June 06, 2007

ER Update

Now that I am calmer, I will elaborate on the stitches. Since the Boy got four stitches about 1 month ago, I didn't want to take him to the same ER for fear of too many questions. That was my first mistake.

My second mistake was taking him to a Hospital which in my mind I thought was the better hospital.

The third mistake was not questioning why no x-ray of the boy's eye socket was performed, as if you saw him you would think something was likely broken. Well, I can fix that here is the before:


So anyway, where was I? Oh yes.

They put topical anesthesia on his face for the stitches. I kept asking if his face was numb and he kept saying no. Thinking he knew not of which he spoke was my fourth mistake.

The doc, fresh from med school and calling himself "Dr. Dave" was my fifth mistake. Seriously, when he walked in and told my four year old - "I'm going to put some special bandaids on your boo-boo" I should have asked for a different doc. or I should have said, the Boy knows we are here for stitches on his cut! I don't talk to him like a tiny baby. The whole special bandaid thing just confused him.

The doc. stitched him and the boy cried, a real cry. I knew at that moment that it hurt him. So what does Dr. Dave the wonder doc do? He straps my baby to a "papoose board" so he won't squirm and then starts again. Before sticking the needle into my baby's head, he said, "when I did this last time did it hurt?" My panic stricken boy looks at me first with a look that screamed "is this guy an idiot" and with wide eyes he shook his head yes. Now comes my sixth, seventh and eigth mistakes: Dr. Dave the wonder doc gets out the shot form of anesthetic and proceeds to poke and prod the boy inside the cut *makes me squirm too* He of course is screaming bloody murder but can't move because the Wonder doc has strapped him down. I believe the doc hurt him more with those pokes than the whole ordeal put together as he was now bleeding a lot, crying a lot and screaming a lot.

Well, I looked at wonder doc and bit my tongue and said to him curtly, "finish quickly".

With that, wonder doc only put in two of the requisite three stitches and said "that will do, you can go". I yanked the now bleeding but stitched boy out of the papoose board and gave him a hug as he whispered, "take me home NOW!"

My ninth mistake was not giving wonder doc the boy-child a piece of my mind.

I will not be back at that ER, not for the boy. The last ER gave him a boo-boo bear, a popsicle and stickers. This one gave him pain and more pain and finished it off with a side of pain.

He is good though and will live, but he is not as proud of these stitches as he was of his last set. These ones were not pleasant.

So, after the ordeal, we got ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery, we got a cool toy at Toys R Us and we snuggled and watched tv till 10. But seriously, I hope he waits for more than a month before needing stitches again!

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June 05, 2007


Well, we spent the entire afternoon in the ER.

Two stitches this time! The boy ran into a doorknob! He is a doorknob!

He is ok though. So, I'm recording it here for posterity.

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