July 28, 2009

Crossing lines

Lines have been crossed, trusts broken . . . It is interesting the perspective you get in the morning.

I've done some of the line crossing myself . . . But again .. . perspective. It is all about perspective.

Sorting things out is a nasty business, a lot like opening old wounds. . .

Think I'll sort over here in the corner where I won't bother anyone. Forgive me if I text you something incoherent . . . that'd be the vodka talking ;)

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July 24, 2009

A Progression

Clearly not a secret that I have been feeling out of sorts. But today? Today I got up and decided that I was going to feel good - if only for a moment.

I showered, put on a pretty dress, I smell good. I look good. I am treating myself to a massage this evening.

I am also treating myself to a nice long drive. I am kidless and husbandless tonight and so I may just drive and drive. (If I end up in NJ? I'm totally turning around though . . . just saying . . .)

I've got a load of things to sort out, not least of which is my current addiction to self-loathing. One piece at a time right?

Anyway, I hope you all feel as good as I look right now. . . seriously, I look good. The girls are in the right place, the hips are minimized, the legs are brown and sparkly . . . the hair is near perfect and not a blemish on my face. Today? today I can stop traffic, if I do pat myself on the back for that one ;)

Have a good weekend ya'll. Hopefully when I come back from it, it will be with a better outlook on life. If not? It'll be with a bottle or two of vodka! ;)

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July 19, 2009

A New Chapter

Have you ever been so disappointed . . . so depressed . . . so out of sorts that you have done something that you should immediately regret?

Did you regret it? What if once it is done . . . you can't go backwards and you can't stop what you've put in motion. What if you don't want to.

Or how about, have you ever had two of your closest friends share news with you that should make you proud, happy and joyous . . . yet all you want to do is cry . . . vomit . . . run away. Because your life is turning into a nightmare you can't get out of . . .

Did you ever just want to get away from everything? Pull the blinds and hide for days?

Did you ever think of sacrificing everything for a moment of peace, silence and calm?

Me neither . . . ya . . . me neither right?

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