October 27, 2008

Hysterics at Eric's

You can't make this shit up - seriously! You have to live it first hand.

Blogmeets are . . . interesting. It takes all kinds and you'll meet all kinds. Fortunately, I've met some of the best kinds and this weekend the Hysterics at Eric's was no exception! Not even a hotel fire could dampen the festivities.

Eric and the Mrs. throw one helluva party, and chatting with Richmond, Zonker, Bou, Jerry, Elisson, Teresa, Jimbo, Denny and yes, even Redneck is always a pleasure. And if you've never had the pleasure of witnessing the picking from the Elderly Brothers - "nanny-nanny boo-boo!" Cause seriously? You are missing out.

Then there were those I'd never met who were just fabulous:

Erica - she rawks! For a first-timer, she is a dead-aim too. I could chat with her all day.

Dax - a bigger gentleman I've yet to meet. And I mean big as in tall with size 14 feet!! This man towers over me - of course, I hear tell I am abnormally short so . . . Sir, it was my pleasure to finally make your acquaintance and I cannot wait to meet with you again.

Kenny of Bodyguard fame - you are a treat. Your Bombs are da'bomb and you are one serious pool shark. Until we meet again!

Sissy - Yay!!! I finally met Sissy! She is sweet, beautiful and calm even in the morning hours after precious little sleep. So great to finally meet you and hope to see you again soon.

Georgia - Dear, I shall never look at a dryer or a calico cat in quite the same way again. Thank you. :)

Recondo - A charming guy whose image is quite literally seared into my brain - and likely will be for all eternity.

Big Stupid Tommy - neither big, nor stupid. Tommy is a gentleman and a scholar, sorry we hadn't more time to chat.

John Cox - though he didn't break out the sketch pad - he livened up the party with his one-man percussion section.

Johnny - Oh - He's a pool shark! And a delight.

SWMBO and the Straight White Wife - Elisson and Eric are so very, very lucky. These are two of the finest women I've ever met! Seriously awesome ladies.

Morrigan - She let me touch her belly and she liked my baking. She is tops in my book. When heading down to the hills of Tennessee, she was one I just had to meet. She did not disappoint. And she is gorgeous! Morrigan I can't wait to meet up with you again.

Ok, these are the newest editions to my circle of blog-peeps and they didn't disappoint. I don't believe I missed anyone but if I did it is because of my lack of sleep overall this weekend. I learned a few things about myself and I heard a few things that I shall not soon forget. As with all things epic, you seriously had to be there.

I learned that permits to carry a concealed weapon in Tennessee look remarkably similar to a drivers license while those from Pennsylvania look like a library card. I learned that I am mighty comfortably and strangly tingly after firing a few rounds from some fine pieces of machinery. I learned that despite an uncanny knack for always being able to keep a straight face - even in the most troubling of times, the mere presence of the Zonker causes me to fall into fits of laughter. Perhaps it is a side effect of my being height-challenged, or maybe he dosed my drink . . . I am unable to keep my face from wearing a constant smile whenever we are chatting. Thank you sir.

Think what you will, but I am taking with me the following gems from the weekend . . .

"what is this, spot? . . . no it's fluffy"
"he's one big strapping fellow"
"I've always wanted to see what you'd look like with nuts under your chin" (I stand corrected 'Neck)
"bet it took forever to clean out that lint trap"
"what have you got against balloons?"
"watch out for the stabby grass!"
"it had the highest budget ever, for a porno"
"Choo! Choo!"
"Art Thou a Witch?"
He said: "I could make love to this pie," She said: "cover this up, that movie American Pie was written about him."
"Jesus . . . damn . . . fishin"
"take it out of the frame and it's a pop-up!"
"asshole, just damn, kosher salt"
and my favorite . . . "that's why I don't mess with her - she's one of those Western PA redneck racists who clings to her guns and religion."

That's all you get folks, that is all you get.

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October 26, 2008

Fall Fling

It was a fabulous weekend. I met a few new delightful people. And I spent some time with great peeps I've known. One of the best parts (of course) was getting to spend some face-time with a couple of my dearest friends. I am exhausted. The drive was breathtaking, but I was fairly close to sleep driving . . . the spontaneous shower bursts after dark didn't help - can I just tell you?

