May 30, 2006

Parade Madness

I spent the weekend doing a few things - yard work, pool opening and parades.

But before I get to that, remember when I said my dog ate my phone? Well, I got a new phone on Thursday. Then on Saturday, that phone was run over by a fire truck from a neighboring company whose driver doesn't know the universal sign for stop! But, I'm techno again. I have a new phone, all my numbers and I'm ready to go! This phone isn't leaving my sight!

Ok, so, on Saturday morning, I got dressed in my dress blues for the parade at the next town over.

I dressed the boy in his fire department t-shirt, lathered him with sunscreen and off we went. We lined up in our designated spots and watched as others fell in line: The shriners, the National Guard, the Civil War reenactors, the high school bands, the dairy princess, the local businesses and organizations, the local VFD and American Legion etc.

As we drove the parade route and threw candy to the kids, I noticed, flags waving in the air and crowds cheering. It was very nice. The ceremony after the parade was moving. A number of veterans were there and everyone paid their respects. The local history museum was open and everyone was friendly and welcoming. A typical small town memorial day parade.

Then Monday, we dressed in our uniforms again for another parade. This held much the same as the first but ended in the cemetary for the ceremony, the reading of local veterans who had recently passed and the 21 gun salute.

I don't typically do cookouts and beer parties on memorial day. We participate in the parades and we remember our fallen. But mostly, we spend time as a family.

We did much the same this weekend. But I remembered my grandpap who, though not killed in any war, served his country well. He's been gone many years, but for some reason was in my thoughts. I hoisted a flag in his honor, said a prayer for those still in harms way, and remembered those fallen as Taps played. I am grateful that I can expose my son to these parades. That I can teach him that on this day - in fact on every day- it is important to honor those that made it possible for us to parade down mainstreet tossing candy to the crowd without a care. That I can share these memories of the solemnity of Taps and the 21 gun salute and the awe in a fly over from the local base. It is memories and experiences like these that make me love this holiday.

I hope your memorial day was as memorable as mine.

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May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

On this memorial day I want to thank the families of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I want to remember those military men and women from every war this country has seen on this memorial day.

We so easily forget in our daily lives that we would not e free to live the way we do if not for those sacrifices.

When you bow your head in contemplative silence, you should be thanking the souls of those dearly departed.

But, though not in memorial, remember the men and women fighting to secure more freedoms for others, to protect the freedoms we enjoy and who patrol our shores to ensure our children can play in safety here.

On this memorial day, I am thankful someone fought for me.

And I'll remember my grandpap who couldn't get into the Navy because of a splinter of glass in his eye from a car accident one week before his Navy physical. On to the Merchant Marines he went. For those that don't know, in WWII the mariners faced perils the U.S. military did not. They were the supply train, the work horse, the pack mule. They were prisoner transport and emergency fuel depot. They were at the front lines, armed just as the military men were. They were brave fighting men and women, though only just recognized by the U.S. government.

So, I'll remember the mariners, many who lost their lives during WWII. And my grandpap. I'll remember him, as he was so very proud of his time in the Merchant Marine. And honored beyond words when the government finally recognized them as part of the military service.

An honored memorial day to you all, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine! To any that has lost someone in conflict - an honored and thankful memorial day to you all.

Here is a pic of my grandpap on the left and his best friend of nearly 70 years in their uniforms during WWII.


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May 26, 2006


Ok, a few days back I posted that my boy wants a motorcycle. Ack!

Yesterday, I came home to find that my husband had given my baby a crew-cut. He looks like a big boy now!

Here he is showing off his new motorcycle helmet:

Picture 019.jpg

Here he is showing off his new tattoo:

Picture 014.jpg

Here he is showing off his new crew-cut.

Picture 015.jpg

Go ahead, you know you wanna smooch him!

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A Great One Gone

If you were reading me at the time, you may recall that I made a trip to Korea in October of last year. My first. I detailed it here.

After I returned, I posted that I'd met myUncle for the first, and likely last, time.

