July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Tammi!!

Happy birthday to you . . . Happy birthday to you . . .

If you get too hot and steamy . . . I'm fairly certain this guy can help you out . . .


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July 24, 2006


This weekend was spent at the Easy Riders Biker Rodeo.

We sell beer for the Fire Department. And I people watch. This year was a disappointment. The rain chased a lot of our crowd out and the chill in the air made the wearing of ass-less chaps less of a phenomenon.

I love seeing who thinks they've got the goods for ass-less chaps. Seriously, last year, ya'll would have died if you saw the 70 year old granny in a thong and ass-less chaps.

This year's trophy-girl competition was interesting, to say the least. Why is it that in a contest celebrating the endowments of a woman, and a little water added to a white t-shirt, they pick the least endowed lady to be the trophy girl? I'm just saying.

But the best of the evening was the tips! Yep, I got tips for being "sexy" for being "cute" for being "sly" for being "Hawaiian - no really you are right?" and for being "a beer girl!"

Shoot, we raised enough in tips to throw a party at the Fire Hall! Now, if I can just get the image of that 60 year old's boobage from being seared onto my brain for life, I would be set . . .

How was your weekend?

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July 17, 2006

A Big Fish in a Small Pond

As late as two weeks ago, my son was petrified of the water in the pool. If we walked toward the water he would climb up me like a tree and dig his fingernails and toenails into me whilst shreiking.

Last week, I got him into the pool and onto a raft contraption, but truly no further from there.

This weekend, for some reason, we had a major break through.

He now swims. On his own power (with the aid of floaties). And, where once it was impossible to get him into the water, it is now impossible to get him out. Two days! It only took two days and now my baby is swimming - albeit the doggy paddle. Then! He engaged in a water battle with a friend.

See for yourself . . .

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July 13, 2006

It's Another Birthday(s)!

Happy Birthday AWTM!!

and to Rave!!

I got you something to help you celebrate . . .

Oh - and my suggestion? SHARE!



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July 12, 2006

The cent that went a long way

You all know that I spend precious little time with my son - what with work and all. So we try to maximize our time together.

This weekend, we are going on a road trip, just me and him, to visit friends in Philadelphia. So - any bloggers out there in Philly who want to hook up! Give me a holler!

This past weekend, I took my boy to a penny candy shop. Just minutes from our home. A genuine, real deal, penny candy shop. It has been open for more than 70 years and is completely the same as it was 70 years ago. And - wait for it - the candy costs a penny!!!!!!! That's right folks, one cent. Click here and see a video link for Baldingers.

Sure there are other candies there that cost more, 5 cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, 25 cents and more, but there is an entire table of penny candies that still cost a penny.

So, in we walk. I was in search of a non-candy seasoning item and the boy was in search of a bucket!

He amazes me for a three year old. You would think that he would just start grabbing everything - but he doesn't. He is very discriminating. He fills his bucket with only the things he likes and a couple "extras" for mommy and daddy. He only takes one or two pieces of the candy he likes and then he is ready to check out.

His bill? $3.00. My bill? $25.00 Now, granted I did get many things that were not candy and were quite pricey, but I also got some favorite candies as well. Butterscotch Buttons, Brach's Nougat Chews, and Charleston Chews to be precise.

So, if ever ya'll are headed my way, I'll take you to the candy store down the road for a real treat!

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July 11, 2006

Gather Round Y'all!

UPDATE! If we do St. Louis - Southwest has decent prices on plane tickets for people like me that would otherwise need to drive 10 or more hours . . . Just saying!

So, I was on the phone yesterday with this brilliant woman and we were talking blog meet and a thought dawned on us:

For example, so many of our favorite bloggers are parents of young children. We want to meet them and their children. So? Why not throw a blog meet where we can bring the kiddies? A family meet so to speak.

It would have to be somewhere kid friendly and not too expensive - because ya know kids=poor.

So what do you think? Oh, and you don't have to have kids to come, just have to like em a bit.

Suggestions are welcome.

Oh, and as incentive? you get to meet this cutie!


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July 09, 2006

In Honor of T1G's Big Day!

First and foremost I want to wish a wonderful and very happy birthday to my dear friend T1G. I love this guy.

So, in honor of his birthday, I felt the need to give him a gift that keeps on giving.

This is something you can use and abuse all year long. Think of it as an extended birthday present!

You can start with this one:


Then move on to the always available Salma:


Then assuming you are in the mood for blondes:


But, I knew that at your advanced age, after a few days with these pretty young-things, and you would likely suffer from unwanted difficulties. So! I got you one of these. I figure it will come in handy on day four or five. Don't worry, it is guaranteed so when you wear it out, they'll replace it! Free of charge!


I love you man! Happy Birthday!

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July 05, 2006

Dear Friends, Tragic Loss

My very dear friends Christina and Dash have suffered through the loss of their home last night.

The family and the pets are safe. Please keep them in your prayers.

Christina, Dash, Wee One and Sweet One, my door is always, always open. You need only knock once. If there is anything at all that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to call. Seriously! I love you all and will talk to you again very soon.

UPDATE: Spoke to Christina and she said they are doing fine. She says they are getting the business end of things straight and that she appreciates everyone's concern.

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July 03, 2006

Lazy Days of Summer

Well, not quite. If working till 11 p.m. several nights in a row and then till 2 a.m. when I get home isn't enough, I'm here at work on the day before a holiday, blech!

But, let me tell you about my weekend! On Saturday evening, my son discovered fireflies! All the neighborhood kids were running about trying to catch the little lightning bugs right when the sun had left the sky and darkness was beginning to fall.

My son caught one and then two . . . I raced to get a camera, but instead joined in the fun. Around the yard we ran chasing lights! After we were tired and a little chilled, as the sun had taken its warmth with it, we sat around a campfire.

The Boy attempted to roast marshmallows, but kept burning them, so we simply ate them from the bag.

We set off some bottle rockets and roman candles to the absolute delight of two sleepy three year olds.

The neighbor boy exclaimed: "What the heckus was that ruckus!" Which caused a ring of laughter.

My son, clasped his hands together as if praying to the firecracker gods and said "OOO baby! do it again!" I cannot wait until tomorrow when they can really enjoy themselves!

See my family, and the neighbor family get together for a blowout. We each chip in for fireworks (nearly $2,000 this year) and we are festive and merry all day!

Our menu is chicken, ribs, lamb and turkey in the smoker for the afternoon, with plenty of sides and cavity pie. (and wontons too!)

I always go way out and get lots of stuff for the kiddies. This year we have three - 3 - Pinata's and lots of games. I spent yesterday putting stuff in the pinatas.

We also have glow necklaces for when the sun goes down. I'm always a hit with the glow stuff!

All our friends join us and the day is ended with fireworks to rival most public shows. Ours usually lasts a good hour or so. We have a competition with a neighbor about 3 miles away, when there is a lull in ours they start to put theirs off!

Anyway, tonight I'm taking my son to ride go carts and quads and we'll likely catch some more fireflies.

Have a wonderful fourth of July! And don't forget what we celebrate. We are free, because brave men and women fought and died for our freedom. Take a moment to remember that when you hoist your flag tomorrow.

To the men and women still serving, about to serve or to the families who've lost a loved one in service, this day still honors you - no hot dogs, hamburgers or firecrackers can overpower your sacrifice!


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