January 31, 2005

Howard Dean Hates Me

In what sounds like a kindergarten rant, Howard Dean states that he hates the right! Did so, did not, I hate you! And you could have been our President? At the first sign of unrest in the world he would unleash his paper airplanes, and spitball brigades to combat evils. And if that didn't work, he'd call "Food Fight!" And just so we are all clear that he means business, no milk and crackers for your snack today.

So the Deaniac hates Republicans and everything we stand for such as:

  • Everything that is right;)
  • Freedom for the oppressed;
  • The Constitution of the United States;
  • The right to defend oneself;
  • The upholding of morality;
  • The support for the military;
  • Patriotism;
  • Family;
  • Freedom of religion . . . I could go on and on.

It is good to know that Dean and his party hate these things. Afterall, it will help us get our message out.

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New Carnival of the Recipes Up

Check out the new Carnival of the Recipes at Kin's Kouch. Everything is so yummy!

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Kerry's Inability to Accept Reality

Yesterday on Meet the Press, Kerry stated that the historic elections in Iraq "should not be overhyped". First he tows the party line that says that the election in Iraq will be the test for whether or not Bush's war has succeeded. Now he has moved the goal-post and says there will be another test (a global one!) and that is a day to day test in which we wait to see what the world community thinks.

And it's going to take a massive diplomatic effort and a much more significant
outreach to the international community than this administration has been
willing to engage in. Absent that, we will not be successful in Iraq, he said.

This guy is off his proverbial rocker. Why should we reach out to France in order to ensure that Iraq is successful? The only had France had in this whole affair was in the cookie jar taking money from Saddam's oil for fraud program. Get over it! The test was the election, and Bush passed. The world, those of us with brain power anyway, stood behind the Iraqi's as they voted yesterday. I cried with those women and men who cried, I was proud for those women and men who were proud that they, Iraqis, have dictated Iraq's future. We should all be so proud of the role we play in our own freedoms. Kerry and Sen. Bloviator can't accept that people in Iraq wanted to be free. They can't accept the overwhelming success that this campaign has been. They can't accept that Bush was right. I am doing the happy dance that we did not elect Kerry as our President.

Update: Sen. Bloviator isn't that impressed by the election in Iraq. (hat tip Newsmax). Gee, imagine that!

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January 28, 2005

Friday Linky Action

Check out some of these samplings from the blogosphere today.

Check out The Anchoress and La Shawn Barber's takes on the confirmation of the exceedingly talented Condi Rice as Secretary of State. The first woman of color and the only the second woman ever to hold this important position. JimK at Right Thoughts weighs in with a late commentary on the confirmation process as well.

Harvey of Bad Example offers advice on how to pick a career for those of you who haven't yet.

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams has a really fun little movie trivia game/meme goin on, join the fun!

Little Green Footballs links to a post at the Daily Kos by, wait for it, Barbara Boxer who thanks her minions, I mean supporters, for their support during her grilling of our new Madame Secretary.

Instapundit links to one Hammorabi regarding the democratic pressure the Iraqi people are putting on their neighbors.

Rightwingduck tackles some additional myths about bloggers and the MSM.

Michelle Malkin posts about yet another pundit getting paid to push the government's agenda!

And as always, Basil of Basil's Blog has a great Friday Morning breakfast roundup, check it out.

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January 27, 2005


Just like it sounds, a "pie", I love pie by the way, that will cause instant cavities. It is a hit with the kiddies and the bigger kiddies alike. It is a snap to make and it also makes a pretty snazzy presentation.


1 roll of refrigerated cookie dough (my favorite is chocolate chip)
1 cup of chocolate chips
1/2 cup of peanut butter
several of your favorite candy bars chopped into small pieces
a pizza pan or a cookie sheet (with 1/4 inch sides)


Spread cookie dough thinly into a pizza pan (I usually spray with pam although it isn't necessary) there may be small holes in the dough, they will fill in as it bakes; bake according to the package directions; pull from oven and sprinkle with the chocolate chips and peanut butter in dolops; when the chips are glazed, spread the peanut butter and chips over the cookie like a sauce. Next, sprinkle on your favorite chopped candy bars (use em all!). I also add mini m&m's for color. I suggest putting the concoction into the refrigerator until it is cooled completely, however it is not necessary. Serve to its adoring fans.