When I post a recap ... some names may be changed to protect the innocent. :)

Let me just tease this: Though our hotel didn't actually catch on fire, I think I was still feeling the effects of my alcohol consumption when the fire alarm went off (after a mere 3 hours of sleep) and all the smoke simply nauseated me - not a great way to start a day of driving.

Thank you to Eric and Fiona for hosting a fine event, gracing me with their hospitality and allowing me to add to my list of peeps. The pleasure was mine.

*sneaky p.s.* People Covered In Fish

Here are some pictures from my beautiful - if not a little strange - drive home - no blogmeet pics - What? I don't play and tell.

Erics08 049.jpg

Erics08 057.jpg

Erics08 055.jpg

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August 25, 2008

Best Flight Ever

This weekend was fabulous! Great food, wonderful company and the best flight ever.

I just got back. Began with stimulating conversation in first class with Army Captain Bell. Damn! I could have chatted with him all day. He was just two days home from Iraq (tour two). He helped build the D.C. WWII memorial. Just a gorgeous man. He sat next to me as he was upgraded for free by the Airtran flight attendants in thanks for his service. I thanked him too. He was beautiful - if I wasn't a married woman . . . ahem . . . moving on . . .

Anyway, on Thursday I jetted off to the home of my asian-sister Christina to spend some time with her, Dash, the girls, MawMaw and with our translucent sister Richmond. These ladies and their families have become part of my family and it is always a joy to spend time with them. We were joined on Friday by Zonker (everyone knows I loves me some Zonker), who I think may somehow be related to me (there cannot possibly be two people on the planet with the same warped sense of humor . . . I digress). Joined by Christina's friend Susan and a new buddy Sherri, and not a finer group of people could be found anywhere in the State of Texas of that I am sure.

Can I just rub in for a second the fact that the food was phenomenal? Had I not forgotten my camera, I am sure I'd have photos - MawMaw and Christina know how to stuff a person to busting. My mouth is watering just thinking about the best fish tacos I've ever eaten - compliments of Dash and Wee One, and MawMaw's feasts which literally whisper (or scream) to all in attendance "eat me!" Not to be outdone - Twinkie introduced me to my new favorite dessert! "The Gods are smiling upon your kitchen adventures!"

And I made Mayhaw Jelly - eat your hearts out everyone! I was MawMaw's stir-fried stir girl for a day. I believe we made 30 plus jars of jellies. Yum!

But the real treat was sitting and enjoying time with my dearest friends - that and watching MawMaw chase Zonker around with a machete. Thank you again for inviting me into your home and sending me on my way with love and a new ability - I can knit! Ok, not really, but I promise to try! I have the best damn friends in the universe! Seriously. I count the days until I see you all again - may it be very soon as I miss you all already!

Now, on to the funny. I have a knack, a curious or perhaps disturbing knack for developing my own sign language to convey my utter lack of social skills and/or inner court jester. Now, most people simply disregard this quirk of mine as over compensating for a serious lack of intelligence - some may even walk away whispering that I have Touretts (BOB SAGET!!), but a few, nay one person has not only engaged this curious quirk but understands it at the same time. Yes, Zonker, I am talking about you.

Seems that Zonker causes this quirk of mine to increase exponentially - must be pheromones or something. That is to say, I speak to Zonker in code, one he pretends to understand (or simply indulges in order not to bruise my ego?) HEAHHHH! One which several terrified passengers on a flight from San Antonio to Atlanta got to experience first-hand. "No ma'am I've not had anything to drink, why do you ask?" Drunk or not, rest assured several people in first class think that they were being kind in allowing the mentally impaired individual in row three tag along - "you have a good time now!"

Needless to say, the flight from San Antonio to Atlanta was - - - THE BEST FLIGHT EVER! I have never ever laughed so hard. It took me a full two hours to finish my drink as I have a fear of things coming out of my nose. I laughed so hard that I was actually crying, real tears were flowing from my eyes. My sides were killing me, if I hadn't "peed first" I'd have peed my pants. We were delayed because of a weather-related full-ground stop in Atlanta so Zonk and I made the best of the extra hour or so, or rather, we tormented one another to tears. I have a new respect for the Zonker. ( and have added significantly to my paranoias).

