July 31, 2005

Got my drunk onn

So, i'm late to this party, but I'm "Here for the Party" . . .

Just got back in from the Gretchen Wilson, Keith Urban -- wait a moment while I drool -- Kenny Chesney, booze fest that was Cruzan Rum and sweat. They sold Cruzan in Yard Sticks for $15, I am so broke. I am so drunk. I love you guys! I still have one contact in -- oops, now its ripped. Dayum, I just bought that pair.

Off to comment with the rest of ya, and then, sadly, off to bed. Drunk Bobo has to go to church in the am. . . .

mmmm. banana rum . . .

Update: I smelled smoke, it was real smoke, no fire, just smoke. my fan blew up. Pisser! My blogcrawl is done.

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July 29, 2005

A dear friend

I have just finished speaking to one of the most wonderful women I have ever had the pleasure of never formally meeting! (Let's see if I can beat her to the posting of this great conversation) Christina at Feisty Repartee is absolutely fantastic! Go read her stuff.

She is delightful. Her children are beautiful. Her blog reads like a spicy novel and I cannot wait to continue forging a friendship with this lovely lady!

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Karnival of the Kidz

I have been remiss in my kid posting. Here are my two favorite boys playing dress-up. Yep, even boys play dress-up. Mine's the little blonde. He is going for a pseudo-mind trippy look. He told me so! If this was video, you would then see these boys dancing around to the song "Hillbillies" by Hot Apple Pie. My son loves that song!


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July 28, 2005

Intra-Family Blogcrawl


That's right Ya'll! It is time for a crawl. I'll be a bit late to the party, but I will be there. I'll be at a concert so mine'll be tied on by the time I get home. Any of you readers out there who aren't part of the respective families, feel free to join us, the rules are simple.

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Taking a Stand

A beautiful young lady named LaToyia Figueroa disappeared on her way home from a doctor's appointment 10 days ago. She is five months pregnant. She also has a 7 year old daughter.

In the last several months she has been mugged in an unrealted incident and then attacked by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. It doesn't seem like this story will end without tragedy.

What is it about pregnant women that make them vulnerable to scum?

Better question, when will we as women band together and make scum (male or female) who prey on pregnant women pay? Even if this is a case of domestic violence or a crime of passion it should be a wake up call. Everyday, we see signs in the news and papers about women (and sweet children) who go missing, who are abused, who are murdered. I am taking a stand!

Here is my pledge:

I am no one's victim,
I will make you suffer before you can make me a victim,
I shoot straight and my aim is good,
I will not let you make someone else a victim,
I will protect my family and my friends at all costs,
You will be sorry those evil thoughts crossed your mind.

I will not sit idle why women become victims all around me. Oh! and brother-in-law scum, if you are out there, you will get your due too.

We should have a million woman march, taking back our dignity, our health, our lives. I am not being exclusive, if there are men out there in domestic violence situations, they too are welcome. Or perhaps just a march over evil scum, making sure to dig high-heeled boots into their nether regions!

I send my thoughts and prayers out to Ms. Figueroa's family. I hope she is somewhere safe, and just needed to get away. I hope.

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Time To Get Redneck!

Yep, it is official. I am revisiting my redneck roots. I told ya'll about my bastard of a brother-in-law before. Now, he has taken to using threats and violence to display his utter lack of manhood and complete cowardice. Yep, he's a woman (and child) abuser now, in addition to being a world-class ass.

So, as I said, it is official, I will be gettin redneck soon.

On another front, it is 9:35 a.m. I was here at work (1 hour from my home) till 1:30 a.m. and returned at 8:30 a.m. Yep, day is not gonna be too good!

And lastly, as I stare longingly from my 50th floor window, I see the Citgo-Bass Masters competition getting started below. A hot air balloon just took off, and there are festivities, oh where is my fishing rod when I need it?

I need a nap, and this chocolate pop-tart for breakfast is officially nasty. . . more later.

Anyone wanna join me on a redneck-huntin party? (and it isn't even White Trash Wednesday)

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July 27, 2005



How you like my new doorbell, my man Billy-Joe thought it'd be funny. Erybody's always mounting those deer heads on their walls, now here's a use for its hind-end!