He had been diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago with a fatal liver disease. The medical doctors gave him 6 months to live. When I saw him he had sworn off the medical doctors and was seeing a buddhist witch doctor of sorts. He was buddhist. He went on a strict buddhist diet which he was told would cure his ailments. No meats were allowed in the diet. He was recovering soundly.

In recent weeks he had been telling my aunt that he was lacking energy and needed protein. She cooked chicken and meats for him everyday. Yesterday, she cooked two whole chickens for him. She said he laughed and told her:

"Woman! Do you expect me to eat all of this?" She said he would have all weekend to eat it. Last night he called her and said "I ate it all." She went to his home in the evening, sensing something wasn't quite right.

He joked that his time had come. That he was glad to have seen his baby sister and to have met me before he died. He said that meeting me - of all people - was one of the highlights of his life. Then he called for an ambulance.

My dear uncle was dead before he reached the hospital. He was 72.

As I sit here typing this simple post I am overcome with tears. I had known my "wey samchun" for only 10 days. In 10 days he taught me some korean, taught me some tradition and showed me, actually took me to the place where my roots began. For that I am ever grateful. I loved that simple Korean man more than I ever thought I could.

It is interesting. I already feel as if my life has a void in it - for the next time I visit Korea, he will not be there to greet me.

He lived a full life. One filled with turmoil, sadness and then triumph. My one consolation? He died at home, with his dear sister and a belly full of chicken. Should we all be so lucky.

So this memorial day - I will remember him.

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May 24, 2006

Its Me! Honest!

You know how I'm always saying "back when I was cute"? Well, I mean it.

Bou reminded me that I used to be a cute perky teen instead of a dumpy adult.

Oh how I miss cute!

Anywho, here is a picture of me at 16. I was in a photo shoot with some weirdo guy cause they needed extra pics for their wall of pictures and I was flirting with the other guy at the photo shop. Anyway, I was 16. Did I mention I was 16? I never told anyone that! Never. I could pass on a good day, and with a bit of makeup for 19. Gee, I can still pass for 19. So, have at it! Does it look like me? OF COURSE IT DOES! I haven't changed much - cept I'm rounder.


Oh and for those that don't know me - my hair is no longer curly, I never wear makeup (didn't here either) I look good with a tan, and I still have the same skin! I've chubbed out major since 16 - man have I ever! Oh, and the bad part about this picture? You can't see my boobs. I like my boobs.

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Dixie Flicks

I've heard over the last several days that the Dixie Chicks have been a talkin again.

Now, I'm a huge fan of country music. I used to love the Dixie sluts too. But, after their remarks about the President, I stopped listening to them. I threw out the cd's I'd bought and I still change the station if they come on the radio. That's my right.

Look, they had every right to speak their mind. It's a free country. And, had they done it here in the USA, I would chalk it up to free-speech, but they disparaged our President-like him or not-on foreign soil, and I don't hang with that.

Now, they've a new cd coming out, where they get out some teen-angst-like rage at the President, those who got pissed at 'em and jest about everyone else.

Now they are going round giving the obligatory interviews. I heard them on 60 minutes in one interview last week where one of the three said she didn't care about losing fans now that country's "gone all redneck" and that it is better to have a group of progressive fans then all those rednecks. She says that its a negative, being a redneck that is. Hmmmm. Who the hell she calling redneck? Me? My Ivy League lawyer ass? Hmmmm. Well, she won't be getting any of my ivy-'neck money that's fo-sho!

Today I heard one of the others in an interview in which she said they'd rather have a few "cool" fans than have their cd in a 5-disk changer in-between Reba and Toby Keith. She done crossed a sacred line. Reba? What the hell is wrong with Reba? The star, the philanthropist, Fancy!

Perhaps all those millions the chicks made off us Reba-loving rednecks ought to be returned in the form of a refund. I believe I'm owed about $30.00 for buying their trash and since I bill my time at upwards of $200.00 an hour, and my time is pretty valuable, they owe me for wasting my time too. I like small bills.

They are rich now, so their uneducated country asses are too good for us common-folk. Well, I got some news for them - stupid don't financially discriminate.

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May 19, 2006

More Friday Fishing!