One disappointment though was that Zonker was unable to answer several serious questions that I have about flying. First, I used the facilities because seriously - best advice ever? Pee First! So upon using said facilities I began to wonder, "Just how does one join the Mile High Club these days?" the facilities being extra small and first class having additional, immovable, central barriers . . . Alas, Zonk, tried but was unable to satisfactorily answer my questions, having never had the good fortune (I am guessing *snicker*) of joining the Mile High Club on an AirTran flight. It is a question that began to plague me - so I will throw it to you gentle readers. With the decrease in functional space on budget aircraft - including in first class - just how does one join the Mile High Club these days? Seriously, I am all about the creativitiy but could not find a suitable answer to my question. Byegones . . .

Despite all the delays, seat malfunctions, tormenting (and strange questions), Zonker, ever the gentleman, did not ditch me on his first opportunity but made sure that I didn't miss my connecting flight. He walked all over the Atlanta airport with me until we actually found my connecting flight and were assured it would be travelling to Pittsburgh in due course. Thank you to one of the kindest and funniest men I know! It was a delight to spend the weekend in your company, I hope to have the pleasure again very soon as I already miss your abnormally tall presence!

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July 08, 2007

OgFest A Recap

Well, I have just returned from OgFest, and before I go in for a nap, I am going to try a short and brief recap, cause I am tired.

I arrived in Chicago to find a charming and handsome man awaiting my arrival. He carried my bags, and ferried me to the hotel where he dropped me off curbside. Thank you so much my friend for being so sweet to me and for the fabulous hugs!

We joined some friends I'd met before and some new friends I'd yet to meet.

Shy - Contagion, Beautiful and intelligent Ktreva, He of many beers - T1G and Tammi- Queen of Mattresses were already at the bar getting their drink on. With them were two men new to me: Og and Jon. Charming men both. It was my pleasure to meet them at last.

We were joined later by Bloodspite-The Quiet and then later still by Blogdaddy Harvey and his long suffering but beautiful wife TNT., Redneck, Leslie and Shoe found us late in the evening back at the hotel too.

The party commenced in Tammi's room - this woman who makes her living on mattresses, sure do know how to entertain *wink*. The party lasted till the wee hours of the morn . . . I do believe I finally reached sleep at 4:45 a.m. What happened is a blur, and well, best not repeated!

Saturday found me up after obscenely little sleep and shopping with the ladies who I adore! Tammi joined us for breakfast but then left us so she could lunch on or rather with the menfolk. Ktreva, TNT, Leslie and I hit the outlets . . . hard! After purchasing tantalizing outfits push-up bras and accessories, we headed back to the hotel to primp for T1G's birthday extravaganza. Where we were all joined by the lovely Teresa who I'd wished I'd met sooner! You are a wonderful lady and I hope to meet up with you again. I also finally had the pleasure of meeting Graumagaus who is quite a sweety!

Og was emcee and provided a wholesome and pious background for the telling of T1G's story. My sides, my eyes, and my ears are still burning from the evening.

T1G was visited by his very own Hooter's Girl, was kissed atop his head and presented with a fine Guiness, all whilst losing his appetite for what seemed the third time of the evening. . .

He was presented with gifts and loving stories about how he had touched us. . . the bad touch of course. He was presented with tasty morsels to nibble on and a few women to bite. Alas, it may be that the next time we see him, he will be dressed in pink and leading a Gay Pride Parade in a City near you, the Hooters Girl made quite an impact - I'm just saying . . .

Happy 40th my dear friend, I won't tell anyone about that one time at band camp . . .

Oh, and lest anyone think blogmeets are all fun and games . . . the boys did taunt a drunk outsider who decided to invade the inner sanctum! The Nerve!! Their device of choice was a hungry calf and Redneck as bait . . . . um . . . nevermind . . .

Sleep was elusive for a second night in a row, though I did manage to find my bed at about 4, only to be awoken by an obscene text message at 4:30 from Zonker.

I found the morning had dawned too quickly and I was off to stake out my spot in front of the letter A at the Southwest terminal. I didn't see Redneck on the way out of the hotel this time, so I trust he made it out ontime. Redneck is a great sport and a good friend, even if he won't let me live down overstating the obvious when last we met.

Redneck had the pleasure of having about 1/2 dozen women in his bed last night - that is some stamina! Of course he had about 1/2 dozen men in his room too, so . . .

Nothing like being overly vague in a recap, but you wouldn't believe it even if I told you.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with folks I am proud to know. Tammi you planned a great get together! Thank you.

I find that it is always far too long between meeting with these fine people! So, here is to meeting again soon, to good friends, good beer and cheap and tawdry meetups in hotel rooms across the country! May we do it all again very soon!!

