September 01, 2005

Blog For Relief -Hurricane Katrina

Hugh Hewitt has passed on the idea to make TODAY the Blog for Katrina Day! (the day was picked by Evil Glenn who has his roundup page here:

The Bear is keeping track, as he does so well, so go sign up your blog too.

Some bloggers are selling stuff that you can bid on, like Michele at Letters from NYC and the Laughing Wolf; and still others are compiling wonderful lists of places for your donations like Lee Ann and Fausta.

Phin and Apothegm Designs is auctioning off a website design, go there now!

I won't repeat the lists on how to help, because by clicking on a few of the above links you can find that information, my suggested charity is the Salvation Army for personal reasons but the list of places to give is long!

If you don't like the Salvation Army, head over to Ogre's and donate to the Samaritan's Purse. Do it at his site and he'll match you dollar for dollar! I did it! What are you waiting for?

NOTE: Once you have made your contribution, please track it at the Bear's donation tracking page. If I have encouraged you to make a donation, please list my blog. Thanks! But please, if you are able, give.

The Technorati Tags are: flood aid and hurricane katrina

Do your part to help out please!

Also: if you are looking for a loved one, Katrina Finder is up. (h/t basil)

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Thanks for the comment over at my blog, Oddybobo. I appreciate your support in raising funds for the hurricane's victims.

Take care, and keep blogging!


-- R'cat
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Posted by: Romeocat at September 1, 2005 05:47 PM
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