November 30, 2006

Ten and Counting

When I was 17, I was working in a video store, one of the many jobs I held down at the time. My little sister was sleeping with this sleezy guy from a town over and he had come in to see her. He brought this guy with him. I couldn't stand him. The two of them came into the store a couple times more and with the help of some gifted jelly beans, the guy and I became friends. We were married three years later and the rest, they say, is history.

So I'd like to say Happy Anniversary to my Hubby, without whom I'd feel as if I was missing an appendage. I love you. Thank you for ten wonderful (and interesting) married years. Here's to many more.

Ahh, but you didn't think I'd leave you without giving you all an idea of who my hubby is did you? Here are some of the reasons I'm privileged to be married to him:

He laughs at my pathetic attempts at jokes;
He holds me when I'm sick;
He makes me dinners - one only sees in restaurants;
He eats Korean food;
He's my mom's favorite person;
He lets me pick food off his plate;
He eats food I can't or won't eat off my plate;
He shares his beer with me since I can't drink much anymore;
He feigns surprise and disgust when I miss a question on Jeopardy;
He holds my hand when we are driving or walking somewhere;
He tells me he loves me every day;
He calls me at least twice a day to let me know he has been thinking about me;
He clears a path in the snow for me so I won't get snow in my shoes;
He starts my car when it's cold outside;
He cuts my grandma's grass cause she's 82;
He plays with my hair when he thinks I'm sleeping;
He dances in the kitchen with me when no one is looking;
He overlooks my obsessive internet spending habits!;
He worries about me when I'm driving home at night;
He kisses me everyday;
He always makes me laugh;
He loves me even though I'm fat;
He supports my every endeavor;
He shares all the responsibilities with me;
He followed me to Philly when I went to college;
He gave me a beautiful son; and
He accepts me for me - flaws and all.

Oh sure, he steals the covers and makes fun of me when I can't find my keys, but he loves me. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the momentary look of horror on his face as I came tumbling down the hill after bailing off the quad this weekend. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes I wonder how deeply he cares. Of course, he told me he was just worried about the quad - but I know better.

I'm also always amazed that he can even stand to be married to me - I can't even stand to talk to myself in the mirror. When we married, people told him that it wasn't a good match - that he'd feel intimidated by me or over shadowed - see, I'm an Ivy Leaguer and he didn't finish college. I work with the high-brow crowd and he's blue collar. But, he isn't intimidated by me or my successes. He doesn't care and neither do I. I couldn't be prouder of him and his accomplishments - He cooked for the Pope after all!

I couldn't be married to a white collar business man or doctor or lawyer - he couldn't be married to the ninnies he works with either. We are a good match and always have been. He doesn't envy me nor do I look down on him. We don't try to change one another and we are always supportive - we work well together.

Oh, and he makes up cheesy, and tacky songs when we road trip, and sings them to me to howls of laughter!

So, ten years ago today, at 1:30 p.m.- his buddies had a moment of silence for him, and I was married to this goofball, in a wedding gown I bought the night before, by the preacher who baptised my daddy, and the goof stuck around. Who'da thunk it?

Here we are, in all our naive glory. Man, I wish I was that size again . . . Happy Anniversary Baby, I'll let you buy dinner tonight!


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November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Recap

Well, Thanksgiving was a success. We had a wonderful meal, spent time with family and relaxed. Wow, "relaxed" is a word I can't say I use very often.

On Black Friday, my mom and I braved the hordes and did the 5 am shopping - for ourselves!

On Saturday, I took my Grams shopping and she completed her Christmas shopping. Then we went to hubby's best friend's home for a dessert party. The hubby made a Pumpkin Cheesecake Creme Caramel. YUMMY! That is all I can say.