So, as ya'll know, my boy loves, loves, loves to fish! He is getting much better at it too. So I thought I'd update you periodically on his progress. These pictures are from two seperate trips.

Picture number one! Look at this fish! My baby's an angler if there ever was one!

Free Image Hosting at

Click to make 'er bigger!

And here were have my baby demonstrating concentration. And trust me, when you are taking a bluegill off the line yourself, you need concentration so they don't fin you and cut open your hand. I'd say he is doing pretty good here!

Free Image Hosting at

Here we have one of many bluegill hauled in on this day! Notice, he is reflecting his true redneck spirit in his camo and bibs!

Free Image Hosting at

And lastly, here he is thanking his daddy for another day of fishing!

Free Image Hosting at

The Boy isn't terribly photogenic in these pics but I think he looks wonderful - Don't you?

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May 18, 2006

The Dog Did It!

The Dog ate my damn phone! I don't mean chewed on it. I mean she done ate it all up. It is in pieces. It doesn't work. So, if you are trying to call my sorry ass, or are expecting a call from me. Sorry, I'm not here. Well, I'm here, but all my phone numbers and contacts? In that phone.

I hate technology. I used to know everyone's numbers by heart, now? I'm lucky if I remember my own.

Plus, now? When I do get a new phone, I'll have to buy all new ringtones. And! I lost all my cool pics of my kiddo, especially the one I just took of him fully masked up with an SCBA. Craptastic!

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May 15, 2006

I'm Soooo Outta Here!

The Boy likes all things that go, as in cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, quads. You get the picture.

He is three. He has not yet mastered the go - stop - go yet, but he wants to!

On Saturday I took him to the Honda dealer to purchase his first Motorcycle Helmet. (pictures later). Harley doesn't make em for small fries.

He spied a little 50cc Dirt Bike with monster training wheels and hopped right on. While making all the appropriate sounds and skids and steers, he suddenly looked up at his Daddy and said - "ok, I'm ready to go."

So, I said, "Oh, ok, we'll leave then."

To which he replied, "nooo, mommy, open the door and give me some gas, I'm sooo outta here!"

Yep, my baby said that! Where he got it is anyone's guess. After I caught my breath, as laughing my ass off was quickly expending the little breath I had, I assured him that I was not going to be buying that particular dirtbike on that particular day.

I am quite certain that my baby is going to turn my long dark hair - gray in a very short amount of time. I am certain of it!

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What I did on Mother's Day

I woke alone. The Better Half was working the Day Shift and the Boy had spent the night at my sister's. I dawdled, I got dressed for church and I joined my Gram and my son and dad for services. After services, I took Gram for hotdogs, cause that is what the Boy wanted for lunch. Afterward, I went home to my castle upon a hill. I sat in the yard, played with the Boy, got a little sun - in my bra, cause I can do that up on my hill in nowheresville, played on the swingset, played some more and then needed a nap. The Boy was not having it, so we went inside to "relax" by watching a Power Ranger video. This of course was met with sneak attacks and "hi-yas" So, indoors I became the baddie and the Boy became the Black Ranger.

We chased each other through the house for a couple hours till Daddy got home and I finally got a Happy Mother's Day song to the tune of Happy Birthday. Daddy's arrival signaled more play time. Finally at 6, the wee Boy dropped into slumber, only to wake at 10 p.m. to tell me his "tummy was Berry Hungry!" We had pie!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Mother's Day! My Mother's Day was very enjoyable - how about you?

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May 11, 2006


I can't get into my email . . . I'm busy but can't find the energy to finish a project . . . I have a headache a mile wide . . . I'm hungry . . . it's not sunny . . . I miss my kid . . . I have too much comment-spam! . . . Mother's Day is Sunday and I haven't even thought about it!


Resume regularly scheduled whining.

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May 05, 2006

Flippery Fish

My husband and son went fishing the other day. I received a call at approximately 5 p.m. that my son had just reeled in a 1lb crappie. That's a big fish for my little guy! While my husband was fumbling for a camera, my son let the fish go waiving and yelling "Catch ya later!" If only the ol' man would have had the video camera!

But alas, he didn't, so here are some pics of a baby bass, and a couple sunnies too!