Also, you can add some variations to this, like a sugar cookie with vanilla icing and fruit, or a brownie with candy or fruit, the possibilities are exciting!

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January 26, 2005

News Flash: Murdered Spammer Found Stuffed With Spam Can

Not really, but Brian would like you to believe it so, and in an attempt to help out Brian of Brian Flemming's Weblog create a new urban legend, check out this story about the:

Murdered man with a can of spam lodged in his throat.

Help a guy out and spread this not-so-true crime story! (Hat tip Harvey of Bad Example)

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January 25, 2005

Blame Bush!

All the rage of course is the theory that whatever happens in the whole world is Bush's fault. Today, abortion is Bush's fault! No lie, Senator Hillary Clinton actually blames Bush for increased abortions, using outdated and false statistics, of course. She does not blame those who use abortion as an accepted form of contraception, not those who chose abortion over life, but rather Bush. Seems he single handedly impregnated all those additional abortion seekers, and then proceeded to perform their abortions. Think of the windfall! Relations with thousands of women and the payday that comes from performing that dreaded procedure. Cha-Ching!

Perhaps Ms. Clinton is just jealous . . . that Bush got some from all those lovely ladies. Hmmm.

But seriously, to even allude at Bush as being the culprit here is to highlight the real problem with the liberal mentality, which is that:

Everyone else is to blame for the choices we make. There is no
accountability, nor should there be. Afterall, the problem will simply
disappear if the government throws money at it.

I am convinced that the liberal establishment has learned nothing from their trouncing in November. Better still they refuse to learn anything.

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January 24, 2005

Evil Glenn Controls Tornados

Evil Glenn is at it again. He has created a weather control machine to use as part of his evil plan of world domination. His plan is to take over the world piecemeal.

Next stop Kansas! No, this ain't Dorothy's Kansas, this is Evil Glenn's Kansas where pretty farm houses and rolling fields are replaced by Tornado's specifically programmed to whir puppies, including Toto, into tasty milkshakes.

Yes, Evil Glenn has programed his weather machine to turn simple unassuming tornados into giant, GOD-sized blenders for puppies and other earthly animals.

Not content to simply tear homes apart, and wreak havoc on communities, Evil Glenn intends to scoop up all living mammalian creatures lounging about in the green grasses of the midwest, whir them into a milkshake and devour them while lounging pool-side. Call it Evil Glenn Ambrosia. Of course, not content to shake up the midwest, look for Evil Glenn to take a side trip to the nearest body of water for a little water spoutin' -- Lobster Bisque anyone?

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New Baby Needs New Heart

Michelle Malkin has posted a report about baby Jordan Zane Trimarchi who was born with a tumor in his tiny heart. His only hope is a heart transplant. For more information visit www. jordanzane.com.

This should put you in mind of today, the "March for Life" day in Washington, D.C.
When so many babies are being tossed aside, one is struggling to live.

Our hopes and prayers go out to you little Jordan Zane.

UPDATE: Per Michelle Malkin, Baby Jordan has received his heart. Please keep him in your prayers.

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January 21, 2005

This just in . . . the Interview

I've been interviewed at Jennifer's History and Stuff, check it out and if you are lucky, maybe I will one day share my pumpkin pie recipe here.

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January 20, 2005

Iran's Warning

"Iran issues a sharp warning to the US" stop threatening us about those damn nukes or "we'll cut you!"

Really? It sounds like a school yard threat, "stop picking on us big US bully, that's a sharp warning!"

Of, course, being the big US bully in the school yard in my day, my response would be: See my pet birdie in the sky dropping a special package just for you? . . .
Ka Boom! Now that's a warning . . . oh wait, skipped warning, that's a bullseye!

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Inauguration day!

I love President Bush! I do, I love President Bush.

Now, Senator Byrd, he can take a flying leap off a very large building racist mo-fo that he is! Dems like Byrd and his ilk (and "gun toting lib." if you are out there, I am making a broad generalization here!) are the epitome of racist. To tell what a liberal is thinking or doing, just listen to what they say - they do the exact opposite. So when those libs shout about conservatives being racist a big bell should go off, and a sign should light up right over Byrd's head with a cliched arrow pointing down denoting Byrd as the racist.