On Sunday we saw my nephew for a few and then the hubby and I got out the quads and the helmets for some trail fun. All was going smoothly until we got to a 10 foot drop off which was riddled with ruts. Hubby made it down ok, my quad started to tip forward after hitting a rut about 1 foot deep and I bailed. My hubby sat at the bottom a little startled for he had seen me inch toward the drop, turned to pull forward and when he turned around, I was rolling end over end down the hill with the rider-less quad coming toward him. In the process of the bail, I hit a stump and I've a nasty bruise to show for it. Nothing like eating dirt on a quad ride - I'll tell ya.

So, I spent quality time with the hubby, quality time with the boy and quality family food time. It was a wonderful weekend. As an added treat, I'm posting the following pics:


Thanksgiving 001.jpg


Thanksgiving 002.jpg


Thanksgiving 003.jpg


Thanksgiving 005.jpg


Thanksgiving 007.jpg

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November 22, 2006

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving tomorrow - I did not want to lose sight of what the Holiday is about. It isn't just Turkey and dressing and pie - though that is huge at my house! It is about being thankful for what you have. So, in no short order I am thankful for the following:

1. My family - the love of my life and the joy of my life, my husband and son;

2. My job - without which my love and joy and me would be out on our collective fannies in the cold;

3. My health and the health of my family - we have issues, sure, but overall we boast good health and God has blessed us; and

4. My friends, internet friends included - Some of my dear friends have lost a lot this year, yet still can be thankful for each other - those friends have taught me strength and courage and continue to hold a dear place in my heart, I'm thankful for them. Others are there when I need an ear, a lending hand or a kind word, for you - and you know who you are - I am thankful. Others take my place when I can't be the best mom or wife - they care for my family, feed my husband when I can't make it home and generally love and support us, for you - I am thankful!

That sums it up in part anyway, how about you? What are you thankful for? I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving - I'll eat a piece of pie just for you *wink*.

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November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving part deux

Well, now that I got my angst-filled mental scream out - let me explain.

I do have twelve people total for Thanksgiving. This includes my core group. Of the twelve, my son will be the only child. Why? Because my sister has decided she doesn't want to be part of our family anymore, and thus has decided that her son cannot be part of our lives either.

Which brings me to why I'm hosting Thanksgiving. She usually does the hosting, but having decided she'd rather spend time with drug dealers and the like, well, I'm stuck with the job.

The group includes, this year for the first time, my inlaws. Yay. Also, included are my "aunt" and my cousin who now lives with us.

The kimchi, comes into play because, well, because I'm 1/2 korean. We have kimchi all the time and at this particular time, I have it in abundance.

Ok, now, my "aunt" is not really my aunt at all. When my mom moved to Western Pa with my dad in January 1977, she didn't speak much English and I was not quite 1. Obviously, she didn't know many people aside from our immediate family. Shortly after moving here, she met Un Hwa. Un Hwa and her three children lived nearby. Her husband lived in Korea, cause he couldn't get a job as a preacher here - so he went back.

For the last 29 years, my mom and Un Hwa have been friends. The only two Koreans in my school district. She's been a part of the family. My dad did odd jobs for her - he was fixit man, chauffer and friend as her English is not so good either.

Last year, as you many have read, my mother's Sister came to visit and her visit ended with a trip that I took a trip to Korea. While here in the States, she and Un Hwa began to talk - they are more close in age than my mom and Un Hwa. They discovered they were from the same extended village destroyed 55 years ago during the war.

That cannot be! Only relatives are from the same village. So, more conversations, more memories, more names were discussed, and lo and behold, we are related! Distantly, as someone from Un Hwa's family married someone from my Grandmother's family - so a distant cousin of a cousin . . . Hmpf.

For 30 years my mom and Un Hwa have been friends - like sisters. To think, that all this time they were actually distant relatives was phenomenal.

This Thanksgiving, Un Hwa will be with us as she is most holidays. She and my mom enjoy kimchi with every meal, even turkey. We will have, among the other dishes upon my table, a dish of kimchi, possibly some seaweed and rice as well. It is a pretty dish, and will likely compliment the table. My worry is that my in-laws, may not be so fond of it. Specifically my f-i-l who despises all things Korean (likely including my family) - he was stationed there for 2 years with the Army and likes to remind us that it was a miserable time for him.