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July 26, 2005

Cotillion Tuesday


It's Tuesday, and that means it is Cotillion time. For you newbies, it is a roundup of the thoughts of some very lovely ladies in the 'sphere. This week's lovely hostesses are:

Sadie at Fistful of Fortnights; Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; Claire at e-Claire; and Denita at Who Tends the Fires.

They have the round up of the lovely ladies of the Cotillion. Go forth and learn!

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July 25, 2005

Just like that . . .

I am a Large Mammal again. I was just complaining this morning about the sudden drop in my status in the ecosystem, but now, I am back to my mammiferous mammalian self.

Now if only I could change other things, just like that . . .

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The Luau

On Saturday I attended a Luau. Now, I don't usually go to parties. I am a bit of a homebody. But on Saturday, being childless, the Better Half and I enjoyed a party.

The food was great, deep-fried turkey, deep-fried venison and desserts like no tomorrow. It was a bring your own beer party, which was evident by the 30 or so coolers lined up in a row. Mine had Twisteds in them. Watermelon. Yum. See, Twisteds are bad cause they taste like koolaid and you drink many more that way. . .

By 4 am, I had managed to polish off many watermelon Twisteds and was having difficulty walking so I, apparently, took a nap - in the yard.

This would not have been so bad had I not been wearing glowy things. Needless to say, everyone knew I was napping, and proceeded to deck me out in Luau attire. (sorry, no pictures, I burned them yesterday) I was decked head to toe in Luau. I had the grass skirt, the lei, the coconut bra (I wonder who put that on me) and a funny grass hat.

I will be wearing said attire for the blogcrawl. I wonder how many Twisteds I will need to start doing the limbo in my computer room . . .

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Boo Hoo

I used to be a Large Mammalian (in the Ecosystem) and now I am but a lowly marsupial.

No one comes to visit anymore (cept my loyal 5) and that, despite my shameless "Open Thread" the other day.

I must think of something good for this week, but I am too damn tired. I started drinking for this weekend's blogcrawl this Saturday. . . Hmm, I owe a Luau post.

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July 22, 2005


Soldiers stationed at GITMO complained to their visiting Senators - Akaka and Kennedy about the derogatory statements about our soldiers coming out of Washington.

Of course neither Senator has made mention of the complaints, and I will tell you why:

These Washington partisan moonbats do not care about our soldiers or their opinions. What they care about is a story, a good salacious story, which they can use in order to demoralize the population and our fighting forces and place a black mark on the record of our President.

While those moonbats are running around in tight circles, wearing duncecaps and shouting "He lied, he lied!" Our fighting men and women are getting the job done. They watch our six day and night.

Those men and women are saving our butts with the information they squeeze out of terrorists at GITMO. They are making progress in Iraq, though the MSM will never let you know it.

Food for thought, I have a very good friend who was out, completely out of the military after his last tour in Iraq. He worked his menial day job and thought about the freedoms he had taken for granted before. For months he was his normal self. Then, he reenlisted. Much to the horror of his family. He is in Iraq again. When asked why he reenlisted he said: I am free to do what I want here, work my job, go to a movie, drink a coke, all the while my brothers in the military are making that happen for the Iraqiis, it is my duty to go and help them make it happen.

A majority of our fighting men and women believe in what we are doing out there. They don't need moonbats in Washington telling them what they are doing is either unnecessary or wrong. Know this! It doesn't undermine our military when Dickhead Durbin is out parading around spouting nonsense, it undermines his credibility, but strengthens our military's resolve.

Hey Washington! Soldiers have a voice, and a vote, and you can be assured that they will use it when your term is up, whether or not you acknowledge their complaints.

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Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes go out to Mustang23 of Assumption of Command. Today is his birthday.

He is short - no, not in height - he and his unit will be coming home from Iraq in less than 100 days. Yippee!!

He, I am sure, will be getting some Gates BBQ when he gets home. I bet all his pen-pals will be there to see him too!

