October 31, 2007

Emerging Exploits

You are all blocked!! Well, you are if you are a blogspot blog. I can't see you from here - big brother has blocked you! The offense?

"Emerging Exploits"


Seriously, I get the blocked for sex, drugs, weapons etc . . . but "emerging exploits"? WTF?

So, ya'll are blocked!

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October 30, 2007


As usual, this blog supports Navy in the race to raise funds for Project Valour-IT



Give what you can to help a wounded soldier. There aren't too many things more important than showing our support to our military. Stand up and be counted!

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October 29, 2007

Be Afraid!

Picture 363.jpg

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October 25, 2007

Cutting Out

I'll be cutting my day short today to get packed for a weekend trip the Boy and I are taking!

He cannot wait! He loves to go on trips. So, behave yourselves while I'm gone! *smile*.

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October 24, 2007

A mess

I have been told - though I find it hard to believe - that I have great skin.

This week? You would never know it! I usually don't get too many blemishes - but I have several this week. I also always get milia which are little deposits of dead skin that look like tiny whiteheads - when I scraped two off (you aren't supposed to do that) and now I have two sore scars on my right cheek. Blech.

Oh, and can I just tell you? Sleep is important for the skin. I'm working off of very little sleep over the last several days. (2.5 hours the night before last) and my skin is telling the tale!

I look a fright. Good thing halloween is around the corner!

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October 22, 2007

Past 100,000

Well, I passed the 100,000 mark! Thank you to everyone who stopped by my place. Unfortunately, the 100,000th visitor was a search for a Papoose Board and the 100,001st visitor was looking for assless chaps - as pointed out by Bou! But, she was the next bloggy visitor so, shoot me your snailmail address Bou and I have something for you!


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October 19, 2007

Almost there

In a little over 100 visits, you could be my winner! 100,000 visits! So, to leave you with a picture to comment on today, here is another one of my pumpkin head.

I've got a bake sale to get ready for this evening and an auction tomorrow! And - I still have to work a full day! Gah! So, I hope this sweet child brings a smile to your face, afterall, it is FRIDAY!

Picture 359.jpg

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October 17, 2007


I am fixin to hit 100,000 visits to my simple blog - will it be you? I'll have to devise a gifty for the one that makes the hit! If it is you, shoot me the screen shot!

Oh, and I will leave you with this - my husband in his halloween costume - he was a "Canadian Chick-Magnet" - complete with hockey jersey and mullet wig. However, we believe it malfunctioned as it attracted a hippy (my mom).

Picture 353.jpg

Oh, she is even wearing heels!

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October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Head

Though his 'hawk is still slightly visible - as the shave job didn't hide the top entirely, he is still cute! Come on - you know he is!

Picture 358.jpg

Picture 361.jpg

Picture 362.jpg

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October 09, 2007

Can I just tell you . . .

I have never - never, ever, ever, ever - drunk blogged from work. I'm not about to start. But I've got a pretty good wine buzz going on from an "after the hearing drink" or three.

Can I just tell you? Not good. I've got to stay here at work now till the buzz subsides. I'm not in the habit of drinking at work, plus I skipped lunch today - empty stomach, two glases of wine . . . you get the picture. Add to that the fact that I'm not a big drinker anymore . . . you get the picture.

At least my spelling hasn't suffered too much!

Catch ya'll on the flip side. I've got work to do!

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So, we have a halloween party to attend this weekend.

I'm going as a Cereal Killer (no, didn't spell it wrong).

What is your favorite halloween costume?

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October 07, 2007


Seriously. Enough to make me use the F-word and I don't use it with any great frequency.

I cannot stand my family sometimes.

So, about 2 weeks ago my nephew got a mohawk haircut. I think it looks ridiculous, but he isn't my kid. My son really wanted one - I said no. My mom says "Boy wants a mohawk." I emphatically said no. The boy stays at the mom's this weekend and the parents have the forethought to call my husband and say "Boy would like a mohawk." Husband said "no".

They did it anyway. THEY FUCKING DID IT ANYWAY!

Now, before anyone says "Lighten up it's just a haircut" step away from the keyboard because I will kick your ass.

Of course it is just a haircut. I'm not stupid. But, I said no and being that I am the woman who suffered excruiciating pain, unaided by any of the latest in medical pharmaceuticals in order to birth the little darling, I get to say when and if, and what kind of haircut that little imp gets! Have I made myself clear?

Think I am overreacting? He has SCHOOL PICTURES in a week. His very first. I had hoped he would look normal, cute maybe, even clean cut for those very first school pictures. I didn't want to explain to the bridge-club ladies when I'm in my 60's why my son looks like Sid Vicious at the age of 4.

A fucking mohawk! What? Shaving a symbol into his head was too much?

Seriously, has nothing to do with the haircut. It is the fact that I said no and the husband said no.

So, I get to be the bad guy when I shave his head completely tomorrow before school. I get to listen to him rant and cry because my fucking family thought it would be a hoot to give the boy a mohawk even though mommy and daddy said no . . .

What do you moms and dads out there think? Am I really overreacting? Tell me without saying lighten-up because I guarantee you I will sooo kick someone's ass if I hear that again! Seriously, a fucking mohawk!

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October 04, 2007


Since I am a Heathen, I'll be going to a women's retreat this weekend to get back in touch with my spiritual side.

Have a great weekend Ya'll!

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October 01, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to a wedding . . .

So, if you read the last post, you know that my dad was in a pretty scary motorcycle accident on Saturday. He is pretty banged up and will be mending for many weeks to come. On the whole it could have been much worse. Had he been speeding, or even going more than the 30 mph he was going, he may not have been here today.

As it is he had a traumatic head injury (though not a serious one), lost a lot of blood, broke his collarbone and possibly his hip and also is littered with road rash and other bruises.

He was less than 1/2 mile from home.

So, I'm going to give you lessons from this accident, bear with me:

1. Please wear a helmet. As a first responder, I can tell you that we call motorcycles "donorcycles" and for obvious reasons we call helmets "brain buckets." I love bikes, I'm not campaigning here.

2. Be aware of your surroundings. Motorcycles are everywhere and you cannot always see them clearly. Be sure you are aware if one is near you.

3. Don't joke about not wanting to go to a wedding (which was what my dad had done . . . he got out of it, that is for sure.)

4. When riding in a helicopter to a trauma center - they won't let you look out the window, so don't ask repeatedly! (smile).

I cannot tell you how friendly and efficient they were at the trauma center. Aside from the fact that no one cleaned up my bloodied father, but rather sent him home covered with dirt and caked on blood - they were great.

The only problem was: my mom, or rather, her poor language skills. She doesn't speak English very well. Consequently, she asks many questions. Add to that the fact she was freaking out cause it was my dad, oh, and let's throw in the fact that my sister was two cars back when it happened and was still freaking out at the hospital. Essentially? pandemonium. As it is, Healthcare workers tend to get a little annoyed with the number of questions she asks.

So, my mom asks me questions to ask the staff, and they try to answer her questions while I try to ask it in plain English. It was a cluster. I think they sorta rushed us out of the hospital early so as not to have to deal with further questions. They didn't even have him stay overnight, though he probably should have. All in all, it was an interesting Saturday.

My observations of the hospital - besides their friendliness and efficiency? The surgeon was a bit flighty, sorta Izzy on Grey's Anatomy. The nurse was a cute 23 year old who was thinking of getting a bike - my dad told her that her face was too pretty to mess up on a bike. The PA was a pain junkie . . .

Anyway, they say all's well that ends well. He is alive. That counts for a lot.

Thanks for the good wishes and prayers they are very much appreciated.

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