April 27, 2009


Today is my Grandma's 84th Birthday.

She has been my champion and my friend my entire life. When no one - not my parents, my peers or my teachers understood me - she was there. She didn't pretend to understand me, she just loved me and she'd bake that extra special spice cake that I loved, just for me.

When my son was born it was as if she got a second life. She was young again. She is his favorite grandma. They are fast friends.

My gram is 84. . . . today. And yesterday she was admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pains. She is 84 and when you are 84 and admitted to the hospital, no matter how healthy you were, you change. They don't know what is wrong but she hasn't had anything to eat or drink in about 4 days. It is likely a bowel obstruction or a bowel disease. . . . today is her birthday.

I've already thrown my weight around at the hospital as they've not kept her informed. They have no idea who they are dealing with. I know exactly how and when to throw around my weight ;)

So, think good thoughts. I love you Gramma. Happy Birthday.

Here she is with the Boy.


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April 20, 2009

Meet Remington!

This is my new baby. He is 9 months old and 87.2 pounds. He is a lover. 1/2 St. Bernard and 1/2 lab - all lap dog. He is mess here. I've got to get better pictures.

But, you can see how big he is.

09 013.jpg

09 015.jpg

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April 13, 2009

Ching Chong . . .

OK. . . so, have you heard about Texas Representative Betty Brown who said that Asian-American's should change their names so that they were "easier for Americans to deal with"? I'm guessing so that they were easier to pronounce?

She later apologized - but I think she misses the point. Asians - and fuck off! I am one . . . - Asians are all too ready to cow-tow to what a White American asks them to do. Seriously.

You want call me Mista Kim? That ok . . . but my name is Mrs. Choi. . . .pronounced Chae. We take it on the chin cause . . . well that's what our mothers teach us. "Be humble, be quiet, be subservient." "listen, don't speak up." Please.

Obviously, something got lost in the translation with me. . . I blame it on my white parent *snicker.*

But a representative suggesting that Asians should change their names because American's can't pronounce them? Seriously? Has anyone told Shaniquaniqua that she should change her name cause I can't pronounce . . . or let's face it . . . spell it? And don't even get me started on my mama . . . she can't pronounce those names - plus . . . seriously . . . she calls Uzi's "woozies" so pronounciation isn't her strong suite. No one has told Uniquashantiskazi that she should change her name - No. Cause she's black. Yep! I said it.

My mama changed her name when she became a U.S. citizen for two reasons - everyone either mispronounced her name or they called her Kim - her family name. Oh, and then there were those that just called her Kim because they think everyone from Korea is named Kim. So, she changed her name to . .. wait for it! . . . Kim.

Easier no? So, I have this to say to Ms. Betty Brown. . . it is easy to stand on a stool and preach prejudice while blinking innocently and claiming misunderstanding. . . especially with a white-bread name like Betty Brown. Oh, and sweetheart - a little less make-up does wonders . . .Wouldn't you like to have nice skin like us Asians, Ms. Brown? Trust me . . . a little goes a long way . . . Have a nice day, and don't choke on that eggroll I'm sure you'll eat for a "see I love Asians" photo-op.

And for the love of all that is holy - Republicans - shut up! you are just proving the points libtards have been trying to make about you . . .I'm almost ashamed to call myself conservative . . . of course I've never asked someone to White-up their name so I can pronounce it either . . . so there's that . . .

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April 09, 2009

He's 6 and He Speaks!

As heard in my livingroom:

me: I really want to see that new Star Trek Movie.

him: Mommy, that's cause you are a geek.

me: *blink*

It is so true . . . but then again . . . Chris Pine - totally doable.

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April 04, 2009

Too Cool For School!

Too Cool.jpg

Seriously! Too Cool no?

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April 02, 2009

Room Mother

Rant on . . .

Can I tell you how much I HATE the PTO moms? Seriously. (If you are a PTO mom and I know you? - this doesn't include you.)

I hate school fundraisers. The products are crap. The prices are unreasonably expensive and they do them two and three times a year.

My son is in Kindergarten as you all well know. He had a fall fundraiser in which I grudgingly participated. He also has had a spring fundraiser.

With the spring fundraiser of crap they sent home a glossy folder with all the "prizes" you can win for selling.

Well, there was much whining and gnashing of teeth. "We have to sell this many to get this toy . . . etc . . . etc . . ."

Did I mention he is in Kindergarten? Thus all about the toys? Well. I was not happy to say the very least. I refuse to be a salesperson for my child's school. He goes to public school. I will not take that crap into the office and try to sell it. So, I will buy what is necessary myself. Of course, that number gets inflated as the glossy color photo spread of "prizes" is waived about.

Let's just say that my temper got the best of me and I wrote a "note" to the PTO regarding the crap they want me to sell for my child - because again, he is in Kindergarten and there will be no door to door sales in bum-f&cked egypt where we live.

The "note" reiterated my disgust at the crap they send home. I, oh so gently, suggested where they could stick it. In addition, I suggested they tell me how much they need from my kid for the stuff the PTO supplies. . . you know . . . my share. I'll gladly pay my kid's share and a couple other kid's shares. They'd get all the money instead of just a portion and I don't have to sell crap.

They will look into the opt-out for next year - I am told.

So, today was pick-up day. I got three hours of sleep last night . . . you know where this is going? I pick up my crap only to learn that the glossy prize folder? didn't apply to sales of candy - only to sales of the junk. What did we buy? Candy. So, at 8:45 a.m. I had a crying 6 year old wondering why . . . if mommy bought so much candy . . . all he got was a fucking balloon?

So! Being ever considerate and polite, I asked the fucking twit working in the PTO room that very question. Her curt and annoyed reply was - "sales of candy did not apply"

BUT WAIT ONE COCK-SUCKING MINUTE! They didn't tell us that . . . it wasn't in the materials, it wasn't on the letter home . . . it wasn't on the folder with the glossy pictures of cheap-ass prizes my little one was yearning to "earn."

So I told them again where they could stick it and I told them to make note of my name. If my kid gets this crap sent home with him again, I will see to it that my dog shits in their front yard.

Had I not been holding the hand of my crying 6 year old and a box of candy that didn't "earn" him anything . . . I'd have punched the hole who told me "your son did earn something - he gets assemblies and weekly readers and field trips . . ." Seriously, I would have punched her. I would have made sure to show her how far up her ass she could stuff her weekly readers.

Ok. Rant off.

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