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May 04, 2006

The Long Journey Home

I haven't yet completely told you all about my flight home from Austin, so I will elaborate here.

Whilst waiting for my flight from ATL to Pittsburgh, I had the good fortune to be surrounded by very handsome men in desert fatigues. Liking myself a man in uniform, and also curious to see from where these young men (and women) were returning, I struck up a conversation with the four seated immediately to my right.

Luck would have it that these young men and one woman were returning that day to their hometown of Pittsburgh from an extended stay in Iraq. Later I'd learn that a number of the 20 or so in the group were also returning from Afghanistan. After thanking them, each and everyone, for their service I got to thinking. "I shouldn't be the only one that knows they are returning from the desert. They should be applauded for their efforts, for watching my back and for keeping us safe!

So, I slipped a note to my flight attendant which read:
"You may have noticed the uniformed young men and women who boarded this plane today. They are just returning to Pittsburgh from Iraq and Afghanistan and I think that they deserve our collective thanks."

And she passed it to the pilot who read it upon our descent into Pittsburgh. Everyone on the plane erupted into cheers and applause. The remainder of our time on the plane you could hear "thanks" and "welcome homes" ring out. It was well deserved.

I have a picture of two of our heros. They said that I could post it here if I'd like and I do. So, to these two and so many more like them - thank you for your service!

Free Image Hosting at

crossposed at the Cotillion

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May 01, 2006

Blown-Star Recruit

I'm sold. I'm sold on blogmeets. The intimate, sitting on a 6th floor deck just hanging, kind of blogmeet. I'm sold. It felt like home and it was welcome!

I'm also tired. But, I will try, in my own feeble way, to recreate the fun I had.

After an interesting flight wherein we were ordered to sit at the jetway until four people got off our plane so that we could take on more fuel in the event we were required to circle Austin before landing, we were off. Landing in Austin, I saw no sign of the storms that necessitated this long wait.

I rang Shoe immediately to scratch out my apologies for my late arrival. "No worries" rang out as my welcoming crew was still waiting for bags. As I emerged from the baggage terminal, I was greeted by the friendly faces, and warm hugs of Shoe, Zonker and Omnibus Driver! I had arrived.

On to the liquor store for provisions! Let me tell you, I had never been in a liquor store where they did tastings. I'm just saying! From the liquor store we hit the grocer for smokes for Jim. At which point a rather stumpy rent-a-cop ordered Shoe out of her chosen waiting spot. We drove around the lot while Zonker aimlessly searched for us crying out in a feeble voice "hello, guys?, Um, I'm back . . ."

From there we made it to the hotel! As I gathered my things and got into the check-in line, I was met by T1G. Without missing a beat I was informed - or rather - told to "ask Tammi how she tried to kill me." With that, he was off to recline for in his a-feared state, he was unable to close his eyes and desperately needed some rest.

I quickly met Eric, who mistook me for someone else, but hugged me anyway. I also met several others just as I heard Tammi round the corner. Tammi, the lover of hugs, got several from the group and off to our rooms we went!

When next we emerged, it was off to the Salt Lick for some good BBQ and fine conversation. Being vehicularly challenged, I hitched a ride with "All My Ex's Live In Texas" and Redneck. Marcus navigated without any difficulty toward the Lick. After we passed a Hindu temple, we knew we were in the right place!

Which reminds me - exactly what kind of animal gives an "Elephant Pony Ride?" A pony dressed as an elephant; a small elephant, or an elephant riding a pony? Bygones.

At the Lick we were met by the lovely Christina and her fabulous friend Susan. Not to be forgotten was Christina's mama, who we will call Maw-Maw. I received a hug that nearly broke a rib from said Maw-Maw. She is a beautiful woman, physically and spiritually. The wontons supplied by Maw-Maw and Christina were manna from Heaven!

Whilst congregating, I met Nancy, Denita, Eric and their little man and they brought pie!, Prestoagitato, and Beth. I met others from Texas as well, but their numbers left me without a proper roll-call and time was too short to engage in conversation with them all. When next we meet, I will be sure to bring a pen and pad.