Go over and send him your birthday wishes and your thanks for watching our six!

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July 21, 2005

Open Thread

Ok, I am busy, so I thought I'd post an open thread for all my loyal readers to comment in. *begs for comments*

Tell me about your day, your thoughts, the answer to my last post, anything.

If you don't have a topic, here is one: Coke or Pepsi? Discuss.

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July 20, 2005

Strange Movie Quotes

When I was a kid, I loved movies (I rarely watch them now). I loved spaghetti westerns and serial mysteries and nature movies and the oldies . . .

Anything John Wayne, anything Katherine Hepburn, anything with cowboys and indians. You get the picture.

Well, out of the blue today I started thinking of a song in some movie I saw long ago. I think it was about a mountain man (a drunk mountain man). He sang a song that i found myself singing today. I need help identifiying the movie:

The drunk mountain man/loner sang "I killed a bear, not over here, over thar!" In a good lilting slur. Anybody know this movie? Can anyone help me?

Bah! I am going to go home and watch John Wayne spank Maureen O'Hara in McClintock one of my favorite John Wayne movies, if only for the scene where they all fight in the mud. Oh and lest anyone think I don't know my John Wayne, my second favorite John Wayne movie? Donovan's Reef *hangs head in shame.*

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Beam Me Up

Scotty is gone. A moment of silence my friends.

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WTW - Grill

My good friend VW of One Happy Dog Speaks came across this here advertizement in her local Area Shopper. She thought I'd need one, and she was right. I can't wait to try it out this here Saturday!

Free "Redneck" Bar-B-Que Grill

Stainless steel grill, for FREE, you read right, FREE !
Available in all stores:
Publix - Win Dixie - K-Mart - A&P - Wal-Mart - Walgreen's, etc.
Hurry before they run out of stock !


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July 19, 2005

Family Crap

So, my little sista is going through a divorce and she has a small child, a 3 year old. Her husband is the kind of man who thinks only of himself. His words after the birth of his child were "all he does is take my money and my time." Some dad. He still feels that way. When my sister left him (because he said her feelings were not as important as his) he told her he would not pay her a dime for their son. Well, she took him to domestics today and was awarded what she had asked for which was simply $300/month. Not a lot by any means, hardly enough if you ask me (or the domestic relations officer). He wasn't pleased.

I am wondering what possesses a grown man with a family to think only of himself. Can any of you help me out here? Most of my readers are devoted to their partners and/or children. What is the mentality? I will give more examples:

My nephew is borderline ADD you can see it in him. He needs activity, lots of it to keep him occupied and focused. My sister thought a tumbling class or gym class would be good. It was $35.00 a month. He said it was too expensive. In the meantime he has enrolled himself in a $170/month karate class.

My nephew has asthma and requires medication. He says my sister should buy the meds as they are too expensive (she does buy them) then he goes out and buys a $3000 guitar.

My sister wanted to go on vacation over a weekend to take my nephew to Sesame Place. He said no. Then, over my nephew's 3rd birthday, took a $1200 trip to take a pool lesson from some billiards champion, by himself.

When he is home, he forces the boy to sleep in a darkened room because he needs to nap, not the boy, the man. So the boy loses out on activity time because daddy needs a nap!

So again I ask, what possesses a man to think only of himself over his child or wife?

My husband is devoted to us. He never thinks of his hobbies or plans in front of our child. In fact, he has rearranged his life to include the boy in all our pursuits. So I don't have a good reference point. To discuss how the brother-in-law is with my sister would take days, but a lot of you out there know the type. What I want to know is how a man can be like this with his child. Not abusive, just indifferent.

Oh, for anyone wondering, I would have kicked his ass long ago if my husband showed any of those qualities, but I got a winner. My sista got a loser.
I really don't understand it. Can anyone enlighten me?

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Cotillion Time Again!


It's Tuesday, and that means it is Cotillion time. For you newbies, it is a roundup of the thoughts of some very lovely ladies in the 'sphere. This week's lovely hostesses are:

Dr. Sanity of Dr. Sanity; Right Girl of Girl on the Right; Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; and Annika of Annika's Journal.

