October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The Mill 08 090.JPG

have a safe and Happy Halloween. And if you are in need of assistance eating those mini snickers . . . .I'm your girl. :)

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October 29, 2008

Take That

So, I'm always one to give big ups to a true Karmic Bitch Slap. Last night, to the best of my vodka addled recollection, the Night Clown told me it was below freezing where he resided. I told him that it was "in the 40s" where I resided.

I guess when I awoke, I should not have been surprised that the Heaven's decided I was a little too bold in my assessment that "It isn't even Winter yet!"

For behold my morning bitch slap:


On the brightside, it was still above freezing, and the pup was enjoying her first snowfall.

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October 28, 2008

Cat and Mouse

It is cold here. It is going to snow today. With the cold, come small rodents into the warmth. We don't get many, just a few. We have a cat and two mouse killing dogs - oh, and a resident snake in the basement - they don't last long in my home.

Last night, I watched my cat kill a mouse (sorry, the picture I took is too dark to post) as I provided a running commentary for the spectacle. "He tosses him up - the mouse attempts a feeble squeek" "and we are Off - wait, the cat heads him off at the pass!" etc. . . The Boy asked many questions . . .

At the end of the commentary, I did tell the cat - Stu is his name - to finish it off or he (Stu) was sooo going into the dryer *snicker*. He sauntered past me - mouse in his mouth - to the open door and out he went.

I need to get out more, or maybe stay in where others can't be exposed to my lunacy.

Carry on.

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October 27, 2008

Hysterics at Eric's

You can't make this shit up - seriously! You have to live it first hand.

Blogmeets are . . . interesting. It takes all kinds and you'll meet all kinds. Fortunately, I've met some of the best kinds and this weekend the Hysterics at Eric's was no exception! Not even a hotel fire could dampen the festivities.

Eric and the Mrs. throw one helluva party, and chatting with Richmond, Zonker, Bou, Jerry, Elisson, Teresa, Jimbo, Denny and yes, even Redneck is always a pleasure. And if you've never had the pleasure of witnessing the picking from the Elderly Brothers - "nanny-nanny boo-boo!" Cause seriously? You are missing out.

Then there were those I'd never met who were just fabulous:

Erica - she rawks! For a first-timer, she is a dead-aim too. I could chat with her all day.

Dax - a bigger gentleman I've yet to meet. And I mean big as in tall with size 14 feet!! This man towers over me - of course, I hear tell I am abnormally short so . . . Sir, it was my pleasure to finally make your acquaintance and I cannot wait to meet with you again.

Kenny of Bodyguard fame - you are a treat. Your Bombs are da'bomb and you are one serious pool shark. Until we meet again!

Sissy - Yay!!! I finally met Sissy! She is sweet, beautiful and calm even in the morning hours after precious little sleep. So great to finally meet you and hope to see you again soon.

Georgia - Dear, I shall never look at a dryer or a calico cat in quite the same way again. Thank you. :)

Recondo - A charming guy whose image is quite literally seared into my brain - and likely will be for all eternity.

Big Stupid Tommy - neither big, nor stupid. Tommy is a gentleman and a scholar, sorry we hadn't more time to chat.

John Cox - though he didn't break out the sketch pad - he livened up the party with his one-man percussion section.

Johnny - Oh - He's a pool shark! And a delight.

SWMBO and the Straight White Wife - Elisson and Eric are so very, very lucky. These are two of the finest women I've ever met! Seriously awesome ladies.

Morrigan - She let me touch her belly and she liked my baking. She is tops in my book. When heading down to the hills of Tennessee, she was one I just had to meet. She did not disappoint. And she is gorgeous! Morrigan I can't wait to meet up with you again.

Ok, these are the newest editions to my circle of blog-peeps and they didn't disappoint. I don't believe I missed anyone but if I did it is because of my lack of sleep overall this weekend. I learned a few things about myself and I heard a few things that I shall not soon forget. As with all things epic, you seriously had to be there.

I learned that permits to carry a concealed weapon in Tennessee look remarkably similar to a drivers license while those from Pennsylvania look like a library card. I learned that I am mighty comfortably and strangly tingly after firing a few rounds from some fine pieces of machinery. I learned that despite an uncanny knack for always being able to keep a straight face - even in the most troubling of times, the mere presence of the Zonker causes me to fall into fits of laughter. Perhaps it is a side effect of my being height-challenged, or maybe he dosed my drink . . . I am unable to keep my face from wearing a constant smile whenever we are chatting. Thank you sir.

Think what you will, but I am taking with me the following gems from the weekend . . .

"what is this, spot? . . . no it's fluffy"
"he's one big strapping fellow"
"I've always wanted to see what you'd look like with nuts under your chin" (I stand corrected 'Neck)
"bet it took forever to clean out that lint trap"
"what have you got against balloons?"
"watch out for the stabby grass!"
"it had the highest budget ever, for a porno"
"Choo! Choo!"
"Art Thou a Witch?"
He said: "I could make love to this pie," She said: "cover this up, that movie American Pie was written about him."
"Jesus . . . damn . . . fishin"
"take it out of the frame and it's a pop-up!"
"asshole, just damn, kosher salt"
and my favorite . . . "that's why I don't mess with her - she's one of those Western PA redneck racists who clings to her guns and religion."