Dinner was filled with lovely conversation and gentle ribbing and the next I knew, it was time to retire to the hotel, but the drive home was filled with so much laughter from Tammi, Bou, TJ and I that my sides still hurt from the very remembrance.

Saturday morning breakfast was enjoyed with some of my favorite people. Bou, T1G, Tammi and I, headed to IHOP for breakfasty goodness. Afterwards we joined our core group of blog-buddies on the pool deck for some mighty fine pickin and a singin!

The afternoon was spent enjoying each other's company. I even learned a thing or two, for instance, I learned how to catch a prince, I learned that a man, if standing still enough, could possibly make a good pole on which to dance, should one be overcome with the need, I learned the Gay Cowboy song, I learned that red toenail polish really does turn Acidman on, I learned that the sex trades have a very specific hierarchy, I learned that you can outfit a dog with blinking-bling, I learned that when a foot - fully ensconced in cowboy boot hits a foot - newly bare, from above, that pain ensues, and lastly, I learned that no matter how hard you try, you cannot help but laugh at a blogmeet.

For our evening repast, we caravanned to Maudies to enjoy some top notch tex-mex. Yummy! Afterwards, it was off to see the bats and a Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial - he's dead you know. Lucky for us, we found the memorial, not so lucky for us, we were at the wrong bridge for the bats. Ahhh, the perils of permitting drunk bloggers to navigate!

The remainder of the evening and into the wee hours of the night was spent on that rooftop deck conversing, laughing and singing with some of the best bloggers in the sphere!

While my tale is lacking in some major details, as I am of the feeling that we each should experience this wonder called-blogmeet, I will provide you with the following quotes heard round the deck, and my take on some fine bloggers below:

"Hey guys I wanna get a picture of you all with your thingys in your mouths" - Livey. She's a social butterfly who's not afraid to speak her mind and have a good time!

"Knine's an ass - man." - Knine. I only spoke to Knine briefly, but he managed to make me laugh so that means he's good people.

"Hey baby, you know you wanna tap all 300 pounds o' dis! You know you wanna hit dis!" - Anonymous *wink, wink*

"Nice of you to wear a shirt - Oddy" - Marcus. He is a charming man - perhaps why he has a cast of ex's? Just saying! Really though, Marcus is a delight and Austin was made all the better because he was there! Can't wait to enjoy your company again!

"Does it come with Sawwce?" - TJ. This chick purely and simply rawks! I love her. She is beautiful, funny and sings a sweet tune too! She and I could just laugh for days. I will definately be visiting with this fine woman again, and soon!

"Hot Grease Burns with Tammi" - Tammi's trip down was a surprise for some, but not for me - as I was the one begging like a spoiled child for her to hitch on down. Having met Tammi before, I was aware of her warmth, her strength and her charm. Getting to spend another weekend with her was a bonus. I love this woman. She is beautiful inside and out, has a quick wit and an infectious laugh. I can't wait to see you again.

"Bob Saget!" - T1G. I feel like I've known T1G all my life, he is an absolute delight. He gives great hugs, has a wonderful sense of humor and can spot rabies in large mammals. T1G! you can stomp on my foot, anytime! I love ya!

"Cesar Chavez Blvd. will get me there" - Boudicca is everything I've read and more. She is beautiful, charming, kind, smart and funny. I had been anxiously awaiting our meeting and she did not disappoint. Bou is simply wonderful and so are the stories she tells about her lovely family. I cannot wait to see her again. Oh, and ya'll she is tiny!!

My "latina" sista - Christina. Truth be told, this woman is the reason I hauled my cookies all the way to Austin! I've loved her since I first started reading her. She has a way with the written word that sucks me in everytime! She has grace and beauty and is thoughtful to boot. My trip would have been incomplete had I not had the time to sit and enjoy her company. Christina, quite simply, you are fabulous! Thank you for the lush and the wonton yummies. See you soon! Oh, and Maw-Maw, you are a wonderful woman. I love you back! But I must say, my poor ribs are still recovering from your bear hugs!