Go see what these beautiful women have to offer. Go now!

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July 18, 2005

Trophy Girls

I was at the Easyriders Rodeo this weekend. For those that don't know, it is a bike event where people put their Harleys to the test. Burn-outs, hill climbs, pulls, races, etc . . .

Sorry, I do not have any pictures as it was at times too bright or too dark to take any pictures, I will simply have to tell the tale myself.

As I have said here before, the Better Half is a firefighter. His volunteer company participated at Easyriders by selling beer to raise money for the company. So of course, while manning the beer truck, we got to see all kinds.

Let me start with Elizabeth. Elizabeth looked to be about 18 (the age to get into the event.) When the Better Half and I arrived at the beer truck at 9 p.m., She was on stage, in a bikini top and jeans, getting doused with water and wiggling and shaking while she chugged a mug o' beer. Then in a southern drawl, she proceeded to tell the crowd of oggling men that she had, in fact, come to this event ALONE! I had the displeasure of meeting Ms. Elizabeth several times throughout the night. While I never served her, as she had a different "gentleman" buying her beers all night, I observed that she was highly intoxicated, probably also high as a kite, and was with a different "gentleman" every hour or so. If Elizabeth wasn't gang-raped that night, I would be surprised. If Elizabeth remembered any of it the next day, I would be shocked.

After sizing up Elizabeth for the night, we moved on to the trophy girl contest. For those who don't know, a trophy girl contest is where young ladies dance for the crowd for 45 seconds and the crowd picks the winner. Dancing is not all that is involved. Stripping is most entirely appropriate, the sucking of nipples is also seen, oh and the gratuitous dousing of what is left of one's clothing with beer or water is also acceptable.

The Better Half, correctly chose the night's winner, apparently she did not have much competition as the size of her upper hemisphere was quite impressive. Also, she was able to shake it to Cherry Pie, much to the delight of drunken bikers everywhere.

Sorry guys, no pictures.

After the trophy girl contest (which I did not enter, because I prefer my ta-tas to stay in my shirt), we were treated to the endless parade of drunken people. Oh, and there were assless chaps a plenty.

There was butterface (everything was nice but her face) Who apparently was too poor for a pair of leather assless chaps, so she made her own out of blue jeans.

There was cellulite mama who really should have jogged a day or two prior to breaking out her assless chaps.

There was ghosty, who really should have tanned before breaking out her assless chaps.

There were two shirtless, 40 something, men in their boxer shorts. Not pretty people.

Then there was the man who walked around with a rubber-penis hanging from his bluejeans. Good times people, good times.

Lastly, there was Elizabeth mentioned above, who changed into what was apparently a pair of underwear in red, white and blue, and this time with a man who was the type who causes you to want to wash after meeting him. Yuck!

Oh, and lest anyone think I couldn't give those trophy girl contestants a run for their money, I was presented with many mardi gras beads, as my "assets", while not bare, are still charming!

I forgot the bikes! Oh man, if you like bikes, you would be in paradise. There were custom choppers, tricked out Harleys, awesome trikes, and a few really cool paint jobs. I wish I had pictures of those.

So, that was my weekend in a nutshell, three days of bikes and debauchery. What did you do?

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July 15, 2005

Hell is Too Kind

Hell is too kind a place for the murderous fanatics who killed, in cold blood, 18 shiite babies the other day.

We have all heard the news. A military humvee was surrounded by children and began handing out candy and smiley face key chains when a speeding car bomb hit the group of babies and the humvee killing 18, many of whom were under the age of 13. The question then is why?

I have the answer and it is as simple as what I have been saying here all along, the fanatics understand the "take it to their doorstep" philosophy, even while our government does not.

They know that if they kill their own babies, anger will foment. It will be directed toward the troops who "lured their babies with candy to be killed." They will say, "if only those Americans would leave us alone, this would not have happened."

We must use this same tactic. Find the village, the town, the family of these homocide bombers and obliterate them.