Luckily Un Hwa's English is still not that good after all these years. Or, better still, she and my mom can tell each other what an ass he is in Korean.

So, this Thanksgiving I'm starting a new tradition. Thanksgiving will be in my home, and everyone is welcome. The menu doesn't change much through the years, but here it is:

-Brined and herb roasted turkey
-red-skinned smashed potatoes and gravy
-classic sweet potato casserole
- a roasted vegetable (tbd)
-baked ham
-tossed salad
-pumpkin pie

Pretty well-rounded. I may even throw some other things in there too. Who knows.

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November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving angst

I have 12 people coming for Thanksgiving and this is my list of angst-driven problems:

A. My table only seats 8!

B. Is a 23 pound turkey enough? I got a 10 pound ham just in case.

C. Will two pumpkin pies feed these monkeys?

D. Who is going to help me clean my house?

E. When am I going to clean my house?

F. You want me to stuff what - where?

G. Will my other guests like kimchi with their turkey?


One week - 7 days - till Thanksgiving!

Oh and for some added fun read Harvey's fun facts about PA!

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November 13, 2006


To one of my dearest blog-buddies, Happy Birthday.

To all of you out there in bloggy land - go wish Richmond a happy birthday.

Oh, and Rich, since I'm not there to bake you a pie, this will have to do as a gift!


*stolen shamelessly from this year's hot firemen calendar*

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November 12, 2006

It has been decided!

Navy was the first to reach goal of $45,000.00. The Marines pulled out a late night charge and surpassed everyone in donations - obviously assisted by the Navy!

But, what we have all been waiting for? The results of Michelle's contest. Who will win Michelle's favors?

The tally is complete, the official vote count was entered into our supersecret computer.

And the winner is:

AIR FORCE, by a late night upset! Wow! It was Army for a long time, but it is Air Force by 1/2 a vote. 1/2 because RSM split his vote early on in the contest. Otherwise, there would have been a tie between Army and Airforce. Seriously man, you couldn't write two comments? Sheesh! Go Airforce. I always loved a man who could fly!

Now, there will be no whining. I am the official arbiter! If your guys didn't win, it is because you didn't vote early and often! Be prepared for next year . . .

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November 11, 2006

A Hallowed Veterans' Day

I've been away at a conference since Thursday, but wanted to take the time to thank a veteran. In fact, I would like to thank them all.

To those that made the ultimate sacrifice, to those that sacrifice still, to those that served in the great armed forces that protect me and mine:

Happy Veterans' Day. It is because of you that we are safe.

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November 07, 2006

Have you made a donation yet?

That's right, I'm going Navy . . . I can't resist a man in uniform, but since the Marines are adequately covered, the Army's Strong and the Air Force is looking down on us, I'm going Navy.

Also, for those of you in the know, you know I've a soft spot for my Navy cousin/foster kid. He makes me proud.

So, go out there and give, anything will help. A little, a lot - anything. Valour-IT is a wonderful project to aid our men and women who have made such sacrifices on our behalfs. No matter what team you choose, know it is for a wonderful cause!

Now, get out there and donate!

And so you can see how it's going:

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November 06, 2006

Pie's the Word!

Ok, so you all know I was at Richmond's this past weekend. Let me tell you, what a wonderful woman.

We had been talking about this meeting for some time. Finally! I was on my way to Richmond's with Boy in tow. I alight from Midway, hop in a ride and drive the toll-polluted highways of Illinois until I arrive at my destination - Wisconsin. Land O' Cheese. *which I forgot to buy!*

I am greeted at the door by a simply lovely woman and the sweet smell of potato soup. MMMMMM. At this point I also meet Mom and Pop. Talk about fabulous parents! Richmond and her clan are so lucky to have them.

You may recall, Richmond's dad had a birthday recently and it was revealed that he loved pie - pumpkin to be exact. I made a promise that day to "so make him a pie" and so I did. Two of them.