Condi, we are behind you! Later, we will hold up our lighters as you put a well deserved smack down on Sen. KKK.

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January 19, 2005

Cussin at the Inaugural Youth Concert

So, no Kid Rock but Fuel's lead singer still supplied the young people with a little F-word action, just before the Prez. graced the stage! My word! What will Worldnet Daily say? I still say, Kid Rock should have been there, and you can be guaranteed that he would have kept it clean! So much for those ruffled ideas that anyone other than Kid Rock could keep it clean! I think I am going to be indignant all day because no one listened to me! That'll show'em.

Update: Since I missed the boat last night on this story (I was sleepin) here is Michelle Malkin's take on it all, check out her track backs too!

P.S. Love that JibJab!!

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January 18, 2005

American Idolatry

So, watching American Idol, and for a play by play, Sarahk at mountaineer musings has a comment on almost every singer, and a fabulous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

I have to say, I can't get why I am actually watching this program. It is like an addiction. I seriously can't pry my face away from the tv and my ass cheeks off the couch!

I have to say though, I feel really bad for some of these people, I can't understand what goes through their heads. How can you get in front of people, and intentionally humiliate yourself? I mean, I humiliate myself unintentionally all the time, but on purpose? And did you see the girl who sounded like a stuck pig? Really, how do they find the nads to do this? I cringe for them, in between laughing my ass off of course!

And to the guy who fancies himself "fabulous" and is going to have 8 hit records to poor Botox Beauty Paula's 3 . . . what the hell? Who says that? Your going to have 8 hit records? Why stop there? While you are at it, in the words of Simon Cowell from last year "I hope you have a good lawyer to sue your voice coach."

. . . crap, I just spit beer all over the keyboard, papa was a rollin stone . . . dude forgot the words! I love that!

Have to give props to the boxing babe! She is really cute. A bit all o'er the place (like this post) but cute, hope she becomes the next middle weight champ!

Welp, gotta go prep for a dep, and catch some zzzz's between laughing my ass off watching American Idol. Mary Roach, oh man I am dieing! Oh geez, i really am, girl's giving me a freakin heart attack, think stalker single white femail singing worse than William Hung!

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January 16, 2005

Ode to My Cat Snowball

an Oddybobo original
I made a pet from a snowball,
my cat being recently dead.
I gave it eyes, a mouth and a nose,
and a body for its head.
We danced and played and sang songs too;
Today, my life was complete.
My snow-pet never left my side,
he tried but he didn't have feet.
Last night, I took him to bed with me,
I sure enjoyed his company.
But when I awoke, my pet was gone,
He ran away you see.
I figured I'd never see him again,
fond memories filled my head.
But the saddest part of this story;
before he left,
he wet the bed.

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January 14, 2005

To Blog is to live . . . in yer underwear

So FrankJ destroys the myths about why we blog, and his comments section adds additional myths shattered and pictures frozen on brain. . . This is a pretty hot topic today as La Shawn Barber asks why we blog (link in and answer her questions), and Instapundit links to an article discussing the inherent conflic of interest faced by journalists who blog.

And then there is that brainless Jonathan Klein from CNN who thinks that blogging is "you know, glorified Web-site hosting—that’s what it is." This guy is totally nutballs and totally clueless. But then again, he is from the real world . . . of course if he is from the real world then I am from the better informed world, but I digress . . . Here are my useless thoughts on the blogosphere and why we blog . . .

  • some blog because it gives them a forum to discuss interesting matters in the safety of their four walls;
  • some blog because it gives them a forum for their very relevant and highly original ideas;
  • some blog for money (I'm available if anyone is interested . . .);
  • some blog as to escape work, else they should go insane;
  • some blog for work;
  • some blog because they called in sick and didn't go to work;
  • some blog because they can do it in their under guchies while spongebob plays in the background, and while eating cheesy poofs and drinking beer . . .;
  • some blog because finally, there is a forum available for the masses to enjoy;
  • and still others lurk in comment land.