That's all you get folks, that is all you get.

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October 26, 2008

Fall Fling

It was a fabulous weekend. I met a few new delightful people. And I spent some time with great peeps I've known. One of the best parts (of course) was getting to spend some face-time with a couple of my dearest friends. I am exhausted. The drive was breathtaking, but I was fairly close to sleep driving . . . the spontaneous shower bursts after dark didn't help - can I just tell you?

When I post a recap ... some names may be changed to protect the innocent. :)

Let me just tease this: Though our hotel didn't actually catch on fire, I think I was still feeling the effects of my alcohol consumption when the fire alarm went off (after a mere 3 hours of sleep) and all the smoke simply nauseated me - not a great way to start a day of driving.

Thank you to Eric and Fiona for hosting a fine event, gracing me with their hospitality and allowing me to add to my list of peeps. The pleasure was mine.

*sneaky p.s.* People Covered In Fish

Here are some pictures from my beautiful - if not a little strange - drive home - no blogmeet pics - What? I don't play and tell.

Erics08 049.jpg

Erics08 057.jpg

Erics08 055.jpg

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October 19, 2008

Again with the Cute

Got some hiking in this morning at our favorite state park and took some more pictures. Sundays belong to the Boy and I and we made the most of our morning.

Here is a nice one:

The Mill 08 016.jpg

And another . . .

The Mill 08 024.jpg

And more:

The Mill 08 069.jpg

And again . . .

The Mill 08 073.jpg

And another . . .

The Mill 08 087.jpg

And my favorite of the day . . .

The Mill 08 102.jpg

Which one do you like?

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October 16, 2008

More with the Cute

Cause my twitchiness from yesterday is gone . . . and Murtha is still a bastard . . . This makes me smile and forget for a second that this political season is so scary. Go Steelers!


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October 15, 2008


John Murtha, you despicable piece of horse-shit.

I learned from you today that those of us - all of us - residing in Western Pa are racist. Thank you for pointing that out to me. My multicultural family is so impressed and so is my black neighbor. Because by saying that "there's no question that Western Pennsylvania is a racist area" you have lumped us all in - dogs, cats, humans, rats.

So, my Asian mom thanks you for pointing out that she is racist, my black neighbor thanks you too.

Oh and let's not forget me, I can't afford to be racist as I am the product of two races, but it must be so as you've made it so.

So wait, while I am talking directly to you John Murtha, SUCK A TIT - YOU SHIT-EATING BAG OF MONKEY JIZZ.

There is a special place in hell reserved for people like you. You want to race-bait, do it someplace else - I'll be damned if I am going to listen to some rich, white man tell me I am the one who is a racist. Bastard!

So ends my attempt to ignore politics for a week.

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October 14, 2008

More cute

If the below pictures didn't tweak your ovaries (ladies) or just make you smile (guys) These should or you are a cold, cold being - Kidding! More fall pics that at least make me smile! -- OOO and there is some scenery to boot.

The Mill 08 068.JPG

The Mill 08 049.JPG

The Mill 08 054.JPG

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October 12, 2008

October Rawks!

I love October. It is cold, it is warm, it is cool. Today was wonderful. It got up to 80 degrees today, and was just beautiful so I took the Boy to take some pictures of the leaves. There is this lovely spot I know of high above the trees. We call it the rock it is also known as Cleland Rock and is a part of a local state park system. The rock juts out over a ravine and you can see for miles and miles from it. It is treacherous but well worth the visit. I could and have sat on it and just stared out - it is a great spot to meditate.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

The Mill 08 004.jpg

The Mill 08 014.jpg

The Mill 08 019.jpg

The Mill 08 085.jpg

The Mill 08 086.jpg

The Mill 08 064.jpg

But this last one . . . This last one is my very favorite - not because of the subjects or the scenery. It has been a tough year and you can see it in their faces. The pictures I took just before and just after they were laughing or pulling faces, but this one which I took on speed shutter - was unplanned and unexpected. It broke my heart, but I still love it because it put on film the way I've felt for months - a little lost, a little frustration, a little sadness - like something is missing and you can't get it back but you try to pull it close all the same - yes - I see all that in this simple picture and it breaks my heart.

The Mill 08 032.jpg

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October 05, 2008


Cause I like pie and I got pie apples yesterday . . .

Nikon 08 032.jpg

And cause I've not posted a picture of Harley in a while . . .

Nikon 08 030.jpg

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October 01, 2008


I'm going on a retreat. Gonna find myself so to speak. Scream, yell, talk to the voices in my head. Retrace some steps, fix some wrongs. Anyway, I'm going on a retreat.

So till I get back, if I come back . . . this handsome honey will stand vigil over this blog that only a handful of you read anyway . . .


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