January 31, 2007

Tossing and turning

Once this new challenge that I've set up for myself is over, perhaps I'll get a little sleep.

Lord knows I'm not now. I'm worried about everything . . . But, wanted to thank all my readers for their support. I will keep you posted on how things go.

Oh, and if you are looking for something posted here the last few days, they are gone. Sorry.

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January 24, 2007

Diet Update

I've lost 7 pounds since I decided to get healthy! (Three weeks ago)

Yay me!

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January 22, 2007


Ok, I've been memed again. . . this time by Richmond!

1. My: Youve heard the saying Id give my right arm for. So, what would you give your right arm for?

I like Richmond's answer and will, therefore, steal it . . . but if I had to give my right arm for something other than peace in the middle east, it'd be for my baby. I'd give anything for him.

2. Me: Whats one word that describes how you want people to see you?


3. Meme: If you could be any blogger, which blogger would you be? and why?

Everyone has their own voice. I'd not want to be anyone but myself. Nor, could I imagine anyone wanting to be me.


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January 16, 2007

A Rare Day Home

Since I had a rare day off yesterday - Thank you Dr. King - I let the Boy decide what we would do.

First stop? Arby's for lunch and then The Children's Museum. We played in the art studio, we played in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and we climbed things, built boats and caught parachutes. It was a lot of fun. Still having a little time in the day, we found our selves at the National Aviary.

The Boy is quite a pistol. He told me that I could ask him any question about the birds as he knew all the answers because - wait for it - he worked there.

So, he introduced me to the "Scarlett Macaws" the "Toucan Sams" the "Owlets" and the "Eagles" with precision. He pays close attention to those around him and then bursts forth with a "Mom! This is a Macaw . . ." He has such a wonderful imagination.

He even held a Mealworm out for a bird to swoop down and eat up as a snack. He was much impressed. Lastly, he held a piece of grape in his had for a prestigious and very regal looking pheasant to nibble - The Great Argus Pheasant. The Boy was thrilled.

He was not done, however. We capped the afternoon off with a trip to the Cinema 8 where we watched Happy Feet. I thought it was cute, too preachy for my tastes, but cute. The dancing was adorable. The Boy was very happy with the movie choice and the chance to eat movie popcorn and drink slushies.

By the time I turned out of the parking lot of the mall, he had fallen asleep. But, he was up when we got home and spent the rest of the night - until 11 pm!! watching the Golden Globes with me and telling me which actress had the prettier dress and who talked funny in between my reading of the Rainbow Fish and a couple power ranger, action figure fights.

All in all, it was a lovely day. We had a very active and imagination filled afternoon. Memories. That was the word for the day!

How was your weekend?

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If you've any prayers to share, send some up for a friend. I met Walrilla in Texas last year and he is just a sweetheart!

He recently had a leg amputated in an emergency and needs some thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

We are pulling for you Walrilla, get well soon!

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January 12, 2007

Daddy's Day

Today is my daddy's birthday. I've written before about how great my dad is so I won't repeat that here today, but I wanted to say this, I've made some observations about dear old dad recently:

He was the first man I ever loved;

He could move mountains as far as I was concerned;

He built the best ice houses and straw forts;

He was stern yet loving;

He was a teacher and friend;

He was the best at everything,

He could fix anything,

He made the best french toast in the world;

When he took you for ice cream the whole world's problems melted away;

He could make up a song at the drop of a hat and you'd sing it for the rest of the summer;

He found the best road trip destinations;

He always had an extra dollar for a treat;

He had a smile that could light a room;

And you could always count on him.

Now. These were observations I made when I was a wee girl. Now that I am grown, I see he isn't perfect. We have had our disagreements and we have had our knock down drag out fights, but one thing has never changed, make that two:

I know he loves me and he'd give his life to see me happy; and you can still count on him (I guess that is three).

When it comes down to it, the measure of a man isn't his size, his muscles, his intelligence, his job, it is how well he treats and loves his family and how well they love him. It is in the respect he's given for proving that his family is his most important asset and demands his attention and responsibility. It is the imprint he leaves in his grandchildren and the smiles on their faces in his presence.


My dad. Happy Birthday. May you stay healthy and live long. Thank you for being the first man I ever loved!

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January 10, 2007

Rant Alert!

What makes women so petty and mean? Seriously. I joined a community weightloss program to get my body and my spirit into a better me. I've tried everything on my own and now I'm looking for help and support. I also may seek medical help as I believe my weight is affected by my medication and an unknown illness.