I was a comment land lurker for a very long time and decided that it was time to blog, hence my not very informative blog, which is slowly taking shape and will one day . . . rule the universe . . . blog envy, oh well.

As a simple shout out to those who came before me, your blogs are a source of comedy for my dull life, information for the intellectual in me, and inspiration. Carry on!

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January 13, 2005

A little Thursday Linky Action

So according to ABC News, Ted (where'd I leave my car?) Kennedy can't tell the differance between new Demobrat star Barak Obama and Osama Bin Laden allegedly calling him "Osama bin . . . Osama . . . Obama" (hat tip Drudge).

Clint Eastwood expresses his intent to kill Michael Moore if ever the fat-one graces Dirty Harry's doorstep camera in hand. Bill at InDC talks more about it here. Question is . . . How do we get Moore to knock on Clint's door? (apparently I am not the only one asking this question . . .)

And apparently Armstrong Williams isn't the only partisan paid pundit, some bloggers fit the bill as well . . .

And lastly, poor Prince Harry and his poor choice of costume has the world in arms . . . personally, while Harry's costume was in poor taste (he has apologized again and again), I want to see the pics. of Wills dressed as a lion!

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January 12, 2005

Liberal Hate and Rhetoric

As an ambiguously Asian, conservative, lawyer of the effeminate persuasion . . . (all in one breath whew) . . . I have faced similar attacks to those printed by Michelle Malkin for my beliefs. Michelle is a very intelligent and talented columnist one who should be read for her thoughts, not the shape of her eyes, and she faces racist attacks from the liberal elite. Big surprise there! It never ceases to amaze me that a progressive liberal (aka anti-conservative) can shout profanities and make racist judgments on a person of color because they don't tow the liberal/socialist party line and spout BS at every opportunity. Or how if you are a woman and a conservative or anti-fetal murder, you are somehow trying to throw back to pre-suffrage days.

Believe it or not, women and people of color have brains (oh the horror!) and can think for themselves (see additional instances as La Shawn Barber, and Baldilocks, and others of their ilk), and do not need hand-holding, coddling, or intellectual brain-washing at the hands of so called progressives or intellectual elites! Sorry to sound so pre-kindergarten here, but it seems that anti-conservatives can't understand intellectual speak. Its all gobbledy-gook to them.

I am a gun-toting, conservative thinking, red-stater, working hard to keep my own money, Asian who didn't get into my Ivy League University by affirmative action, didn't graduate law school because someone "helped" me along, didn't pass the bar because someone lowered the standard for me because I come from a fractured-family background, and didn't get a lucrative position with an international law firm because some white liberal (or conservative for that matter) felt pity on me. No, believe it or not, I am an intellectual, say it with me now, minorities can be intellectuals too!

You anti-conservatives out there who think that you are better or smarter than persons of color because you were brainwashed into believing that you have some higher calling to do for others (i.e. minorities) because we can't do for ourselves, can take this to the bank -- No amount of name-calling (wagging of tongues or nanny-nanny boo-boos) will change the fact that in the arena of ideas persons like Michelle Malkin flatten persons like those of you who resort to crass profanity in order to get your point across, which is simply that you don't like Michelle Malkin or others like her. And we are supposed to care who you like?

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This Just in . . . We Had A Surplus!

What a surprise, no one in the MSM said a word, a shout out to Instapundit (AKA Evil Glenn)and Gay Patriot a surplus is a surplus no matter how small. One step at a time folks, one step at a time.

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Sgt. Peralta a Marine Hero

As usual, we hear nothing in the MSM about the honorable actions of the brave men and women serving their country abroad. Here is a story that touched my heart when I came across it yesterday (can't remember where), and again today when I read it at Blackfive and at the National Review. This marine and others like him should be celebrated for their sacrifice!

And thanked! Many thanks Sgt. Peralta for your selfless and heroic act. May God Bless you.

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January 11, 2005

Rathergate questions left unanswered

So, the CBS report blasts the boys (and Mary Mapes) at CBS for their "Myopic Zeal" but can't pass judgment on any political bias because there was not enough evidence?