Let the world know, it is not ok to target babies in order to get your point across. But if you intend to target innocent babies, we will target your complicit families and friends. Let the world know, if you do nothing to stop these abuses, we will stop them with fury, with force, with destruction.

I can't even picture the faces of those beautiful children, struck down before they can make a difference in the lives of their countrymen. It reminds me of Beslan, where fanatical muslims took those beautiful babies from their parents on a day of celebration.

No, hell is too kind for those people. I hope that there is a special place reserved for just them. And no, it isn't a paradise of 72 virgins, it is a place where they will be subjected to humiliation, horror, torture. Where they will relieve the terror of those smiling children day in and day out. No, hell is too kind.

Before you get complacent my friends, remember! they are coming for your babies next.

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July 14, 2005

This is Encouraging

Newsflash! for those out there that don't know that I want to sit on the SCOTUS,

Bush has stated that he is willing to consider someone who has never sat on the bench before.

Hello! Here I am!!! Do you think that my personal emails to the POTUS got to him?

Perhaps it was that nomination from Gun Toting Liberal.

Anyway, I have my bags packed just in case. Oh and Ogre, I filled out all the forms in triplicate.

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July 12, 2005

Today's Cotillion Ball


It's Tuesday, and that means it is Cotillion time. For you newbies, it is a roundup of the thoughts of some very lovely ladies in the 'sphere. This week's hostesses are:

My very good friend Feisty Christina of Feisty Repartee;

Also hosting are: Cassandra of Villainous Company; Janette of Common Sense Runs Wild; and Sissy of Sisu.

Go see what these beautiful women have to offer. Go now!

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July 11, 2005

The Weekend Chronicle

Well, the weekend is over, but I am still feeling its effects. Too much sun and running around for me.

On Saturday, the day was filled with my son. We laughed, we played, we cleaned up from the 4th of July festivities (the stuff we never got to). The Boy is 2 and his Papa just bought him a Razor go-cart. Yep, the kind made for 8 year olds. It goes 12 miles per hour. My son has to sit on a pillow to work the thing, but man can he drive. He weaves in and out of obstructions like they are not there. He is a phenom on wheels. The boy is going to be a race car driver soon.

On Sunday we spent the day at the FireRescue EMS EXPO. Trucks, gear, gloves, lights, sirens (headaches). . . anyway we had quite a day. It was topped off with swimming and bbq.

I have said this before, but if you are from a community with a volunteer fire department, give them your support. They may save your life one day. A few dollars go a very long way for those departments, and they live off the community, so send them a few dollars in support.

Ok, so, back to Sunday, my son got a Jeep (because his need for all things moving is never-ending). He is too small for it as well, but that does not stop him. He tools around in that thing like a real driver. I am telling you, my kid is going to best Jeff Gordon one day!

That was my weekend. I spent it playing with my son and thinking about my friends down in the lower states and hoping they didn't feel the wrath of Dennis.

Hope all my readers had nice weekends too. Oh, and I still have my fingers crossed about a Supreme Seat . . .

This weekend? Harely-Easy Riders Rodeo on Friday night, Saturday is an amusement park with the family, and Sunday is paintball - I am guessing, migraine for next monday too, what do you think?

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July 08, 2005


The White House is set to announce Rhenquists retirement shortly.

Can I get this seat? Can I? Huh? Please? This is my chance. Two vacancies wow!

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Today's Thoughts

Well, there isn't anyone that I know who isn't talking about the terrorist attacks in Britain. Some are talking about how the President and Blair are to blame, others are talking about the injured and the dead, some are talking (in the muslim community) about wanting these horrors to stop.

No one has offered a solution, better than the one our country is currently engaged in.

I have said this before. It is necessary to take the fight to the fanatics' doorsteps. To keep it in their backyard, so more innocents at home are not injured or killed.

Yes, yes, I know, I am forgetting that there are innocents in their backyard too. You are right. But, what better life lesson than to teach them that if they insist on harboring terrorists, or committing terrorist acts, we will be up their six faster than you can say Go!

