January 22, 2007


Ok, I've been memed again. . . this time by Richmond!

1. My: You’ve heard the saying “I’d give my right arm for”. So, what would you give your right arm for?

I like Richmond's answer and will, therefore, steal it . . . but if I had to give my right arm for something other than peace in the middle east, it'd be for my baby. I'd give anything for him.

2. Me: What’s one word that describes how you want people to see you?


3. Meme: If you could be any blogger, which blogger would you be? and why?

Everyone has their own voice. I'd not want to be anyone but myself. Nor, could I imagine anyone wanting to be me.


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See?? That wasn't soooo bad. ;)

Posted by: Richmond at January 23, 2007 02:03 PM