Excuse me? The evidence was appended to the report. As a lawyer, I can tell you that that kind of 'circumstantial' evidence is what sent Scott Peterson a death penalty conviction. That kind of 'circumstantial' evidence would fry any conservative. That kind of 'circumstantial' evidence screams of political bias. My goodness, Mapes writes . . . there's blood in the water . . . she talks "hypothetically of course" about paying for the docs. with a book deal. She doesn't want her colleague to underestimate how much she wanted that story?

In fact, I take it back! This isn't circumstantial evidence, it is actual proof of bias at CBS News.
The problem is, that the report couldn't actually say that because it would open CBS up to unprecented scrutiny, because of course, the public has been well aware for a very long time of CBS's penchant for liberal bias. To say so in the report would be the worse condemnation of what goes on in the MSM. So, instead the report takes CBS to task for its malfeasance, but conveniently ignores the motive for the malfeasance. Not in my courtroom! CBS News, like Scott Peterson, deserves the dealth penalty!

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January 10, 2005

Armstrong Williams the comeback kid?

Rightwingduck (in a guest post for IMAO) has a hysterical post on how Armstrong can be welcomed back into the conservative fold seamlessly. When in doubt use tried-and-true step-program approach to life. Or, simply declare oneself a liberal and run around screaming that the vast right-wing conspiracy that you attempted to surreptitiously invade and bring down has found you out and is now trying to ruin your reputation.

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Kabbalah Leader Blames Jews for Nazi Holocaust

(Click title for direct link)

Hollywood's religion du jour, the Kabbalah Center (not to be confused with the legitimate study of jewish mysticism), has a number of skeletons being exposed this week, including the following:

Kabbalah leader blames Jews for the Holocaust because they didn't have the "Light" and weren't followers of Kabbalah;

Kabbalah stores sell bottled waters with supposed miraculous powers to cancer patient, turns out water is from a Canadian bottler which has been previously cited with government warning on its quality;

Kabbalah has major problems with its finances, that is to say that it misuses money that stars so generously give!

The BBC is going to run an expose on its news show this week. Hat tip Captain's Quarters.
When will the Hollywood elite learn?

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January 09, 2005

Terhaaza makes a contribution

Newsmax (see title for direct link) writes that T. Heinz-Kerry (going by Heinz only these days) made a donation of $450,000 to the Tsunami victims, but it wasn't her money she donated. No, it was foundation money, no mention at all of her intention to give her own money! Not like those of us who operate in the real world. In fact, as history would have it, she doesn't like to actually . . . HELP . . . no, she like Barbara Streisand, and other liberal weinees just wants to order you to help and tell you how.

But let me throw this out to you, Here in Pittsburgh, PA we had a horrendous flooding during this years interesting hurricane season. The floods devastated small towns outside of Pittsburgh. One town, was the hometown of the Heinz patriarch, and where he began the Heinz empire selling veggies out of a cart. Anyway, she came and toured the area and said - no kidding - that she "wasn't in a position to actually do anything" but she came to see the probs. first hand. Not in a position to do anything! This coming from a woman with loads of mullah, and surrounded by the little people who gave of their time, possessions, extra money and prayers.

Now here we are in the midst of the worst natural disaster in modern history and she can't even pony up her own cash to contribute. Geez! Some bleeding heart liberal she is, oh wait, that is exactly what she is, emoting about a travesty while throwing someone else's money at the problem!

Sorry, just a weekend rant here!

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January 06, 2005

Kid Rock at the Inauguration

So Kid Rock is going to perform and the folks over at Worldnetdaily.com have their guchies in a bunch. I understand why, Kid Rock has some pretty raunchy lyrics, but that is not all he has and remember, we are the new party of the inclusive!

Kid Rock raises his young child as a single parent, is muli-talented, having recently scored some points with country radio, and while not the best role-model, he is a model of what one can do in America. Up from the worst streets in Detroit to fame and stardom.

Let's be real, Mel Gibson, the Christian Right's current posterboy, was no choir boy in his youth (admitted multiple daliances, adultery and substance abuse). Bush himself was wayward once! Let's not pass judgment on Robert Richie that is what we fight against, people passing judgment on us.

