief told us at the monthly meeting that our children were causing a problem being too close to the equipment and really shouldn't be there (that is a first!)

At first I didn't think I heard them right. Afterall, these kids are the next generation of volunteer firefighters and how much damage can a 30 pound kid do to an inch thick diamond plate rear step on a Rescue? But, alas, I think that I heard them right.

Now, as many of you know, I see my child for roughly 5% of each day. When I pull into my drive he is attached to my hip. We are a package deal. Where I go, he goes because he sees so very little of me. Moreover, since I work so much, he is often with the hubby at firehall functions.

(Also, we have a young lady who takes all the kids when something important is happening and plays with them. She is also there when we have calls and watches the kids for us if necessary.)

I was offended, and I never get offended, that someone would (1) tell me my kid's a problem, without telling me directly, and (2) basically tell me my kid isn't welcome, also without telling me directly. Seriously, don't beat around the bush with me, I haven't the time nor patience.

Those of us with small children are the most active in the department. We do all the dinners, all the fundraisers, show for all the calls, promote the hall to the community etc. If we don't come, because our kids are not welcome, the department will come to a screeching halt. Seriously! WE are the only ones who do a damned thing, mostly because our kids were welcome.

I am also an officer of the Auxilary. If my kid isn't welcome at the hall, I can't fulfill my duties to the Auxilary. Again, those of us who are active are the ones with kids. We are the only ones who do anything!

So, now that I have ranted, am I over reacting? Am I wrong to say that if my kid isn't welcome then neither am I? Am I wrong to insist that if it is my child that is viewed as a problem then I would like to be told directly? I don't see any of our kids as a problem. Each one is well behaved and none have broken anything or damaged or lost anything or even gotten in the way at any time. This is primarily because we parents take the time to watch over our kids. So really, am I wrong to be offended, annoyed and on the brink of quitting the department?

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January 05, 2006

Finally Sleep!

Now that the bowl games are done, I can get some much needed sleep. UT won! Yay! Penn State won! YAY! YAY!

Sleep, it is calling me. . .

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January 03, 2006

Cotillion Tuesday

That's right, the Cotillion is up! Go see!

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