January 26, 2009

Say Hay Bok Manee Padu Saeyo!

Happy New Year. Today is the first day of the year of the Ox. It will be a year to make sound decisions.

Also, today is "Hug an Asian Day" per Facebook. So hug your favorite Asian today ;)

Lastly, for those that watched, I was on My Big Redneck Wedding, though you probably could not see me as it moved too fast. The easiest scene to see me in was the scene right after the tow truck takes Pangels' truck to the mud pit and there are people walking. I am behind the old lady pushing a stroller. I am wearing a white tank top and blue jeans and walking next to someone wearing bluejean coveralls. It is a blink and you will miss me moment. I am also in the front row of the guests during the actual vows . . . and though you can't see me, I am in the back seat of the fire truck when it first pulls in to pick the ladies up and take them to the "Git'er Done Chapel." I'm in a couple other spots, but unless you have slow-mo, you won't see me. It was sad. I know. Let this be said though, we are redneck in these parts. The happy couple is what we rednecks refer to as trailer trash. So there is that. . .

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January 23, 2009

Redneck Wedding

Fo those of you in the know . . . Country Music Television (CMT) is airing the third episode of season three of My Big Redneck Wedding - tomorrow . . .

Set your DVRs folks . . . you may catch a glimpse - though hopefully fleeting . . . of me. . . (check the fire truck and the first row of the guests for the wedding . . .)


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January 12, 2009

Minja Training

He's in training and I'd say it is coming about nicely. . .

He felled the beast (my dad) . . .

To all my enemies, look out! The minja's gonna getcha.

minja in training.JPG

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January 11, 2009

More Snow

And today? We tried out the snowskate which is like a skateboard deck for the snow, no wheels, no bindings, smaller and far more dangerous than a snowboard . . . so of course the boys here wanted one.

Snow 09 025.jpg

and then he fell . . .

Snow 09 022.jpg

His form was good, his balance, not so much. But fun was still had.

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January 10, 2009

First Real Snow

So it snowed today, the first real snow of the season. And the boy was itching to get out there. And fun was had. Can you tell?

Snow 09 001.jpg

Snow 09 003.jpg

Snow 09 005.jpg

Snow 09 007.jpg

Snow 09 017.jpg

Don't you sometimes wish you were five again?

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January 04, 2009

Gone Schooling

I am at school. Trial school. And I am having a good time. It would be better if my computer were cooperating but it is not and I cannot get on the interwebs except on my blackberry. Also, I am bored in the evenings despite this being tons of work. We are quite isolated. Good thing there are 2! Hotties in my class!

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