So I say, I can't wait for Kid Rock to Rock the Inauguration! Now, JoJo, she scares me!

UPDATE: Maybe those planning the festivities have caved because now they are backpeddling (See Worldnet daily link)

UPDATE II: Apparently I am a 'Southpark conservative' per Michelle Malkin on her site today, because I say who cares about Kid Rock. Look, my reasons are simple. Religious conservatives are not the only members of this party, contrary to what we may want to believe, conservatives come from all walks, including the likes of Kid Rock. What he does for entertainment value sould not relegate him to the depths of slime. However, while not entirely a fan of his music, and certainly not his early cuts, I still admire a working class guy who makes it big albeit as a slut! Look, we need to represent all our faces as conservatives to stay on top. Perhaps rather than jump up and down because Kid Rock is playing, we should simply request that he keep it clean? He can, I've seen it. Just my 2Cents!

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Story of Faith in the US System of Government

Link to the title of this post to get the full story of the treatment received by a young international student studying at one of the US's less commendable institutions. Frontpage magazine, a champion of the Student's Bill of Rights helps to identify the evil liberal professors trying to brainwash our children!

This time, it also helps put into perspective how some in the Arab world feel about the United States. Bravo! Very good reading, enjoy!

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Liberals heart Terrorists!

Those wascally wiberals haven't learned anything from the trouncing they got in November. Today they are poised to come out against Judge Gonzales and in favor of the terrorists. Have they learned nothing???? The public does not want to see you coddle the terrorists! We do not want you to side with them, like them, understand them or champion them in any way. We want them dead, rid from the sea of humanity in which they have placed a stain. We want to ride herd over their dead bodies! WAKE UP!

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Demobrats at it again!

Click title to link directly to the Newsmax article wherein Oliver Stone cries about the fact no one watched his horrible portrayal of Alexander the Great:

American audiences' rejection of the terrible movie,
whose low point is Angelina Jolie as a Freudian mother
from hell vamping
with snakes while talking in a Natasha
Badenov accent, is a sign of "a
raging fundamentalism in morality,"
Stone complained in London.

Stone simply doesn't get it! I am not a fundamentalist, but I did not want to watch Alexander (a suppossed Greek) with a bad blonde die job, a bad accent, a penchant for boys, a slutty mother and an ill-conceived angst.

Stone is right, we don't know enough about Alexander the Great, so why stoop to slander then? Why create Alexander in Hollywood's mold? I do not think that Egyptians would appreciate it if you took King Tut and made him gay, or perhaps made Cleopatra a transvestite. Greeks did not, then, appreciate Hollywood's portrayal of Alexander. And then, of course, the paying public didn't want to watch a poorly conceived movie about him when better (and more family friendly) movies, Shrek 2 and Shark Tale for instance were out. Also, the History Channel did an excellent portrayal of Alexander so who needed to see Stone's movie? Not I.

It had nothing to do with my morality, I simply like historical fiction to have some historical reality. I have nothing against Alexander being gay, if it was true, Geez, Ben Franklin had syphilis, Queen Nefertiti (we think) masqueraded as a man and actually became Pharoah for a time, Bill Clinton is a rapist . . . truth is sometimes not pretty. What I disliked about Stone's is that the movie sucked. My colleagues who watched it came back with that review. So I didn't waste my time or my dime. I rented the unrated version of Girl Next Door instead, Very Funny!

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January 05, 2005

Check out Vessel Of Honour's Carnival of the Vanities

Hey, for some good laughs and good blogs, check out Vessel of Honour's Carnival of the Vanities where there is an excellent roundup of bloglicious offerings. Enjoy! (click the title to direct link!!)

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UN Theives

Ok, (hat-tip Quinn and Rose) the UN's spokes-asshead has actually said, in public mind you, that all the money contributed to the UN agencies and ear-marked for the Tsunami victims, "may not actually make it to the Tsunami vicitims."