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May 28, 2007

Where's My Bed?

Just Damn - to borrow a phrase.

I had a wonderful weekend. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends!

While enroute to Texas to visit my dear friends and christen their new home with my ascerbic wit, I had day dreams of dove breasts wrapped in bacon . . . mmmmmm! I could eat those now . . . I expected to see the Kitchen Diva herself and the Wee One to greet me at the airport, but to my delight it was the Kitchen Diva-aka-Christina and Zonker himself!

What a sweet guy! He even carried my bags, the weekend was off to a fabulous start! Cause I loves me some Zonker!

We hooked up with my very dear friend Richmond and off we went to Casa Del Feisty where I met the "cat daddy" his own-self - Sam and his fabulous wife, and Michele and her wonderful husband for gumbo. MMMM Gumbo . . . Not to be outdone, Sweet One and Wee One and Feisty friend Susan showed up for the party. A fine addition they were! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to add these wonderful folks to my growing list of friends.

After some pun-fun where I learned that "it is not easy being Japanese in America, especially when one is Chinese", a fine game of ladies poker ensued, where I was certainly outmatched as it was my "first time". Hell, at least I wasn't out first! I took from that game a new understanding of the term "all-in".

Saturday brought french croissants for breakfast and the best damn jelly I have ever eaten! THANK YOU MAWMAW! And then we all dug in to prepare the food for the Casa Del Feisty Memorial Weekend Extravaganza!

Roast pig, wontons, forgotten cobbler, fruit tart, cakes, potato salad, corn dip, crack . . . am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah, you salivating on the keyboard - eat your heart out!

The entire day was spent eating, getting to know new and wonderful friends (with wonderful taste), enjoying friends I've met before, eating and laughing until my sides split. Since it is late and I am tired - exhausted really, I will leave you with 30 parting nuggets and a practical words of wisdom:

1. Sweet One shall forever be known to me as Twinkie - love you girl!
2. You never refuse a Feisty offer for food;
3. It is possible to have "vowels coming out [of one's] ass";
4. There is such a thing as too much kitty;
5. I am loud and obnoxious;
6. Zonker looks fetching in a sombrero;
7. "Here kitty, kitty!"
8. The blue boys are stuck at home- "run blue boy-run!";
9. Scrabble is an adversarial game;
10. Trouble is an adversarial game;
11. All-in is TMI;
12. Goats and cats really do get along;
13. What do you get when you mix a chink, a twink and a pink at the same table? T-R-O-U-B-L-E!
14. HEAHHHH! doesn't translate as well on paper;
15. Snake Farm - it just sounds nasty;
16. Snake Farm - pretty much is;
17. Snake Farm - its a reptile house;
18. Snake Farm - ooohwhahhh;
19. Crack - mmmmmmm;
20. Wee One is a fabulous interior decorator;
21. Qi doesn't mean what you think it means;
22. MMMM. Gumbo;
23. MMMM. Pig;
24. My purity score is 34%, Whew!
25. B.A. Barracus was at the BBQ (in spirit anyway);
26. Shazaam!
27. MMMM. Doves . . .
28. Richmond can whistle without moving anything on her face . . . Ma-Na-Ma-Na . . .
29. It is not possbile to have too much fun in the company of such fine people;
30. I have the best damn friends in the universe - and I am blessed to know each of them.

Now, I am going to retire to bed and shed a tear cause I am missing some fabulous people. Can't wait to see you all again soon, hopefully the time till then will go quickly.

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November 06, 2006

Pie's the Word!

Ok, so you all know I was at Richmond's this past weekend. Let me tell you, what a wonderful woman.

We had been talking about this meeting for some time. Finally! I was on my way to Richmond's with Boy in tow. I alight from Midway, hop in a ride and drive the toll-polluted highways of Illinois until I arrive at my destination - Wisconsin. Land O' Cheese. *which I forgot to buy!*

I am greeted at the door by a simply lovely woman and the sweet smell of potato soup. MMMMMM. At this point I also meet Mom and Pop. Talk about fabulous parents! Richmond and her clan are so lucky to have them.

You may recall, Richmond's dad had a birthday recently and it was revealed that he loved pie - pumpkin to be exact. I made a promise that day to "so make him a pie" and so I did. Two of them.

