October 07, 2005

Prize of all Prizes for my 20,000th reader!

Well, Frank L. of Manic Viking was my 20,000th visitor and in humble appreciation for being on his lists of reads, he will find a not-quite so work safe gift. I would have put a bow on it, but didn't know where it would fit.

Now, I should say, I was going to post a similar picture of myself in my bunker gear but as that would make most of you wretch and I don't have an axe, so I thought that the following was a much better choice!

Enjoy Frank, and thanks to everyone who stops in for a looky-loo. I will have more about my Korean family soon!


Posted by Oddybobo at October 7, 2005 11:18 PM | TrackBack

Yow! My mouse just burst into flames! That is a hottie! Thanks, Oddy, and congrats on the stats!

Posted by: Frank L. at October 7, 2005 11:23 PM

Congrats girl!

Posted by: Sissy at October 8, 2005 10:17 AM

Seems to be some smudges on that.

Have to wash those off...

Posted by: Harvey at October 9, 2005 02:50 PM

Hey, I've got a hose she can play with!

Posted by: Contagion at October 10, 2005 09:58 AM

Nice axe!

Posted by: Ogre at October 10, 2005 03:15 PM

Never did care much for suspenders.

Posted by: Dash at October 11, 2005 02:46 PM
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