December 31, 2004


I love it! can't wait until Jan. 5 so that I can watch a new episode. If you haven't yet checked it out! Park yer ass in front o' the tube on Weds. at 8 and watch very attentively!


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Those UN Weenies

So, Bush declares a Tsunami Aid Coalition and a bunch of UN weenies are crying because "they should go through an established agency like the UN." Why? so they can get their hands on the money earmarked as aid for the victims of the tsunami and skim theirs off the top? Not so fast!

Bushie recognized that those UN weenies are licking their lips just waiting for the money to come rolling in so they can skim their obligatory share off the top and (Kofi Annan's son can buy a new house) then pass the aid to the victims as if they were the generous ones.

Sorry, in just a couple of days, we stingy American's pledged and donated more money than the UN and other agencies like it have raised in one whole year. We donated directly because we recognize the UN's penchant for skimming off the top. We donated directly so that the aid would actually make it to the victims. We American's may be stingy but we are not dumb! We recognize the stonewalling and the fraud and theft going on behind UN walls and we won't be duped into providing for the lavish retirement of those UN weenies.

Am I wrong? let me know.

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December 30, 2004

Looking back on the year that was

Oddybobo's top ten significant and not so significant events of 2004

10. Assault Rifle Ban that didn't really Ban any assault rifles is finally lifted, meaning, well, nothing since assault rifles are still technically banned and the Ban didn't need to be in place since it banned a banned item? Does that operate as a double negative thus canceling said ban?

9. Michael Moore is exposed for the deceitful fat man he is by none other than a democrat! Go figure, Go Dick Morris!

8. Ray Charles died. :(

7. Liberals use any failure of theirs to decry the GOP: my movie tanked because of the Republicans, it takes me too long to get on a plane because of the Republicans, John Kerry lost because of those nasty Republicans!

6. We learned that all the Ketchup in the world couldn't buy Johnny the Presidency.

5. We learned that the MSM will never learn and while rallying behind Rather, they exposed themselves for the partisan hacks they really are.

4. The UN was finally exposed for being a lieing, lecherous, fraudulent, money laundering conglomerate of commie sympathizing cowards.

3. The left was finally exposed to the majority of free-thinking, moral, family loving American's for being a lieing, lecherous, fraudulent, money laundering conglomerate of commie sympathizing cowards.

2. We learned that with $250,000 and good weblogs behind you, one can derail a Presidential candidate! Congratulations to the honorable men involved with POW and Swiftboat Vets against Kerry.

1. President Bush is President Bush Again! "Excellent!" says I with fingers pursed together in a devious yet slightly errotic way!

Now, more seriously, the recent Asian Tsunami is not listed as number one because it is so incredibly mind-blowing everything else pales in comparison to it. However, as Bush is once again our President, you can rest assured that while he feels the pain of those in Asia he won't go on every MSM and cable network anouncing to the world the he indeed "feels their pain." In one very slight sentence, Bush does an end run around the UN and declares a lead position with other nations in the recovery and response efforts towards Asia, announcing his coalition was genious, and left those frauds at the UN wondering how they were going to get their lecherous hands on the funds earmarked for Asia! Go Bush!

Everyone, if there is anyone out there, have a safe and happy New Year. Oh, and just for fun, kiss a liberal at the stroke of midnight! With any luck they will turn to vapor "I'm melting, melting, melting!"

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Beware Charities Scamming for Political funds

Michelle Malkin linked to this interesting post by Geoffrey at Beyond Wallacia (hit the title of this post to link in directly). When checking out charities to help with the efforts in Asia post-Tsunami, be very careful. Research the charities you may be willing to donate to and also, be sure not to be suckered in to various direct marketing charities that may use your credit information for nefarious purposes.

While we probably all already know these things, I think it bears repeating as we review the desparate images coming out of Asia these last few days.

Happy New Year!

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Here I am in

Here I am in all my glory! Didn't know pups could type did ya? Well, we can! In fact, there is a book about Cows and ducks who type, and the cows want electric blankets . . . I digress. Happy New Year!
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New Precision Guided Humor Assignment: Boosting Osama's Ratings

In answer to the question "What can Osama Bin Laden do to make his next video tape more entertaining?" I submit:

As Osama's newest tape scored 0.0 with Neilson (hat tip: Harvey), my advice to Osama is to add one or more of the following:

1. scantily clad Bollywood dance routine
2. scantily clad Britney dance routine
3. scantily clad Ashlee Simpson lip synch routine
4. scantily clad Janet Jackson/Timberlake routine with appropriate wardrobe malfunctions.

In the event that these do not score points with the viewers, a William Hung Christmas song impersonation would likely do the trick.

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Tsunami efforts

I created this blog because I was lost in comment-land and wanted to air my musings without restrictions. Today, (much like the entire bloggosphere) I am going to rant about the Tsunami efforts, specifically, the inane attitude of the Sri Lankan government toward the ready, willing and able bodies which Israel had intended to send to help with the recovery efforts. As we know, Sri Lanka is a primarily muslim country, and of course, muslim's (at least those fanatical ones) are charged with eliminating Jews. Perhaps those poor desperate Sri Lankan's would make Allah angry if they accepted much needed assistance from, gasp . . . a Jew! Ask those affected, I can guarantee that they would want that Jew, American, Japanese, Korean, whoever to help them locate, dead or alive, the bod(ies) of their loved ones.

But here is a picture I cannot erase from my mind, I think it was on one of the internet news links (when I am better at this blogging thing, I will link direct). It was a picture of a church built by some Portugese men who were rescued from the Ocean, it remained completely untouched by the sea when all around it was destruction, that simple picture spoke volumes! Perhaps this is God's way of saying enough. Take a look at ourselves. Nuf said!

Feel free to comment, I will be posting more later, and welcome to my new blog!

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