The simple explanation for this is of course that Kofi and his lecherous kind hadn't gotten enough money through Oil for Food and so why not skim from the generosity of others while watching those poor asian peoples founder? (Ok, in all actuality he was refering to the fact that pledges are made but not always followed through . . . ahem. . . Germany, France)

And then these liberal mouthpieces get on tv and spout in Newspapers that Bush is trying to go over the UN's head with his coalition. Well gee, doesn't take a spacemonkey to know that the UN is looking for their take, by the by, have you seen any UN weenies on the ground? No, just US Marines. Have the UN Weenies dedicated any flying machines to the effort? No, just the US Navy. Have the Canadians sent DART? Nope, waiting on the US to fly em over. Is Kofi picking through trash and death to find survivors, anyone? anyone? Bueller? Nope again! Kofi is pursing his fingers together eyes arched waiting for the cash to roll in, Cha-Ching! (think Mr. Burns only eviler).

My money, and yes, I donated what I could, is actually going to make it to the victims. Go figure, you send money for help and, wait for it . . . IT HELPS SOMEONE!

PEOPLE! I am going to go all John Birch Society for a millisecond and say . . .


Better still kick those boot licking, scum sucking, sex peddling, money laundering, euroweenies out of our country!

Can I get an AMEN?

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January 04, 2005

Teen Charged with Crime After Causing Miscarriage

Hat-tip Drudge: (Hit title for direct link) So a young man faces criminal charges after he and his paramour decide to cause the spontaneous abortion of their baby. How is this possible? Did the girl state that this happened against her will? No, she was complicit. She wanted to get rid of her pregnancy. (she was 6 months pregnant) Last I heard, this was legal! Yes, abortion in its many forms is legal in the good ole US of A. We don't know why these two chose to cause this spontaneous abortion by baseball bat rather then travel to a clinic and have an actual medical procedure, but truly, what is the difference? Perhaps they didn't have the money, perhaps Michigan is a parental consent state (it is), whatever the motive, the outcome would have been the same, dead baby.

Why then, does this young person (and not the mother who was also complicit) face criminal charges? (Because the law is meant to protect the mother's right to chose!) The prosecutor should be ashamed. This flies directly in the face of all things pro-abortion. In fact, this sounds positively religious right!

What does this say to our young people? I will tell you what it says, it says you must pay hundreds of dollars that you do not have to have a legal miscarriage, but if you do it with a baseball bat, we are sending you to prison. It is a conspiracy hatched by pro-lifers to send pro-abortionists to jail! They are trying to take away the right to chose to get smacked in the tummy until the baby falls out! They are taking away the right to chose to use a coat hanger in a dark closet! The nerve.

But seriously folks, if this spontaneous abortion by baseball bat is a crime, so too then is the D&C procedure in a sanitary medical facility. And don't even get me started on partial birth abortion! The end result is the same. There was no illegal physical assault of the mother, she wanted to kill this child and the two of them succeeded swimingly.

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A little law from a football fan

Since I am a lawyer, and since I do want to occassionally post about the law, I thought it fitting to delve into the realm of trademark infringement!

You ask what has this got to do with football? Well, it is playoff season and my family's favorite teams are all in the playoffs. I was strolling through a local mall and happened upon a store bursting to the brim with all things (your favorite team here). Naturally, being a rabid pigskin fan, I went in to snoop around. What I saw was table after table of unlicensed NFL merchandise. Now, you may ask what is the harm? The harm is that teams and some players make money off the merchandise sold bearing their logo, name, stats or likenesses. Buying unlicensed merchandise is like taking money from their pockets.

Realizing that those pockets are already nicely lined you ask again, what's the harm? The harm is trademark infringement and dilution. Infringement is basically whether the good being sold is likely to cause confusion for a consumer (i.e. confusion about whether the product is an official NFL or player product). Dilution happens when someone's mark is famous and the sale of an unlicensed or unassociated product causes a blurring or tarnishment of the mark. (i.e. casting the mark in a unflattering way.) So if you buy that cheap, and I mean cheap, see through, knock-off Rams t-shirt at your local t-shirt store, it has tarnished the mark. It makes Rams t-shirts look cheap paving the way for a trademark dilution or infringement action. (not to be confused with products made by slave labor for very wealthy actors and which have nothing to do with this post - ahemm twin girls who shall remain nameless!)