They were yummy. They could have been even better, but I didn't time them - I sorta just cooked till it looked right! *snicker, snicker*

Anyway, I was privileged to spend the afternoon conversing with Richmond's mom and dad. I think I bragged a bit too much about myself - you know, cause I never get enough of talking about myself *groan*, cause next thing I know, the room empties. . . oh wait . . . my ego is safe for now! The room emptied because Richmond's fabulous hubby brought in steaks hot off the grill! Yummy, palate-pleasing steaks. Richmond knows how to entertain!

Where was I? Oh, Richmond's hubby is a handsome quiet man who knows his way around a grill! And her girls? The most "cutimous" girls. They really were sweet to my Boy and he, I am sure, had a secret crush on the oldest. When we left on Friday evening, he told the girls "Goodbye Ladies, I had a great day with you."

The Boy and I retired to the Best Western on Friday evening, where we donned our swimming attire and proceeded to take in the "hot pool" or the hot tub as it is more commonly referred to by civilized folk. The Boy loves him a "hot pool".

After a night of rest, we found ourselves back at Richmond's (after a quick morning swim). She was busy readying the house for guests! Blog-buddies!!! Of course the food was delectable, and she takes all the credit for that!

Soon to arrive were Daddy and his lovely bride. Though Harvey had to leave early, he made sure to grace us with his presence. I got to spend more time talking to the both of them this visit. It was so nice to see them again. And for the record, Harvey gives great hugs! Oh, and he indulged in two pieces of my pie! Ate the first right out of the tin! That Harvey, you have to watch him! *smile*

Next to arrive, albeit a little on the later side, was the always lovely - and very tall - Tammi. She was tall! Very, very tall. Her striking black knee boots added about three inches, so she was tall! I love Tammi. It was so very nice to see her and hug her again. And let me tell you, I don't buy her excuse for needing a beverage as the reason she was late! She was sooo showing off her stunning boots and cunning smile and forgot the time!

And, not to be forgotten, we got to teleblogvisit with That1Guy whose presence was missed greatly. So I did the only honorable thing and told him that it was chilly, the leaves were falling from the trees and the smell of pumpkin pie was in the air. I tell ya, I'm so "nice" sometimes it scares me! *wink*

We also visited with AW who is always a pleasure - as an added bonus I got to hear Pink Ninja's delightful laugh in the background. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Chou who was awash in 8 year old pseudo testosterone without a saving parent in sight. Though our visit was cut short by those elusive parents coming out of their cages in search for their young broods, we will converse again - soon.

Well, there you have it. The blogmeet came to a close, we spent Sunday afternoon at the park after indulging in wonderful yummies made by Richmond. And we telephoned Teresa because she too was missed! What a lovely woman. I cannot wait to meet her.

Alas, I was sad to leave. The Boy assured Richmond that he would be back "tomorrow" in fact. Because his world is filled with many tomorrows. After hugs all around we were off - much better people for having indulged in the company of these wonderful friends.

Richmond, you have a beautiful family and Awesome folks. I am proud to call you friend! You all have a place in my heart - and you feel like family. Thank you again for your hospitality!

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February 20, 2006

Frostbitten But Fabulous

I made it safely through my first blogmeet. At first, I was worried that I would be "throwing myself to the wolves" so to speak. I didn't know these people. Hell, they could all be serial killers waiting for new, innocent prey like me! Instead, they were all just criminally insane (myself included) for braving single digit temperatures to howl at a starless sky with an accompanying chorus of canids.

I'm exhausted. The body used up all its energy trying to keep warm. But I arrived home with a satisfied soul.

It was my pleasure to meet the welcoming
Laughing Wolf
. He was the brains behind the weekend's festivities and put together a wonderful event. Many thanks to the man behind the Howl. To the incredible staff at Wolf Park, thank you for your hospitality, for sharing your knowledge with us and for allowing us to enjoy a wonderful day with you.

Now, onto the festivities: Laughing Wolf started off on the right foot with me by calling to make sure I arrived safely (he is a sweet, sweet man!).

After the caring shown by LW, I called the sweet and caring Contagion, who immediately began hollering at me about driving too fast because I made it to Lafayette an hour faster than I had estimated. Problem was, Contagion was still on crazy central time. Ha! Shy my ass! Well, I decided to meet him anyway, even though he was an hour later than expected. *rolls eyes appropriately* He was ok, he had this thing about the bad touch . . . but all in all he was good people - oh and much nicer than he wants you all to think. His wife, Ktreva is a knockout. Fantastic woman, he is a lucky, lucky man. Ktreva is obviously the brains of the operation. *winks knowingly at Ktreva*

It was decided that dinner would be enjoyed together and I met with Contagion, Ktreva and Machelle in the lobby of our hotel. LW joined us and we had a lovely dinner.