Dash - I don't have a direct quote (that hasn't been used already this weekend) for Dash because he is the quiet man who takes it all in with a smile. Dash is exactly what I thought he would be. Confident, gracious, and handsome! It was an immense pleasure meeting you and I cannot wait to make your company again!

"Hand me my bottle baby!" - Omnibus Driver. This lady is a firebrand! She speaks her mind, takes it all in and at the end of the day, you know you have a wonderful friend. While we didn't get much one-on-one time, we will one day soon. OD, you are fabulous! Loved that Stetson you got yerself! We will meet again!

*Yer from Joisey? Which exit?* - Jim. I am humbled dear sir! It was a pleasure, one I hope to have again. I could sit and listen to you and the guys pick fer days!

"Oh wait? You're Oddybobo?" - Eric. Though he mistook me at first, he warmly welcomed me to Austin and he gives great hugs! You, my friend, are a sweet, sweet man. I promise not to post/photoshop any umbrella pics and I hope to meet up with you again!

"You always beat me to Richmond's quizzes!" - Elisson. He is debonair! It was a pleasure meeting you. You are engaging and funny and I cannot wait to sit and talk with you again!

"I'm so glad you're here, I think . . ." - Zonker. A complete joy! I shall never forget your reenactment of parts of the Aristocrats! Austin would not have been the same without meeting you. Hope to see you again - soon!

Denny - Not a quote so much, as an entire song! The Gay Cowboy song was a hit! You rock and I can't wait to meet up with you again!

Shoe - the brains behind the entire meet! Either she has a strange fascination with the airport, or she, quite simply, is one of the most gracious people I've ever met. And she does a mean Sandy the Squirrel! Shoe, thank you for arranging this - it was hit because of you! I hope we meet again, I simply didn't get to spend enough time with you!

Kelley - coined the Blown-Star Blogmeet's name and she is awesome! She is also a beautiful woman! She glows, and it isn't just the pregnancy, though I suspect that has made her even more beautiful. I was so happy to finally meet her and cannot wait to see her again. Oh, and damnit woman - post something already! *wink*

"No shit!" - Redneck in response to my stating the obvious - "you're late". Redneck is a delight! I'm so glad I got the chance to meet him - and can't wait to meet again! If you are ever passing through my neck o' the woods, we'll go fishin!

Walrilla - I knew him right away. And no, the T-shirt blazoned with "Walrilla" didn't give it away! I hope to meet with you again soon as it was a pleasure.

"I may be old, but I'm not dead" - Acidman in response to an inquiry about red toenails! I didn't know you before man, so I can only say it was a pleasure meeting the new you. I could listen to you sing and pick all night.

Confabulator - It was a pleasure meeting you as well. It is exactly like you put it, like meeting members of your extended family!

El Capitan - dude! try not to blow up next time kay? I didn't get to spend enough time with you, as the time was too short and the bloggers were many. Hope to meet again!

Nancy - It was a pleasure meeting you! I hope to spend more time with you when next we meet!

And that was nearly it. On my way through the airport, I picked up some salsa for home. It's name? Salsa Bobos! Bitchin!

I had a tug at my heart when I was leaving, as these strangers I met on coming to Austin, are now considered friends. It was my fortune to have met you all! Until next time . . . this blogger is needing some rest!

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Where to start . . .

Holy Cow Pies Batman! I had a wonderful time in Austin. Got me some sun, some fun and a whole lot of new respect for my fellow bloggers.

I met some fine people - though I don't have the time to do them justice just yet.

I missed the bats . . .

I ate some meat. Good meat.

The fine state of Texas welcomed me with open arms! I am so glad I made it down.

Oh, and to top off my absolutely delightful weekend - I stalked Hines Ward at the airport. Yep, my favorite footballer was on my plane and he and I talked for about twenty minutes about his new foundation for bi-racial kids in Korea. He was everybit a peach and has the purtiest smile I ever saw!

I have a post about the other people on my plane that I shall be setting up soon! Fine young men and women who I had the pleasure to converse with.

For now, it is back to the grind. I shall regale you with tales of Texas soon. For now, must act like I'm working - whilst slipping into a coma under my desk . . .

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