This is really basic, but the cases can get very technical with sometimes large economic consequences. Because we all know that those big nasty Republican Corporations don't like to be messed with! But seriously, in the world of football, anyone who messes with football gets a world of hurt from NFL Players, Inc., the for-profit licensing arm of the NFL, who doesn't like a cent of its (I mean team and player money) going to anyone else. Trust me, they even, on occassion, attack retired players for trying to cash in (go ahead google them, you know you want to.)

Moral of the story is: Don't buy cheap knock-offs, they are ugly and poor little million dollar ball boy gets mad cause he didn't get his $1 from the sale!

If you sell this cheap crap, and the NFL Players, Inc. people descend upon you like a pack of wild dogs, google for a good trademark infringement lawyer, yer gonna need one!

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Serious Breaking Terrorism News

Per the ever Omnipotent Drudge! According to China News Daily (click title above to link direct)

Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, whom the US occupation authorities
declared to be the "target number one" in Iraq, has been arrested
in the city of Baakuba, the Emirate newspaper al-Bayane reported
on Tuesday referring to Kurdish sources. Al-Zarqawi, leader of the
terrorist group Al-Tawhid Wa'al-Jihad, was recently appointed the
director of the Al-Qaeda organisation in Iraq.

Let's hope this turns out to be true! Now if only we can score that wascally wabbit Bin Laden all would be keen in Bushie land!

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January 03, 2005

John Kerry Speaks

So, John Kerry speaks to the press about his vague plans for the future, the vague reasons for his loss and his vagueness.

He doesn't blame anyone (including himself) for the loss saying: They didn't lose the election, rather they just didn't win, and well, he thinks he can beat Hillary in 08.

Kerry also says he learned something from Al Gore, hopefully it wasn't how to unravel into a raving lunatic and put on 100 pounds in one year.

But seriously, does the junior senator from Mass. think that his good ole better half will stick around for a second run? Hell no. She is going to marry her a Jeb Bush so that she can get to the White House, no second best for Missy Miss.

Enough of John "sour puss" Kerry, find me someone new to pick on!

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Tampon Saves Marine's Life

Click the above title to read what a Houston Marine's Mom wrote regarding the amazing expansion capabilities of an ordinary tampon. An unintended female care-package sent to a marine in the field helped save the life of an injured marine.

In the after-holiday stuper that we all suffer this time of year, if you have a moment, send a thought or a gift to a soldier fighting for us out there!

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The Changing Face of the NRA

Click on the title to link into the news story from azcentral.com regarding the president-elect of the NRA. Replacing Chuck Heston is a no-nonsense legal beagle, who happens to be female. She wants to change the public perception of NRA members as "bubbas and rednecks." You go girl!

But, just for the record, I am a gun-toting redneck bubba who is not a member of the NRA . . . yet!

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January 01, 2005

A snippet of humor or as I like to call it, My Christmas Presents

I thought I would share with everyone my Christmas tale. Every year, my family asks me what I would like for Christmas, and every year I tell them that I do not need anything and that they needn't bother. Of course this leads to booing and hissing from the family unit. So this year, I made a list. A very comprehensive list. I gave it to all those persons who profess to be my loved ones. Thinking that this year I saved myself a trip to the store to buy the things on my list, I eagerly awaited Christmas morning.

While my family opened their gifts and oohed and ahhed over each package, I was left shaking my head. See, my family in their infinite wisdom chose not to honor my list in the least. In fact, I did not receive one gift off my list. Don't get me wrong, the fuzzy slippers were nice, too small, but nice. I also liked the picture frames sans pictures and the sorry excuse for a briefcase that I received (oh, and did I mention the towels?) My family got what they asked for from me. Geez! However, I had taken time out of my busy schedule to write a list, the least my loving family could do was buy me a copy of MASH Season 7.

The moral of this tragic story is of course to cease writing lists. No, not I, I intend to write the same list over and over and over again, until I receive at least one of the items on it from at least one of my so called loved ones.

While I realize that it isn't the gift but the thought, I also expected the family unit to put some thought into it! Perhaps next year I will tell them all, I dislike your thoughts, get me a BB gun!

Enough now! Happy New Year. Or as my young charge puts it, Happy Ear Ear!

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