Anyway, the women I met? In one word-Nasty! Seriously. I am not a whiner, but to my "I'd like some inspiration or support" comment I got, "if you haven't done it by now you won't"; "this isn't a pity party, quit whining"; "I'm fat boo hoo", etc. These women were off the chain. Nasty for no reason but to be nasty. Oh - and they were fugly too *snort*.

Now, I've been fatty mcfatty pants for a very long time. I've always been the "big" girl. I was cute and thinner in my younger years - but never skinny.
I've done yo-yo dieting, taken diet pills, even had an eating disorder for several years. So my goal is to take a healthy approach to weightloss in the hopes that if I lose enough weight, maybe I'll be in a position to have another child. Right now I'm not at a healthy weight.

I've seen nastiness, here in the sphere, out on the street, hell I snark during fashion shows and the oscars too, but these women, seriously the nasties abound. These women who have had success at shedding a few pounds seem to think they have license to snark at those of us who have not. That's nice for them, but bragging rights - they don't have.

I've had it with fembots and their petty crap. On an intellectual level, the women I met at this community thing have about as much to offer me as lettuce. I think I'll skip the "inspiration and support" the community thing has to offer and go online to weight watchers where I've had success in the past.

Perhaps it is me. I do hate people after all. But they are so necessary in my evil plot to take over the world.

Rant over.

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January 09, 2007

Do You Carry?

Richmond answered a question asked by Eric - do you carry a knife? Why and why not?

Richmond's got herself a pretty little knife - I usually have a pocket knife in my bag somewhere. There is one in the glove box and I have a utility tool in my fire gear.

But, what I usually don't leave home without has a bit more firepower.


This one is almost always with me somewhere. When it is not, I've got a 9mm or my Lady Smith .38 with me.

I've been remiss lately, most have stayed home as I only travel to and from work, but, the girls need to go for a spin - or maybe they need a new buddy . . . Hmmmm.

So, to echo Richmond and Eric's questions . . . What do you carry?

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January 08, 2007

Useless Knowledge

If given an endless supply of feed, a horse will eat until it dies.

A pig, on the otherhand, eats when it is hungry, and tries hard not to shit where it eats.

So, why do we say that a glutton "eats like a pig"? Discuss.

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January 05, 2007

Can I get some pork here?

Ok, so I've been round the sphere checking out what people did for New Year's day from Black Eyed Peas to Turnip Greens. And all the colors of the rainbow.

Here in Hunky-land - (for those not in the know - slang for eastern european) we eat sauerkraut and kielbasa. Not just any kielbasa mind you - but Wasilewski's which here in the western wilds of PA is like gold (well, to me anyway). So, on New Year's day, here in the house of Bobo we had kielbasa and kraut.

Not to be forgotten, another favorite - pierogis - dough pockets filled with mashed taters and sometimes cheese, fried in butter and onions!!! Yep. Kielbasa, kraut, pierogis and some pumpkin pie for dessert. Cause, well, gotta have pie.

Now, lest you ask yourself - why is a half-slant eyed bobo eating hunky food? Well, my fine friends, that would be because my husband is German/Slovak (cause he couldn't pass the test for Polak) and my granny is Polish. (My gramps was Irish.) So, we have hunky blood running through our veins - hence the kraut, pierogis and kielbasa.

But, I'm more asian than anything else so while New Years is a big day here - Lunar New Year is bigger.

Now, the spread for Lunar New Year would knock your socks off - and I'm already planning. Lunar New Year's eve - clean house! That is to figuratively sweep the old dust away to make way for the new year. Lunar New Year's day, pay respects to mom and dad and granny - hopefully they will give out money cause well, that is what elderly asians do on New Year's day - throw "lucky money" at the younguns.

Then, we will eat korean namul-or side dishes, marinated meats - yummmmmy, korean dumplings - pan fried to perfection for prosperity in the new year; Noodles for luck; fruit for sweetness, and various other foods for health such as rice cake soup-so that we can all turn a year older, and rice and seaweed rolls. Not to be forgotten is a tradition we have created in the house of bobo, though not Chinese, we also have home-made eggrolls. Cabbage for luck.

Roll all that up with some fireworks to ward off evil spirits (really a Chinese tradition) - and the year of the Pig should be a very lucky one indeed.

So, though not till February 18 - this New Year's greeting still fits:

Say hay boke maneh padusayo - "Many New Year's blessings to you!"

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January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year. Now it is back to the grind.

So, to start off this shortened week, here is a picture of the Boy and his new guitar!

christmas 2006.jpg

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