Let me tell you! Machelle is very, very shy, however it is all a rouse. She is like a stealth bomber. She lies undercover, and at the appropriate time lets loose with rapid fire repartee putting the rest of us to shame. She takes it all in, processes and then, when least expected, she swoops in for the kill. I love this woman! She is great ammunition for dealing with Contagion *winks again*.

The "fun" began after dinner. On LW's directions, we hooligans piled into Machelle's (aka - Mario Andretti) rental in order to partake of additional merriment at LW's. The directions were fine, except LW didn't give us his address. We arrived at an unfamiliar corner and decided the time had come to ask LW's assistance. Upon calling Mr. LW, and describing our present location as "the corner of Juglans and De Vere" we were met with the response "I don't know where that is, turn around and . . . oh hell, I'll just cut on the porch light and see if I can see you." Like a chorus of angels an "AHHHHHHHHHH" rang out and lo, LW stood upon a porch mere yards from we stranded travelers.

People! He didn't know the name of his own street! However, all was quickly forgiven when we were granted entry into his abode, kept warm in anticipation of company. The evening was spent with talk of boyscouts, mormons, good scotch and firearms. Yes, the finer points of firearm ownership were discussed so as to give Machelle an idea of the addiction to which she was getting ready to succumb.

Oh, and LW, I'm so glad you took Flo out of her crate, she was a lovely addition to the party!

We were soon joined by the bulk of our party contingent. Where many hugs were passed out. The lovely and talented Tammi, Bloodspite-I'll sweep you off your feet with my southern manners - and the lovely but quiet Mrs. Bloodspite, as well as the exceedingly charming That1Guy. I knew at once that I loved these people.

I felt as if I had known Tammi forever, she is beautiful and she was so warm and welcoming. The only bad part? She and I have a very similar sense of humor, so it was probably dangerous to let us out in public together! I can't wait to get together with this wonderful woman again!

Bloodspite and his bride were also lovely. I couldn't get enough of Bloodspite's southern graciousness. I do believe he and his bride were chilled to the bone though. I missed out on hearing Bloodspite and T1G play their guitars, but am looking forward to getting together with them again.

That1Guy : what can I say? I did an appropriate bow as only Jeebus could command, and I followed him around like a good disciple. He's good people as he joined me in annoying Contagion and drinking beer. Good people I say.

For the record, I am sure that I'm staring a karmic bitch-slap of epic proportions in the face after all the pestering I put Contagion through.

I had the pleasure of meeting Harvey and TNT but I was disappointed that I didn't have more time to spend with them. I hope to meet them again soon.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Wes and his bride who were hilarious together and who are surely a target in T1G's quote book.

Jerry of Back Home Again joined us to partake of libations and it was good. I hope we didn't scare the poor fellow off!

The wolves, of course, were the stars of the show and they carried on their part with Oscar worthy performances. Especially Apollo and Chetan. They of course snickered at the pack of humans walking around wearing so many layers that we looked like individual piles of cast-off clothing to rival that of a swingers club!

Speaking of swingers clubs, as you will no-doubt read later at T1G's sight, we had some beavers, brokeback huggers, dueling loins, wet women and a cigar indian to complement the festivities. I will leave all of that up to your individual imaginations. Let me just tell you - the cherry-popping was a success! While I saw more of each individual's outerwear than their smiling faces, I still came away feeling as if I had known them all my life. I cannot wait to get together with them all again!

And lastly, if any of ya'll are passing my way, you are welcome anytime!

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February 17, 2006

I'm a Virgin!

Really, I am! So, go easy on me. I'm sliding in to my first blog-meet. Yay! Whoo Hoo! I am very, very excited. I get to meet some of my favorite bloggers as well as freeze my ass off in the tundra that is Battle Ground Indiana!

I know, you are all envious. We can't all have pneumonia though. So I'm taking one for the team, so to speak.

Since I'm a poor-ass schmuck, I don't have a laptop, so I will blog about the meet when I return. Until then, keep yourself entertained with my Frapper map. Sign if you haven't! Yippee!

Wish me luck! I'm about to have my blog-meet-cherry popped!

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