April 30, 2007

In a Mood

I must be in a foul mood today. It was a Metallica morning. Mixed with some Megadeath for good measure.

Two "she doesn't look that great on paper" newspaper articles this weekend and I am feeling somewhat deflated.

So, I've nothing to say but pray for me to succeed in this endeavor. My pneumonia is nearly gone and I'm feeling better - now if my spirits would simply match . . .

Oh, and the 53 acres next to me sold for an outrageous amount of money and our once peaceful woodlands are now posted so my son and I can't walk and collect "stuff" and the new "neighbors" intend to build many houses upon said land, ruining my view, my sanity and my neighborliness . . . I hate progress.

So, in an effort to make myself smile, and to make you all smile as well . . . LADIES - I AM TALKING TO YOU! Check out the extended entry for some fireman eye candy . . . Guys, you may not be disappointed either - just sayin!

If you are wondering about the pursed lips, he is singing the Crazy Frog Axel F. song.

Picture 199.jpg


Picture 203.jpg

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April 25, 2007


After a week of wondering . . . it is official - I.HAVE.PNEUMONIA - walking pneumonia it has been dubbed.

Let the sputum begin . . . or end . . . whatever . . .

Antibiotics here I come.

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April 19, 2007


Yep. Busy doesn't begin to cover it. Busy and sick. I slept from 8:30 p.m. yesterday till 7 a.m. this morning. Shirking all those things I had to do, mostly because I could not breathe, walk or see. So, today? Busy.

Oh, and you know you (and your friends) are busy, busy, busy when you have to actually schedule your next phone call to bitch about how busy you are! (sorry hon. I couldn't resist!)

Yep. I have officially scheduled my first phone chat . . . Friday right? Up next? scheduled play with my four year old . . . I NEED A VACATION!!! Just a few more weeks . . .

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April 18, 2007

And It Begins

Well, yesterday was eventful. I received a call from our wonderful sitter at 4:30:

"The Boy fell and cut his head on a filing cabinet. He is fine, we cleaned him up and put on a spiderman bandaid."

UPDATE: So as not to give the wrong impression of my sitter - the Boy truly was fine at the time. The cut got bigger after the swelling started up.

At 5:45 I receive this call from my clueless hubby: "I sent you a text message of the Boy's head." It was fine and now it isn't, should I take him to the hospital?"

I looked at the following picture:


Looks bad enough for a stitch says I . . . but I have the insurance card and I would like to see it upclose. So the hubby comes to me with the Boy and yep, needs a stitch, probably two. The cut is an inch long and pretty deep - fleshy deep and the swelling is continuing.

So, the husband takes the boy to the hospital and we have our first official stitches. My sweet boy is stitched - oh, and for the record, I was wrong. It took 4 stitches, a boo-boo bear, some stickers and an orange popcicle to make him right again!


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April 17, 2007

Life resumes

So, I didn't mention it, but our "foster kid/cousin" - we will call him Navy Man was here for two weeks.

The Boy was over the moon as Navy Man is his bestest friend. Last night, Navy Man left for Japan and the U.S.S. Blueridge (he was formerly on the Kittyhawk). The Boy is heartbroken. I must admit, it is a little depressing having him so far away.

However! I must state that now that he is gone, all bad habits and influences must cease at my house! Seriously, since I was outnumbered in the Testosterone department by the Boy, Navy Man and Husband too, we had all myriad of bodily noises, bodily function discussions, crude language, messiness etc . . .

I hope that my Boy will forget some of the things he learned over the last two weeks from my Navy Man (and the husband as he had back-up). For example - Navy Man - (1) it is not appropriate to watch South Park with my four year old; (2) did you think he would not tell me what you guys were doing? (3) Four is too young to know what those are called! (4) Burps, farts and the like are simply unacceptable at church! (5) Will he ever eat food again? Chips and candy don't work as breakfast foods. (6) "Bow Chicka Bow Bow" is certainly not a good bedtime song!!!!!

There's more, but I need a Motrin and a cocktail first. I love my Navy "Boy" and my husband too - but I prefer to keep my sweet innocent baby for a while longer. I should have kicked his ass back to Japan, but I am going to miss him!



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April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend!

So, my mom was in a pretty bad car accident on Friday. She says it was a "Good Friday" most definately as she was not injured, but should have been. Her car, alas, is a goner.

We dyed eggs, we hunted eggs-IN THE SNOW!, we ate chocolate in bed! - The Easter Bunny was very generous, sunrise services were early and good and refreshing and replenishing and . . . I needed them very much.

Picture 197.jpg

Picture 198.jpg

Picture 189.jpg

Picture 192.jpg

Dinner was ham, turkey, mashed taters, easter bread, steamed veggies, strawberry pie and "green stuff" (pistachio pudding salad). I am still dead tired from my overachievers syndrome, and this week is packed with stuff but it is going along nicely.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

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April 04, 2007

I've Got a Problem!

It is time to confess, my closest friends are already aware and they have tried to get me help, but I've not been receptive. I have a problem. I'm not entirely sure there is a name for it yet.

It is Overachiever Syndrome or possibly "I Work 65 Hours a Week, Campaign for Judge, Volunteer at My Fire Department and am a Mom, I Need to Do More! Syndrome"

So in true Oddy fashion, I have planned an Easter Party. Yep, my big annual Easter Egg Hunt. The weather is not cooperating. I've not been food shopping in ages. I sleep very little, I've two campaign stops on the same day and . . . wait for it . . . I need some quality mommy time with the Boy. And yesterday, I volunteered to host a training for our Fire and EMS departments.

But, I'm Egg Hunting/Hiding this weekend still. Usually, I am ultra organized, this year? It is supposed to be cold and snowing so it is going to be slap-dash to get everyone back in the house.

Oh, and did I mention I am cooking Easter Sunday for the whole family??????

Excuse me while I go cry now! Better still, does anyone have a cure for my problem? Is there an Overachievers Anony. anywhere? Anyone?

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April 01, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

Fire school, knee injury, fiberglass on my face, movies, baby kisses, firemen!

How was your weekend?

(Sorry girls, no pictures! My cute fire instructor wasn't there, intead we had "crazy old guy".)

Oh, did you get your bumpersticker yet? Didja?

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