They were yummy. They could have been even better, but I didn't time them - I sorta just cooked till it looked right! *snicker, snicker*

Anyway, I was privileged to spend the afternoon conversing with Richmond's mom and dad. I think I bragged a bit too much about myself - you know, cause I never get enough of talking about myself *groan*, cause next thing I know, the room empties. . . oh wait . . . my ego is safe for now! The room emptied because Richmond's fabulous hubby brought in steaks hot off the grill! Yummy, palate-pleasing steaks. Richmond knows how to entertain!

Where was I? Oh, Richmond's hubby is a handsome quiet man who knows his way around a grill! And her girls? The most "cutimous" girls. They really were sweet to my Boy and he, I am sure, had a secret crush on the oldest. When we left on Friday evening, he told the girls "Goodbye Ladies, I had a great day with you."

The Boy and I retired to the Best Western on Friday evening, where we donned our swimming attire and proceeded to take in the "hot pool" or the hot tub as it is more commonly referred to by civilized folk. The Boy loves him a "hot pool".

After a night of rest, we found ourselves back at Richmond's (after a quick morning swim). She was busy readying the house for guests! Blog-buddies!!! Of course the food was delectable, and she takes all the credit for that!

Soon to arrive were Daddy and his lovely bride. Though Harvey had to leave early, he made sure to grace us with his presence. I got to spend more time talking to the both of them this visit. It was so nice to see them again. And for the record, Harvey gives great hugs! Oh, and he indulged in two pieces of my pie! Ate the first right out of the tin! That Harvey, you have to watch him! *smile*

Next to arrive, albeit a little on the later side, was the always lovely - and very tall - Tammi. She was tall! Very, very tall. Her striking black knee boots added about three inches, so she was tall! I love Tammi. It was so very nice to see her and hug her again. And let me tell you, I don't buy her excuse for needing a beverage as the reason she was late! She was sooo showing off her stunning boots and cunning smile and forgot the time!

And, not to be forgotten, we got to teleblogvisit with That1Guy whose presence was missed greatly. So I did the only honorable thing and told him that it was chilly, the leaves were falling from the trees and the smell of pumpkin pie was in the air. I tell ya, I'm so "nice" sometimes it scares me! *wink*

We also visited with AW who is always a pleasure - as an added bonus I got to hear Pink Ninja's delightful laugh in the background. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Chou who was awash in 8 year old pseudo testosterone without a saving parent in sight. Though our visit was cut short by those elusive parents coming out of their cages in search for their young broods, we will converse again - soon.

Well, there you have it. The blogmeet came to a close, we spent Sunday afternoon at the park after indulging in wonderful yummies made by Richmond. And we telephoned Teresa because she too was missed! What a lovely woman. I cannot wait to meet her.

Alas, I was sad to leave. The Boy assured Richmond that he would be back "tomorrow" in fact. Because his world is filled with many tomorrows. After hugs all around we were off - much better people for having indulged in the company of these wonderful friends.

Richmond, you have a beautiful family and Awesome folks. I am proud to call you friend! You all have a place in my heart - and you feel like family. Thank you again for your hospitality!

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November 04, 2006

At Richmonds!

We are at Richmonds. The Boy and me. We are having a really nice time. The company could not be any better. Richmond's family is just wonderful. Her daughters are gorgeous and her Moose and Grandy rock! I love them. I could talk with them for hours.

They probably all think I'm some wacko from PA - afterall, I have a thing for cigar indians . . . by gones . . . But hopefully we've made a good impression. The Boy certainly has. He called Richmond's girls "ladies" and thanked them for a nice day.

Oh, and before I forget!!!! I made pie. Richmond has pictures!

Now, we are just waiting for a few more bloggers to arrive . . . YAY!!

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November 02, 2006

I'm making pie!

Yep, but not in my kitchen - no. I will be invading the sacred kitchen of the Richmond! And I'm making pie!

Are you jealous? You should be . . . I don't make my pie for just anyone. *crosses fingers, hopes pie is good*

Whoo Hoo! I'm going to Richmonds!

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