I know, it sounds harsh, unfeeling and generally without compassion. Here is why. In the fanatical muslim world, (not all muslims mind you) young children are taught from the start to hate America. To grow up with one purpose, to kill Westerners and Jews. The venom that infects these young people can only be wrought out with force at this time.

What is really necessary is for Muslims across the world to step up to the plate and yell stop. To tell the world that their faith is peaceful and that they do not condone terrorism. That 72 virgins do not await them in heaven, just a bowl full of grapes. The problem is, that the leaders of their faith do not condemn terrorism, they incite it. They encourage it. Until they condemn it, you can believe I support military action to go to their homes and root them out.

Look, it sounds extreme, and I have said it jokingly before, but my call for action is to help those who wish it, and to destroy those who wish us harm. I don't mean throwing them in Gitmo where they get gourmet meals and cable tv. I mean destroy them, grind them into the dust of the earth.

Yep, not very christian, or even lady-like of me. When I see the faces of the dead and injured, the children in Iraq that live in fear because terrorists may decide today's the day their daddy dies for saying thank you to an American, I get mad. My asian blood boils up inside me till I am full to bursting. I want to take up arms myself. I want to whoop a battle-cry and avenge the deaths of the innocent.

When calmer, I realize that our fighting men and women have my back. That they know their job and are proud to do it. That they stand at the ready to defend the innocent and destroy terrorists.

I still fear for the safety of my child. I look at the world I grew in compared the one he will grow in and I am afraid. It is not just the domestic dangers that have always plagued us, but now I must fear that he will be in a subway on the way to school or work, or in a daycare next to a federal building, or in an airplane on the way to Disney and a minion from the devil himself will take his sweet spirit from me for no other reason than that he is American.

I will pray for the souls of the lost. I will curse fanatical muslims, and I will hold my family close ever wary that we nowwalk the earth with a target on our backs.

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July 07, 2005

London Calling

London is under attack. Keep them in your thoughts. Makes me glad we have our fighting men and women on the first line of defense against terrorism everywhere.

Flying the Union Jack in solidarity with the British! (hat tip: basil)

On a wholly inappropriate and much lighter note, always looking to lay blame, perhaps instead of pointing the finger at George Bush for this one, wackos can point the finger at the French. After all, they did just get beat out by London for the Olympics. I'm just saying!

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July 06, 2005



Being a good traylor park livin boy, my man went out and bought him a gun. He only had 90 dollars. When he got home, he showed me the gun, since 90 dollars didn't buy a gun, he got a new tattoo. Hmm. I need a new man, this one's plumb dumb!

Check out my noisy naybors while I go smack my man!

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July 05, 2005

A Tragic Loss

For those of you not yet aware, Carol, from An American Housewife, lost her husband last week. She needs our thoughts and prayers.

Here is a paypal button if you would like to make a donation to her and her children.

Donations for Carol and her children

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The Cotillion Ball

The lovely ladies at the Cotillion Ball have done it again. This week's hostesses are: Little Miss Attila, the Anchoress, Reasoned Audacity, and Steal the Bandwagon.

Go check out what these women of taste, and good judgment have to say!

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July 01, 2005

A holiday treat

I never leave pictures of myself lying around but here is one of my family. I have told you before about my dad. This is him trying to be all stern. I have really long, and I mean really long, hair, but I have it pulled back all schoolmarmish in this picture. I'm the fat one! Please be nice in the comments.

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Good Bye, Hello

Where do I sign up? Who is the owner of the ass I must kiss? Where are my clean shoes?

Justice O'Connor has turned in her resignation! Hurray!

Now, where did the rest of them put their resignations? Hmmm?

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We need less than 300 more!!!

We need less than 300 comments for Jeff

He graduates from Boot Camp today but he probably won't see these comments for a day or two what with entertaining his family after graduation and that all too short family stay today. Maybe he will see them tomorrow. Anyway, we need to get to 1000, last I checked we were at 722, 723 comments so go on over, even if you have been there before and leave a comment for Jeff. Make him feel good, he has been gone so long!

Or just stop by to offer congratulations to him and thanks for the job he is about to embark upon!

What are you waiting for? I said go!

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